Thursday, July 12, 2012

Diva for a Day

Big mea culpa first.  Summer has just been crazy in RL and I most of my SL time has been wrapped up in non-blogging projects and trying to pay a bit of attention to my inventory. I have been covering back-to-back events and my inventory is large to the point that it causes me to be lagged and crashy.  I did not accomplish as much as I had hoped with that but sometimes you just have to suck it up for a good cause.  Participating in the One Voice event is a huge honor for me.  I am a Curio fan, have many of Gala Phoenix's skins, but I am a strong supporter of original content creators and want to show my solidarity with others in the SL community that are of like mind.  There are a lot of posts about One Voice and I did a pretty thorough write up on it on Free*Style, so I won't repeat it here, except to say that the One Voice event consists of a whole bunch of fantastic designers offering items where 50 to 100% of the proceeds directly go to Gala Phoenix of Curio to cover unfair legal fees she is racking up due to an dispute with Hush Skins.  The F*S post contains links to other write up's too, so I would suggest reading that for more info.
I just downloaded the latest Firestorm viewer and I am not really thrilled with my photo quality so forgive me while I that.  It just makes it more evident to me that I must get a new computer soon.  But on to stuff!  Most of the items I am showing are available at One Voice.  The gold mesh corset from Blacklace is super sexy and lush and includes lace undies for a complete boudoir look.  The Aster jewelry from {me.} includes a hud that individual changes the color of the stone and the metal parts of the object.  The necklace is available in several lengths and it really nice as a strong yet lacy addition to your jewelry collection.  I recently cleaned out a lot of jewelry and found that I was missing strong metal pieces and this fits the bill!  Exile is offering a glamourous up-do called Break Away.  I love the big up-do aspect for glammy or retro looks.  N-Core is offering several special versions of shoes. The One Voice edition of Shark 2 could cause some serious pain in a throw down or when you want to be subtly domineering.  I love a hint of that at times.
The backdrop for my photos is a fantastic set from CIRCA.  The 10 piece Hollywood Diva set contains tons of bells and whistles.  Each element can be rezzed separately for those that need to watch their prims or want to add their own accents.  The director's style chair has 12 animations and includes add on's like lipstick, phones, and brushes so you can really get into the scene.  This set is just the beginning as more props will be added soon making it a must have for any aspiring diva!  You can get it the remainder of today at The Designer Warehouse and also at CIRCA's main store!

The items from Blacklace, Exile, me and N-core can be purchased at the One Voice event.  A percentage of proceeds go directly to Gala Phoenix so shop hard!
Skin: Curio: Uptown -- Looking forward to your return!
Makeup: Adore & Abhor: Shreveport Lips Fuchsia: from the Bare Bones Lips set for Fifty Linden Friday this week!
Hollywood Diva Set: CIRCA <3

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