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About Eden Knoller:  

I've blogged since 2008 and I am undoubtedly obsessed with fashion and design in SL, so if I don't blog, I miss the connection. I admit I'm no longer a nose-to-the-grindstone blogger, as RL and other SL commitments do eat up my time. Whether the items I show are purchased or given as review copies, I only blog items that I love. I have far too much respect for designers to disparage anyone's work.  I love to talk to new designers as well established creators, and am honored to be considered for review copies. I can be contacted through notecard or IM.  I check offline messages, but I do prefer to have some sort of communication first.  My inventory is enormous and I often overlook drops I've been given with no warning.

About Fallacy DeCuir:

I have been urging my darling friend Fallacy to blog for years.  She takes great photos, way better than mine, and she puts together great looks.  The woman can definitely dress. She is also one of the pickiest people on Earth, as well as the SL grid. Shopping with Fallacy is only for the hardcore, though I find her determination to find just-the-right-thing both annoying and humorous at times. Finally, madame has consented to do some posting on the blog! 

Fallacy is an SL business owner first, and currently owns Tool Shed, which specializes in full perm textures, and full perm mesh kits for builders.  She stays busy, but goes on tons of tangents too, which is why I dig her. She can be intimidating at first, but whereas she will not tolerate drama, she's really a big dork at heart.

Thank you!  

Eden Knoller
Fallacy DeCuir

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