Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hair Fair: Miamai + the French Connection

If there is one thing that Monica Outlander of Miamai is the master of it's glamour.  Be it classic, avante garde, or romantic, she makes it look effortless.  She has released 5 new mesh hair pieces for Hair Fair 2012 and they are stunning. They are all unrigged and modifiable. I honestly could not pick a favorite. Hair Fair wraps up this weekend and the 2 weeks of it have flown by.  Soon the hair will be in the stores but there is an important reason to still visit and that is that Hair Fair is a charity fundraiser, with a percentage of sales going to Wigs for Kids.  If you are inclined to purchase, do so now and help out a child in need.

Before I start carrying on about these gorgeous styles I wanted to mention the gown.  HelenSue Helendale of DEW Designs shared her newest release with me, the French Connection gown, and it's just super stunning. The main dress is mesh and comes in standard sizes and she has added to flexi attachments for ruffles on the back.  You can remove these attachments if you prefer a simple, drop dead slim gown and the integrity of the dress remains intact. It was the perfect backdrop for Monica's hair pieces.
I got to say first off that I love Miamai's hair bases.  They come in several versions and Monica has picked the right one for each style.  I appreciate this level of extra attention to detail.  Giselle utilizes a hair base with a strong central part.  The hair piece sits high on the head with with an updo with a sturdy braid wrapping the front.  It has an extra texture layer to provide depth as well as a few loose tendrils.
 Yanne plays it tighter with sleek french braids running at contrasting levels on both sides of the head and ending in a tight bun at the back of the head.  It utilizes the same hairbase as Giselle (Style C).
Lika is classically gorgeous.  It uses a hairbase that is pulled straight back and has a large bun as well as braids that run the length of the skull and wraps around the back of the bun.  No whispies on this one.  It's perfect in it's formality.
Ixie is probably the most casual of the hair pieces.  It uses a partless hairbase (Style B) and is in the style of hair that has been swept back into a pony-tail and then made into an updo with a set of barrettes.  It also has a gentle flexie layer to make it less severe.
Kirge utilizes a hairbase (Style A) with that is side parted then combed tight to the head.  It features a two level bun and strong side tendrils.  The hairbase really makes the look for me and I think would be fun not only with glam but strong urban looks.

Now go get 'em at the Miamai booth at Hair Fair 2012. There is also an special gift updo available at the fair, that probably won't be available after the fair (hint hint).

Hair: Maimai: All hairbases and updos are new mesh releases available at Hair Fair 2012
Gown: DEW: French Connection - Black
Skin: Filthy: July Group Gift - Cream
Lipcolor: Pink Fuel: Elly - Glam Lipstick/Smoked Plum
Jewelry:  photo 2: LaGyo:  Spring in Gold
               photo 3: Caroline's: Kennedy Pink Pearls
               photo 1 & 4: Zaara: Anuska Pearl Drop Earrings - Night
               photo 5: [HANDverk]: Wassily Black
               photo 6: Mandala: Kagetora
All Poses: Miamai

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