Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jewelry Fair: Ellabella

Jewelry Fair ends tomorrow so don't let it end without a visit.  I hope to get a few more photo sets done because there is such a wide range of great work featured.  Ellabella does my favorite piercing work, particularly because the designer, ellantha Larsson, takes extra care with such details as shadowing.  That her work is very reasonably priced is an additional bonus.  Ellabella is located on Sim 1.
Benediction is my favorite of her new pieces, not because I am a particularly religious person but growing up the as one of the few WASP-y girls in a Catholic neighborhood, I've always had a fascination with religious iconography and occurrences such as stigmata.
Going Batty is perfect for your inner ghoul that comes out during this month for us in the States and Beauty's Captivity, shown below is quite unique with its subtle use of pinks, blues and greens instead of the sliver makes it very special indeed.  The charm is the tiniest, tiniest rose.
Thank you, my darling ellantha, for sharing your talents with us.  Your prims make me very happy!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Jewelry Fair: Ripe

Hempy Weezles of Ripe is one of my dearest friends in SL and I am beyond excited to show her offerings for this year's Jewelry Fair.  Hempy is developing into an extremely talented jewelry creator and it's been my honor to watch her talent bloom over time.  In my opinion, Ripe's designs are some of the freshest items at Jewelry Fair and are very reasonably priced to boot.  I could fangirl all day but will desist and get on with the pictures.
The Elegant Raven Skull items scream drama!  I've worn these over and over and they never fail to draw attention.  The skull pin is her amazing dollarbie offering for the fair.  The skulls are offered with 3 different color options and are a steal.
I was with Hempy when she was working on the Beautiful Macabre Set and I am thrilled with how they turned out.  She offers this set in more colors than a candy store.  I am wearing the crimson set that if Ripe's offering for Oxfam.  There are also some fantastic petite top hats to accompany this set but I forgot to show them as I was digging this look with Helena Stringer's hair. <3
Hempy also does more "traditional" work as featured in the Old School Romance set.  This set is available in 4 different metal textures.  It also features bracelets, which I didn't show here.

Ripe is located at The Jewelry Fair on Sim 1.  Everyone enters at a central landing point, but if memory serves me correctly if you head left and snake your way counterclockwise you should be able to find it. Thank you, dear Hempy, for sharing your talents with us!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jewelry Fair: U&R Dogs

I hope my computer isn't frying because this post literally taken me 2 days to do.  I'm the latest to fall victim to constant crashes, particularly when I am taking photos.  There is nothing as joy inducing as getting your settings correct, adjusting prims and crashing!

The Jewelry Fair runs until October 17th and is housed on 4 sims.  It is very easy to navigate and are themed from Beauty & the Beast.  The charity selected to benefit from this year's event is Oxfam, which is a collective of organizations that works towards ending poverty and injustice. Many venders have offered an exclusive item or a portion of all sales to benefit Oxfam. When I first TPed into Jewelry Fair the first booth I saw was U&R Dogs so it's only fitting they be my first Jewelry Fair post.

I've always loved U&R Dogs, particularly because they offer unique, high quality goods to people in all price ranges.  Dedication to all strata of purchasing continues with the new products available at the Fair.
I want to talk about the Smiley Set first because it requires a bit of legwork.  The Smiley singlet is available for only 50 L at the Fair.  There are matching earrings that are free and available at the mainstore.  U&R Dogs has a point system based on purchases, product camping, and joining the subscriber.  The earrings are available for 1 point.  If you've never joined their subscriber you get a point just for doing that.  This adorable set has all the features of higher priced products, including color options, brightness, etc.
I love the amazing textures of U&R's jewelry.  They have a luster that is unmistakable.  The Candide earrings an epic work of scripting with each element having its own placement and sizing script that is very intuitively organized on a touch menu.  The Zemphira nails include all the rings I'm modeling and the gloves are tintable to match your skin tone.  Amazingly the Villeneuve bracelet it only 1 L (!) and as you see there is no skimping on quality for their fair gift.
I'm not one to wear a ton of jewelry at once so I wanted to show you the Westphalia Lovelet in a separate shot.  Like the Candide earrings, it is also a scripting masterpiece.  Though it is difficult to see the tiny prims below my lips, this items has a musical theme that is one of the prevalent themes in U&R's work.