Sunday, July 22, 2012

One Voice Ends Today!

Today marks the last day for the One Voice event.  It closes at 11:59 PM SLT so you have plenty of time to get in a last round.  I popped back in today and it was not overly crowded and I was able to pick up few things that were new since my previous visit.  The event raises funds for Gala Phoenix of Curio,  who is incurring lots of legal costs due to a case of copyright infringement filed in Canadian courts.  The Curio store is Gala's RL source of income and with it being currently removed from the grid, legal costs are just too much to take.  Last weekend the event achieved it's goal of $20,000 US dollars, which will cover about the low end of the costs.  Gala will be updating her blog with a grand total hopefully on Monday.  Some stores may continue to sell their items as a fundraiser in their store after the event but I don't have all that info yet, so I will update this post when I know.  If you want to contribute directly to the Gala Phoenix Legal Fund check out this site.  This is not just about Gala, this is about someone taking your work, calling it your own and then taking further vengeance in the courts of law.  It is the nightmare of every original content creator and the money does not even begin to address the emotional toll this places on designers.  Ask any designer who has had it happen and they will undoubtedly share feelings of hopelessness, rage and victimization.
The fun thing about the event vs. paying a website is you get pretty stuff in return!  One of my favorite pieces is a new release from Indrya Originals and at the One-Voice event you can get the Celeste mesh dress in blush with 50% of the proceeds donated to Gala.  The same goes for the delish Coquette Noir Kelsi pumps in Starfish color.  It's also available at the main store in a variety of colors but not as a donation item.  Several other new releases from Indrya Originals are also at One Voice.

Hair Fair 2012 is the other go-to event of the moment, running through July 29th.  Go to this link for slurls and lots of information.  This event has always been a fundraiser and has chosen Wigs for Kids as it's charity for several years going.  Ichigo from Wasabi Pills is a brilliant, chic updo that includes matching hairbases and a HUD so that you can customize the headband. I've got lots more to show you from Hair Fair in the coming week so see you soon!

Dress: Indrya Originals: Celeste - Blush: this color available at One Voice with 50% donation to Gala.
Shoes: Indrya Origials: Kelsey - Starfish: this color available at One Voice with 50% donation to Gala
Jewelry: Indrya Originals:  Sylph earrings and bangles
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Ichigo @ Hair Fair 2012
Skin: Curio: Uptown
Bag: Fishy Strawberry: Barcelona Bag
Poses: Adorkable: Handbag: One Voice Exclusive - hurry!

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