Friday, October 28, 2011

Hair Hair!

Darn that Jacqui!  She hadn't been online for over a week and I've not blogged much as I've been working on my inventory, actually getting rid of over 10 K items.  Then here she comes and off we go shopping.  I mentioned that Eshi Otawara has marked all her hair off by 50% and the "ooooo's" started.  Eshi has been around SL for years and she creates fantastic, couture wearables; not the kind of things you wear if you are knocking around shopping but artistic ensembles that appeal those that love the amazing visual potential of SL.  Scorpion Girl comes in 10 different colors.  It was so hard to chose just a few but I forced myself too.  This is just short of a miracle for me.
My love of Zip It knows no words.  It just has the right combination of bondage, Kabuki and Powerpuff Girls to rev my imagination.  Both Jac and I got the blond pack that included the colorful little poufs in 3 different colors.  There are 7 other styles available, all unique, all edgy.  Viva la Glam!

Photo 1
Hair: Eshi Otawara: Scorpion Girl - 50% off
Dress: Epoque: Petal Dress: Gosh I think I got this way back for a FLF so unsure of availability
Skin: Belleza: Aiko: there is a great sale on women's skins at Belleza at the moment.
Photo 2
Hair: Eshi Otawara: Zip It - 50% off
Dress: Line: HopeHeart Dress: another from my vast collection so unsure of it's availability
Collar: Rozoregalia: Hydra Necklace

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tangled Up in Blue

I've been a lousy blogger lately... completely overwhelmed in RL (good and bad), distracted and unfocused on SL and dogged by an over the top inventory.  However, my rarely seen Jacqui logged in last night and that means shopping.  I need for nothing as far as stuff but I needed to get off my platform in the sky and laugh.  We were totally perving what people were wearing and this one chick had on hair from Analog Dog and I said something along the line of "I didn't know AD made hair like that..." so off we went.  This is not the hair that sent us there but this is the one I ended up loving more than I've loved a hair in a long time.  I tip my hat off to Queue Marlowe for tangled, with it's roly-poly curls on the tail. I will be back for more where this came from. <3

Hair: Analog Dog: tangled
Skin: Illusory: Paige - Bite Me: exclusively at Collabor88
Jacket: The Sea Hole: Corseted Tweed Jacket: exclusively at Collabor88
Eyes: Glam Affair: Stella V2 - 14