Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rain or Shine

I've been such a bad blogger lately but summer has pretty much taken over my life.  I've been dying though to show some looks with Wasabi Pill's newest hairs.  MissAllSunday Lemon (love the name) of Wasabi Pills is one of those designers that shows such amazing range.  When it comes to her hair I can honestly say that I like to wear the guy hairs as much as I do the femme styles.
In the above shot I'm wearing the Roy hair in Rye.  Most of the hair is gathered back into a short ponytail with enough messy tendrils to keep it from looking too severe.  When I took this shot Swansong was still having a big 50% off sale.  Regardless, the Java dress, which first premiered at Culture Shock, is so lovely.  I love the placement of the orchid textures on the skirt.
Pompom is definitely kawaii hair, with its adorable little texture change hair bow and pompoms on the pigs.  It includes a version without the bow for a simpler look.  I tend to go for the simpler look but Jacqui said she liked the bowed version better and in an effort to be more open to input I listened.  The Tropica Playsuit from Ingenue for the gacha fest at Albero was perfect for spending some time daydreaming on my estate.  It is available in several sweet colors at only 50 L per play.

Skin: Chain and Vine: Lael Group Gift: group is free to join and the skin is fab!
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Roy and Pompom
Dress: Swansong: Java Dress
Playsuit: Ingenue: Tropica Playsuit: 50 L a try at the Albero Gacha Fest
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Cindy and Ashanti
Hair Accessory: P1: Natural: Triste: Blue/White: OMG only 10 L!
Luggage: Natural: Gacha: also only 10 L per play
Picnic Set: Artilleri: recent FLF purchase

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hair Fair: Bliensen & MaiTai

I've been reviewing Plurabelle Laszlo's of Bliensen & MaiTai's work pretty consistently lately and I have to admit it has been a joy to get to know her work at a more intimate level.  Ms. Laszlo is one of those designers in SL who is truly an artist yet so adept at creating in various mediums.  She follows her own muse, which might not always be the most profitable route, but provides us with pieces that allow us to get creative, too.  If you are looking for hair that stands out from the others; the ones where there is no questioning "Who made this hair?", go to Sim 4 at Hair Fair '11 and visit her booth.

Hair Fair ' 11 runs for a few more days and then the styles will move to Bliensen & MaiTai's main store.  Hair Fair designers are donating at least 15% of all proceeds to Wigs for Kids, which provides real hair replacements for childen who have experienced hair loss due to medical conditions.  Let me get to the photos.
Bleinsen & MaiTai often uses a "vintage" element to its work but it's vintage heightened by surrealism.  Plurabelle debuted a hat very similar to this at the recent Accessory Fair but the Amour Fou hair does all kinds of crazy things to it.  The hat is color change as well making this a unique but very versatile piece.
I should add before I forget that both necklaces I am wearing here are gifts from Bliensen & MaiTai at the Fair.  This particular one was an OMG for me!  The Simplicity style is a bit like a "shingled" bob and I love the bobby pin at the side.  Bobby pins were invented to keep bob's tidy (hence the name). This style was a radical departure from the long styles such as the Gibson which was the national standard for beauty for the prior two decades.  If you are interested in this style with a hat, the mainstore has it with a color change pillbox hat that also has lace options.
Pretty Polly starts with a bob style but adds loose tendrils as well feather extensions with are popular at the moment.  I love the realistic textures on the feathers and the prims are flexi so they move a bit with your movements.  I have no idea if the name of this hair as anything to do with the ballad, Pretty Polly, who was lured into the forest, killed by a ship's carpenter and buried in a shallow grave.  She went on to haunt the carpenter, who was doomed to be confesses to her murder, goes mad and dies. Awwww!
LaNuit includes a version that doesn't not have the veil but this is a heck of a lot more fun!  Both versions include the marvelously chic hat that is to die for. To die for. (I am channeling Rachel Zoe.)
If you really wanna do the May Queen hair right you need to wear a white gown to express your purity but if you believe old British folklore be prepared to be put to death once your duties of presiding over May Day festivities are completed.  The scupted flowers are to awesome in their shadowing and coloring.  Demo it, look at it closely and fall in love!

All hair: Bliensen & MaiTai at Hair Fair '11.
Jewelry: Bliensen & MaiTai at Hair Fair '11. Gifts!!!! OMG - also earrings and an exclusive version of the Simplicity bob.
Piranha Corset: Bliensen & MaiTai: I've owned this for ages and do not recall if it was a hunt gift or how I came about it.
Skin: Glam Affair: Eva Natural 10
Lashes: Amperlope: Sidewinder Lashes - the creator, Ampersand Artful, is back but rebranded to [sauce] and sells on the marketplace. I've not had a chance yet to look at her pages and see if she has these lashes there but she should!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hair Fair: Lelutka and Other Things I'm Loving

I'm a bit behind on my posts for Hair Fair.  This time of year is always busy with the holiday and several family birthdays all in the course of a week.  However, I need to do my own share of squeeing and loving and I had to start with LeLutka.  I did not purchase all the hair but I did have some favorites which I will show.
I completely fell in love with Shoop from LeLutka. I swear I don't know why I don't just instantly fatpack these and toss out half my hair that I've stopped wearing since Thora Charron has been hitting one home run after another lately with gorgeous hair.  The amazing scalloped hair band and the Bridget Bardot frame across the face are hard for me to pass.  The Natilde skin from haut.monde is another one of my new obsessions.  I picked up my first set recently during a pre-release for Lazy Sunday or something like that and I've ended up joining the group and have become a huge fan.  More on the skin later.  I am going to have to show you more of Boom's new Element tanks that can be layered over her Everyday tanks as this shot does not do them justice.  They come in 29 different color options and make a normal tank all kinds of sexy.
I love messy hairstyles.  In RL my hair is slick straight so messy just means it hangs there yawning and LeLutka has been doing amazing tousled styles lately. Loose is another hair I just should have fatpacked!  Quickly get over to Peqe!  Peqe is celebrating it's first anniversary and have at least one item in each style marked 50% off.  I love her sculpts and picked up the M.I. Dress and matching Keira boots along with umm a "few" other things at great prices.  Role Optic's new Advantage sunglasses notch up the style just to where I want it.  2 new styles for both men and women are hud driven and come with 9 colors that can be changed on various parts of the frame for many combinations.  The lenses are also adjustable as well as options for flares.  I love their glasses, which are not just textures on a prim, and are impeccably made.

Back to haut.monde.  I was shopping with Jacqui, which is a sure way for me to go broke.  I wanted to show her the new shoe releases there and she did her "OOOO" thing which is pretty much a dangerous thing.  We started demoing the Natilde skins which we both had picked up a pre-release version of a few weeks ago and she starts her "Eden that is so you" talk and I had to agree.  I looked great and cuter than her.  The most awesome thing?  For 700 or 800 L you don't get just one skin... you get a fatpack with a whole bunch of makeup layers for a fun day of SL Barbie!  FYI - the base layer does not have a mouth but it includes several tat layer lips. I IMed Teresa Republic, the creator and one of my new goddesses, who assured me my graphics card hadn't croaked on me and that this is how it should be.  I'm sure some people would rather I not have a mouth in hope I would not say some of the things I say in IM.

Lots of good times for all can still be found at Hair Fair '11.  Lelutka can be found on Sim 1 and a complete list of slurls can be found on the Hair Fair blog as well as all kinds of tips to make it easier to visit.

Hair: Lelutka: Swoop, Loose: LeLutka @ Hair Fair '11
Skin: haut.monde: Natilde
Eyes: Glam Affair: Stella V2 - 14
Dress: Peqe: M.I.
Tanks: Boom: Everyday and Element Tanks
Shorts: Whippet & Buck: Saeya Resort Suit Shorties
Glasses: Role Optic: Advantage I
Shoes: Peqe: Keira Boots
           Miami: Deco Rumba Fly @ My Second Wardrobe

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

PurpleMoon Anniversary Hunt

I recently joined the PurpleMoon update after being very impressed with some of their Fifty 5 Thursday's offerings.  The designer, Poulet Koenkamp, is celebrating the store's 2nd anniversary with group gifts and discounts and recently begun a hunt for group members.  The hunt is called From Head to Toe and includes everything I'm wearing except the skin. It includes gorgeous shoes which are not shown. This stunning ensemble is not for the faint of heart nor something I will wear for Fifty Linden Friday but it is a piece of art.  I would join the group simply to get my hands on the jewelry.  Three designers that have satellites near the PM mainstore, Chop Zuey, Finesmith (both big favorites of mine) and Wet Cat have collaborated on the hunt.  It can be challenging to decide which groups to join with so many having join fees now, but this is one I will stick around to see what gorgeous items Poulet makes next!

Skin: Glam Affair: Layla Light MSW: exclusively at My Second Wardrobe (<3 it!)
Everything else: Purple Moon Head to Toe Hunt
Poses: Glitterati: Dressed