Saturday, June 23, 2012

Last Hurrah: Chic2

Chic2 will be ending on the 24th.   Now is a great time to hit it one last time and make sure you didn't miss anything!  RL has been jam-packed and SL is about as hectic as it's ever been.  I'm sure many of you can empathize -- sometimes it's rather impossible to get a few free minutes to accomplish the tasks you intended to do when you logged in.   My friends, Lynndia and Zazzy, visited me to show off their new avatars, so here we are in a family portrait.  I was completely amazed by the new mesh deer avatar by Water Horse and the beagle by Happy Mood is about as cute as it can be.
Most of the items in the photos can be found at Chic2.  I adore BENT's Country Chic Barn prop.  There are 10 built in animations, all adjustable.  I could have goofed around with this prop all day.  I loved JustB when the store had an inworld presence and I've been thrilled to see her work again at recent CHIC Management events.  The new velvet pants are available in standard sizes and hopefully, she will add them to her Marketplace collection after the end of the event. [A]renesmee is a new store to me and her adorable mesh vests added a nice touch of casual chic.  In the photo just above, is Zenith's mesh maxi dress in an interesting brocade.  The prim belt attaches separately so you can adjust the placement to your shape. Chloe has some adorable HoneyComb jewelry at Chic2 and will be releasing a full line at Vintage Fair. I look forward to it.  Wasabi Pills released Anais 2 for Chic 2 and is unponied version of one of my all-time favorite releases from her!
Izzie Button is one of those designers that can do about anything.  Her beautiful Anne dresses for Chic2 are available in 6 soft pastels that are so perfect for warm summer days. Pomme d' Amour's Birds & Bees hair for Chic2 has a jauntily tipped fedora in happy tropical colors so I had to add the Parrot Necklace from [trs] that is exclusively available at the Black Market.  The skin in all the photos is from Essences and also available at Chic2.  The new Rowena skin is available in 5 tones and includes tattoo'd cleavage, freckles, moles and eyelashes.  Happy Birthday CHIC, one last time!

Almost everything I am wearing is available exclusively at the CHIC2 event which ends on the 24th.  Most items will likely be released at the creator's main store after the event ends, though the pricing could vary.  I am not going to note each item individually as I just noted it above in the text.
Non-CHIC2 items are:
Photo 1
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Alice Mesh Hair: new release
Beagle avatar: Happy Mood
Mesh Deer Avatar: White Horse
Photo 3
Necklace: [trs]: Parrot Necklace: exclusively at The Black Market

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tea Leaves

Wow! It's been a week since I've been back from the Dandy's and I've barely had a decent chance to sit down and blog, so I'm hopelessly behind.  Most of this week had stunningly perfect early summer days to be outside or working on the house with all the windows open, so I took advantage before the muggy summer set in.  I've wanted to talk about Cory Edo of Trompe Loeil's NYC66 skyhome that is available this month at Collabor88.  I am a huge Mad Men fan and loved Don's Park Avenue apartment from the moment I saw it and am so thrilled to see it replicated for us in SL.  I make no secret of my love for all things mid-century modern and this is a perfect setting.  The fact that the skybox is partially furnished in fully animated furnishings is a bonus.  The apartment is modifyable and I did a bit of messing around with the original to show you.  I switched out the living room seating with different colors that you can pick up at C88 for 88 Lindens each and I easily altered the tint of the carpet.  There are 9 photo frames throughout the build for you to drop in your own photos.  The skybox is also copyable so you can rez it over and over again when you want to start fresh. 
Chic2 continues for another week and is chocked full of great items that have been made new for the event.  I thought that Bilo's mesh Talullah dress was perfect for my Betty Draper look.  I added CIA Designs bolero jacket to gussy it up for a day on the town.  I added [HANDverk]'s new Octopussy jewelry for an accent.  The jewelry is all mesh and is unrigged so you can resize it as you need.  It is available for the remainder of June for Stumblebum.

Dress: Bilo: Tallulah - maroon @ Chic2
Jacket: CIA Designs: Black Bolero Jacket @ Chic2
Skin: al vulo: Baba2 - coquette custard @ Chic2
Hair: LeLutka: Bonjour
Shoes: Ingenue: Freynii
Purse: je suis: Coquet bag: was exclusive to Culture Shock 2012
Jewelry: [HANDverk]: Octopussy - soothing saffron: note new store location!
Skybox and all furnishings: Trompe Loeil at Collabor88!
Poses: Estetica: Chic @ Chic2

Friday, June 8, 2012

CHIC²: Chica Like You

I have Dandy Warhols on the brain...bad. I also have major title block.  I'm going to see the Dandy Warhols tonight and need to get on the road.  One of the songs on their Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia is Bohemian Like You.  And Purple Moon made some cute little pants sets named Chica for the CHIC2 event, hence the goofy name.  I have a big love for sailor pants so I love the button details on the pants.  The tops have a great mod print that is so popular right now.  Osakki made adorable clutch purses for the event that went perfectly with the outfits.  I can hear Nina Garcia in my head right now saying "the styling is a bit matchy" but Nina can hush for the moment because this outfit wants to be coordinated.  Outside of C2, Purple Moon is celebrating 3 years and has tons of things on discount, including jewelry, casuals, and some limited edition gowns (I got mine!) I picked up the Grant Jewelry set in a few colors for half off.  The metals are scripted for color change and you can change the brightness and size to suit look.  Pididdle make the amazing Empress Nail Rings for C2 that I am simply OBSESSED over.
Al Vulo is offering a gorgeous skin at CHIC2.  Baba has a well defined face and deep, dreamy eyes.  The skin comes in 5 tones, 3 makeup styles and options for cleavage and hairbase.  Additionally it includes a shape (not shown) and mesh lashes which is a super addition!  Both Chloe and MG made fantastic jewelry pieces for the event; the latter making the lovely Honey Drop Earrings and the former the stunning Eden Sun pendant (I approve of the name). I went on a buy-high last week and picked up 2 new styles from LeLutka.  I had seen the Athena style (lower photo) on several posts and I had been looking for a new loose updo.  I love it.  I spied the Daisy style (upper photo) while I was there and it needed to come home with me. It's messy and sexy and perfect for casual summer styles.  OK, I'm hitting the road. Even if you were the last junkie on earth (Sileny), I would not stay!

Clothing (Purple Moon), skin (Al Vulo), jewelry (Pididdle, Chloe and MG) unless noted are all available at the CHIC2 event.  Every item at this event is new and exclusive for the duration of the event.

Necklace photo 1: Purple Moon: Grant Jewelry Carnelian
Hair: LeLutka

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You can be Bad on your Birthday

Sometimes it's healthy to strip off my good-girl image.  I have a thing for blindfolds.  !Je Suis makes it's glam with diamonds.  ** never fails when it comes to sexy clothing. *YS&YS* has three new skins at CHIC Management's 2nd Birthday event.  All these items are new and exclusive at CHIC2 until June 24th.

Credits: (Visit the CHIC2 page for all the info you need) TP to start shopping!
Dress: ** Nicki dress - black sequin @ C2
Blindfold: !je suis aveugle diamond studded blindfold... yummm @ C2
Skin: *YS&YS* Irene 10 w Sensual Lip makeup @ C2
Hair: LeLutka: Daisy
Ring: [HANDverk] Geode Ring for Mesh Around Hunt

Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, CHIC!

Wow! I find it hard to believe that CHIC Management has turned two years old!  I was looking at the CHIC website and they have held at least 18 events during that time, not counting the number of weekly Fashionably Late events.  Black and Blue was the first event and I remember that event.  The location was pretty small and how they have grown!  Culture Shock, which just ended was a huge event.  Chic2, began yesterday, and is back to a more intimate setting, though the number of brands represented is similar.  Each brand has been asked to create one new and exclusive (for the duration of the event) item.  The event is mesh-central and every CHIC2 item I am wearing today is mesh.  Just amazing to think mesh has only been around less than a year and how it has changed our buying habits.

Let me talk a bit about the items.  I've been trying to write this post all weekend and it was a total wash.  coldLogic has created the adorable Moody dress for CHIC2.  It comes in 3 different colors that each have their own cute print. They are perfect little summer dresses that you can dress up with a jacket or accessories of your choice.  You can see above so much attention has been given to detail.  The seaming is perfect, as are the shadows and shape. 
Bebe is a new, youthful skin line from Apple May Designs that right now you can only get at Chic2.  The Soho version has subtle shadow and lip tone.  I did pop on Rozena's Kiss Kiss lip color in Bubble Gum, also available at Chic2, for a bit more color and it complemented nicely.  I've not been shy about my love of Wasabi Pills mesh and MissAllSunday Lemon has revised her Anais hair from a pulled back style to a long style in Anais 2.  As she always does with long styles, she has included both a "boobs" and regular version so that more endowed avatars don't lose their hair to their bodies. I like the "boobs" versions when I am wearing several prim layers on top, as well.
In addition to lots of wearable items there is a nice selection of decor and pose items at the event.  The poses I am using are from estetica's Chic pose set made especially for the event. Trompe Loeil has remade their topiaries into a mesh version.  The pack at the event includes several styles and can be switched from a daytime version to an evening version with twinkling lights. A planter is included in the package so you can stick them in the ground or get fancy.  What Next is offering the sweet Hampton Garden set in 3 color choices.  The sets are entirely mesh and include a coalesced set with table and four padded chairs.  A non-cushioned version is also included.  The chairs have about a billion poses for both genders and rezzes or gives you a variety of items such as a computer, brunch, magazine, pen, drinks, phone, etc.  

CHIC2 runs from June 3 through the 24th.  The venue is set up in the round, similar to The Colosseum, with 3 tiers of booths.  I would suggest you simple move from the landing point and find a good place to cam.  It's a lot to take in and the selection is tremendous to have fun, go back more than once because I can guarantee you will miss something!  TP


(at CHIC2)
Dress: coldLogic: Moody Dress - Sage Blossom
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Anais 2 mesh hair - Rye
Skin: (AMD) Bebe - Pale Soho 3
Lips: Rozena: Kiss Kiss - Bubblegum
Topiaries: Trompe Loeil: Mesh Topiaries 6 pack
Furniture: {what next}: Hampton Garden Set - Yellow
Animations: Estetica: Chic

Shoes: Baby Monkey: Cache
Deck: Funky*Junk: Summertime Dock - from Home Expo 2012
Birthday Cake and Hat: RC Cluster

Saturday, June 2, 2012

[HANDverk] goes Usonian

If you've been to FaMESHed already, GO BACK! If you haven't been, GO! Yeah, I'm yelling because I am so totally excited.  I have a ton of blogging to do for Chic2, which begins Sunday, but Tobias Convair, the other talented member of the [HANDverk] team, just added this mesh masterpiece to the collection.  FaMESHed probably has about 3 times as many designers involved this month as it's first month...and it's so good.  Only my overstuffed inventory stopped me from buying everything.
I love it when I get to blog [HANDverk]'s builds because it gives me complete permission to get nerdeh on you.  The term "Usonian"was not coined by the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, but for his purposes it broadly means his vision for architecture in the United States that was free of previous architectural conventions.  More generally Usonian means a particular group of about 60 middle-income family homes that FLW built beginning in 1936.  FLW was nothing if not flamboyant and one of his visions was Broadacre City, a suburban concept in the Usonian style, which is characterized by his organic principles, where buildings were to be in complete harmony with it's surroundings. This usually meant a lack of visible foundations, front porches, downspouts, and shrubbery...basically anything that would be distracting.  His first Usonian House was the Jacobs House 1, built in Madison, WI in 1937 (and it's currently for sale. omg).  FLW was born in rural Wisconsin and many of his Prairie and Usonian homes can be found in the Midwest.
When a person hired FLW to build a house, they did not get just a house.  FLW's organic vision bordered on the obsessive and his houses included built-in's and often furniture, windows and lighting specifically designed for that home.  Instead of gutters many of his homes had cantilevered beams and windows that allowed for natural lighting vs. the more "random" placement of doors and windows that he believed epitomized traditional homes. As you can see from these photos, Tobias built very much in this tradition.  It is truly a stunning home.  It weighs in at 193 prims and requires a 32x32m footprint.  It is entirely mesh, with scripted doors and a flexible open floor plan.  He is planning to create furniture packages for the home and I cannot wait!  I am a huge FLW buff and when my husband was alive visiting at least one FLW home was always a part of any US road trip we made.  My orange book of all FLW attributed homes is tattered and well-worn.  It's so exciting to see this work.  You can see a demo of the home at the [HANDverk] main store. Buy it at FaMESHed