Friday, December 16, 2011

Heading into the Holidays

I have a confession to make.  I can be a total slacker when it comes to blogging.  Between this blog and Free*Style there is never a shortage of things that I want to blog.  I also have an aging computer and I cannot do some of the snazzy things that other bloggers can do, like shadows.  And my computer doesn't seem to like mesh viewers, which I'm pretty sad faced about because I'm just dying to wear some of the new trousers I see.  So sometimes I feel inadequate when I start to compare myself to others.  However, I do have a huge love of SL fashion so when I do blog something you can be certain I want to share it and that I recommend the product.  Today I have 3 such items to share.

I cover a lot of events in SL.  I do so because I enjoy seeing new work and I've met a lot of people that I like and respect.  I seldom get a chance to go through review items that are available in my blogging groups.  I don't get the notices because I don't believe I should take items I won't get around to covering but today I decided to take a peak and found some fantastic outfits from Amarelo Manga. Both Miranda (left) and Marcelle (right) are extremely chic yet not overly busy.  They are wonderful outfits that work for just about any occasion, from shopping to clubbing to your next holiday party.  I am not a very large avatar and I really appreciated that the designer, Luana Barzane, put good resizer scripts in the prim pieces of outfits.  I'm pretty good at resizing items but the script allowed me to resize at several increments.  This is a shop that I will certainly include on future visits when I want to look classy and adult.
Wasabi Pills released the new Clementine hair this week and I adore it! It is the perfect short to medium length to wear with ensembles that have a lot of detail on top, like the ones from Amarelo Manga.  The hair includes an alpha layer if you want to hide your ears as well as matching tattoo layer hair bases.  The hair pin is color customizable through a hud.  It's little touches like that as well as having some of the nicest hair textures on the grid that make me love Wasabi's hair.  Thank you to MissAllSunday Lemon for sharing with me.  You work so hard and consistently deliver a tip top product.

I am thrilled to show you Linn, the newest skin release from Glam Affair.  The skin is truly dreamy with a rather amazing level of detail.  The lips are rich and the skin tone is soft and dewey.  I do not retouch shots when I am reviewing skin so you can see from the photo above how rich it is.  The body continues the fine level of detail and has a soft glow, great shading and nice mole placement.  I should have taken a photo of the hands because the nail detail is just lovely.  I just hate skins with yucky hands and I cannot be bothered with prim nails, so this made me ecstatic. Aida Ewing continue to improve her craft with each release and this time also includes 5 different shades of eyebrow with each skin so that you can match it with your hairstyle.
I am showing the skin in the Medium Tan tone.  The skin is available in 5 skin tones (Light, Natural, Medium Tan, Tan and Dark) and is available in 12 different makeups as well as a bare version so you can do your own layering.  Aida continues to provide elegant makeup options from clean and classic to dramatic and avante garde.  Each pack contains both bald and light and dark hairbase version, the new eyebrow shades as well as 4 different brow shapers.   The Glam Affair Update Group has a group gift version in Snow White that is starkly pale with subtle smokey eyes and lightly blushed cheeks.  The group is only 30 Lindens to join and a nice way to get hooked on this beautiful skin.  Thank you, Aida!

Pants set: [AMARELO MANGA]: Set Miranda
Jumpsuit: [AMARELO MANGA]: Marcelle
Shoes: GField: Ribbon Slingbacks
Cuff: Chop Zuey: Sedona Sunset Bracelet (previous group gift)
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Clementine: New Release
Skin: Glam Affair: Linn: Medium Tan: New Release
Hair (in contact sheet): [e]: Charmed
Eyes: Glam Affair: Stella Eyes V2 - 14
All Poses:

Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Monday Kinda

I usually blog because I have a reason.  I'm not the kind of person that loves to take pictures of myself or spend a lot of time fussing and editing my photos.  It takes too much time and I always think nobody is looking anyways.  But one thing I do love to do and seldom have the time to do anymore is put together ensembles.  And shopping - I love to shop!  Usually I shop solo but the one person who I can shop with pretty well is Jacqui.  The problem is we start "oooo'ing" everything and the next thing you know we've each blown a lot of Lindens.  Some days we practically channel each other and look like the Olsen Twins and other times Jac is full out sexy girl and I look like some primmed out version of Bea Arthur or something.

Lately, I've been covering a lot of events which means I spend a lot of time by myself taking pictures.  I'm pretty introverted but sometimes it can get lonely and every IM or notice feels like an intrusion.  I'm sure other bloggers can relate; I'm organizing things into folders so I don't lose them, trying to stay on top of my inventory size, and taking photos.  What I'm wearing is usually the last thing I blogged.  My whole household has been sick since just after Thanksgiving and I picked up the horrible plague sometime last week and am still narly.  The boy finally returned to school today (yay). So when I logged in yesterday I just said "screw it" and put together an mishmash made up of pieces I already owned.  Those of us that lean towards the fashion scene can get so caught up in new stuff that we overlook the great things we have.  So this is a reminder to myself to enjoy SL, for me it's not a job, I don't have to be so driven and single minded and can take time for fun.  

hair: [e]: Quirky: new - ok I didn't already have this until Saturday so technically I had it.
skin: LAQ: Ebba Fair
freckles and "beauty marks": LAQ: purchased separately from skin
lashes: L. Fauna Lashes: underlashes
blush: Mock: Winter Rainbow Collection - Rushing : group gift, I think
shadow: Mock: Back to Basics Eyeshadow - Paarl
skirt: The Secret Store: Chiffon - Silk Kerchief
jacket: TailleursPutain: Eden Brown: part of a free woman type outfit - I don't RP Gor but I think she makes some great stuff! 
necklace: Bliensen & MaiTai: Sapiencia
tank: MichaMi: Washed Out Tank - turquoise - the perfect turquoise tank
stockings: Love Aya - closed :(
boots: Azoury: Les Bottines Doll Marron: I picked these up at the Tropicalia Bazaar but I am sure she has similar in-store.  
Poses: LAP

Big photo taken at (PRISS) - what a cute store! I picked up the cute fur skirt for Project Themeory.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Expo 2011 is Coming to Town!

I don't often do posts that feature just photos of places.  I can't claim by a long shot to be the best photographer in SL.  My comp is aging and I lag horribly in ultra graphics but I had so much fun taking photos at the Christmas Expo, which begins on Saturday, December 3rd at 9 am SLT.  Before I start yacking, let me give you their official website so you can keep up to date with happenings.

This marks the first year of the SL Christmas Expo.   Built to resemble a nostalgic city festooned for the holidays by Kayle Matzerath builder of Garden of Dreams, the event supports Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.  Cobblestone paths pass by hundreds of shops.  All the shops have display windows so you can peak inside.
This map, located at the 4 main landing points, give you a notecard that contains a list of shops with landmarks so that you can get to them directly, though you miss the fun of wandering the streets.

Alternately, every landing point has TP boards to get to all the shops.  This is an example of one.  I tried several and it worked just dandy.
At the center of the 4 sims is the Silent Night Lodge, a gathering spot with interesting onion domes and a massive tree on the roof. It's interior decor reminds me of an old lodge with its roaring fireplace and group seating.
You will find sleighs available to take you around the sims scattered throughout the sims.  I remember these from last year's Holiday Hill event, and I am happy to see these cuties back.  They are seriously romantic; now I just need someone to ride with me.
The event is sponsored by 12 very generous designers.  For more information about the donors as well as seriously adorable interviews by my bud, Joonie Jatho, please visit this site.
There are a ton of events at the Expo.  What truly intrigues me about this event is that it's not just entirely another shopping fest for women.  There is a good balance of participants, including stores for men, home & garden, etc.  Also, lots of events.  Live music, breadable contests, SL Idol, The Avi Choice Awards.  I hope to check out several of the events.  Read more here.
I loved how some participants added their own touches to their builds.  There are lots of unique, whimsical elements.  Remember to not arrive with a ton of scripted items, you know the drill or Dame Hempy provides reminders.  I plan on showing some of my favorite purchases from the RFL venders when I can get back and shop around! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Credits will be Rolling Soon

I'm so sad to say that the Vintage Fair is going to be over in 2 days.  It has been a favorite event for me and I wanted to just keep blogging it forever but then right after Thanksgiving my son got sick and now I've been sick this week with the one of the worst colds I've had in forever.  Cold is a nice word for this head splitting, body aching curse of a virus over at our house.  Even the cats are avoiding us.  But I really want to get in a few more photos of the wonderful clothing at the fair.  The fair ends on December 3rd which still gives you 2 days to shop!

Indyra Originals has some fanastic releases at fair.  Being one of the sponsor stores she has a great location on the Classic sim at the junction of North Street, Cary Grant Avenue and Rita Hayworth Close.  I love the Jessamine skirt set for the frilly blouse and special touches like the resizable skirt (no system skirt to deal with) and prim details on the botton front.  I used MADesigns Peta hair as I loved the little kewpie curly off the top (there are some amazing avant guard hairs to be seen here) and Damned 50's skin. .Phresh.'s Boule Earrings complete the look.  Jacqui said "That is such an Eden look.  You look so Bitchy!" and yes, that is what I love about it. Those vamps portrayed in old films from the era were just so bad!
Honestly, if you've been avoiding the fair because of the lag at the beginning, please take some SL time to check it out.  The designers have all worked so hard on items.  You won't be disappointed!

Credits: (check out the Chic Management blog for direct slurls to Vintage Fair locations)
Dress: Indyra Originals: Jessamine @ Vintage Fair
Hair: Madesigns: Peta @ Vintage Fair
Skin: Damned: 50's @ Vintage Fair
Earrings: .phresh.: Boule Earrings @ Vintage Fair
Poses: La Petite Morte - Smoking Poses @ Vintage Fair
Shoes: LPD: Girl in Frac Shoes

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday @ TheWarehouse

Hi all!  It's a spectacular weekend in SL to pick up great deals all over the grid.  One of the best events is at theWarehouse, where over 4,000 items have been prices at 100 L each.  The sale includes the Armidi collection, The Abyss, Naughty, The Body Co and The Boutique.  There is a huge selection; some of items are significant savings off the original price, others, such as basic layering pieces are good buys but the color selection is enormous.  If you've been looking for just the right accent color there is a good chance you can pick it up here.  In my opinion, one of the best deals were for skins for men from The Abyss as you cannot pick of male skins at bargain prices as frequently as women's skins.  My poor malt, who actually lived in the full-perm Photorealistic Steve for a good year is thanking me.  Supposedly the entire Armidi collection is there but I could not find my most favorite slingbacks, the Barcelona slingbacks, which really bummed me out. I was ready to buy all, even though they still have the old invisiprims.  I did pick up the Lima Trenchcoat in a few colors as well as the Dahlia pumps and Niama necklace.  An end date for the sale is not listed and you must be a group member to gain access.

Another sale not to miss is Skin Addiction's 2nd Annual Back Friday Sale.  Many, many skin makers across SL are offering special discounts on selected brands.  How it works is that you wear your group tag from Skin Addiction (free to join) and pay full price for the skin.  You will be refunded the difference but you MUST have the right tag on for it to work.  The group archives are loaded with notices, lists and demos.  I just had to pick up the new Elly skin from Pink Fuel, which is half off.  It came with 2 makeup options, various brow colors and 2 large makeup kits.  The sale ends November 28 at 12:01 am and I do see male skins on the list.

Coatdress: {Gisaci} Lima Trenchcoat - Tarnished Gold @ theWarehouse
Necklace: [Armidi Gisaci] Niama Necklace - Embellished Gold @ theWarehouse
Shoes: Armidi Gisaci: Dalia Pump - Bistre
Skin: Pink Fuel: Elly - Milk Baby Doll
Lips: Pink Fuel: Elly Cosmetics - Doll Gloss Bitten: included with skins
Hair: [e]: Rush
Poses: marukin

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The Vintage Fair is much easier to navigate now and it remains my favorite place in SL at the moment. I adore seeing so many designers take a shot at Vintage wear.  There is so much great stuff there; I need to pick up my pace - I've had this outfit on for 2 days now trying to finish this post!  RL got really hectic again.  It's just that time of the year.  Bliss Couture has a hot little vintage fur set at the fair that is just darling.  I love sexy clothes but I tend to like ones that give off a sensual vibe while not requiring me to bare it all.  In addition to the roomy capelet the outfit includes fun ruffled lace shorts and leopard leggings, though you could pair it with the perfect pencil skirt and cat-eye's or even go apres-ski for fun looks.
I added the adorable lace collar from Scrub.  Scrub did the sweet playable gramophone that I've shown and seen used as a prop in so many Vintage Fair posts.  The collar is resizeable as well as has some color change options.  It really has a nice feel to it; if you have any goth/french maid tendencies this one has exceptional texturing.  I added BlackLiquid's 1920's Brooks lips for a bit of pop.  You can pick those up at the fair as well.  Before I forget, kik has moved locations and has a sale on hair.  I loved this style to complete my mod look!

Credits: (please refer to the Chic Management blog for slurls and a map of the fair)
Outfit: Bliss Couture: McCullough Fur
Collar: Scrub: Dollar Rosary
Lip makeup: BlackLiquid Makeup: Brooks Lips
Eye makeup: Mock: Funsies Eyeliner Liquid C (not at fair)
Hair: [kik] Sun - blond (not at fair)
Skin: LAQ: Ebba - Fair (not at fair)
Boots: Hoorenbeek: Pleaser Boots (not at fair)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ivalde: Weekend in Paris

I've not been shy to discuss how much I have adored Vintage Fair.  I've been very meh about blogging, spending more time avoiding then actually taking photos but this event has renewed my interest in SL fashion.  There has been much drama around the grid about legitimacy: whose work is original, what has value, etc.  While my ear has certainly been bent I've also felt over it.  Some of this is about trust, but the hating just brings more of the same.  I respect people's learning curve, understand there are some folks in SL that purely want to profit, others for which SL is mostly for fun/want a few L's to blow, and others that rely on SL for a living.  Within that are all kinds of levels and I'm cool with it, am happy to contribute to the SL economy, but I've also been around long enough to have a pretty good understanding of the industry and don't get ripped off too often.  Having that off my chest, Nefaria Abel from Ivalde is a truly talented woman and has had a strong SL presence for years and years.  Nef's deal is Vintage, always has been and hopefully will remain (though I adored L'Abel).  I have an enormous collection of her works and doubt I will ever eliminate them from my inventory. They are like the archives of fashion history and if I want something classic, that folder is one of the ones I hit first.  I adore the new Jamica gown that she has debuted at Vintage Fair.  The dress is what the system skirt was made for in my humble opinion.  A diaphanous prim skirt wraps around a column skirt bringing attention to a narrow waist and hiding the bubble butt that I so dislike in system skirts.   I envisioned myself as a young woman, embarking on an overseas voyage to Europe, possibly a new bride or socialite in a pre-feminist era where a lady's beauty was her most essential asset.  Thank goodness those times are past but I definitely appreciate the clothes!  This dress can stand on its own with just a touch of accessories.  The floral necklace and earrings from WTG and little bowed slingbacks from Baby Monkey complete the look.

I adored the Billie Dress for similar reasons.  Nef has taken a straight system skirt and layered it this time with tulle-like cocktail length skirt for an elegant day to evening look.  I modernized the 1920's style dress with accessories more in line with a 1950's couture look but you can go all kinds of ways with it.  The textures on this dress are almost touchable.  I am probably going back to get it in more colors.   The fantastic Audrey Necklace from Caroline's Jewelry just begged to be worn with the dress.  Caroline was inspired by the necklace worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's and comes in either white or black pearls.  This is a simply stunning piece.  The hair is a gift from Plume for fairgoers.  It's a bit funky and whimsical and the roses change color.
Lots of nice skins with a retro flair have been released for Vintage Fair.  Today I featured a new skin from Boho Beauty.  Redsoledrea Gossipgirl is back with new stuff including the Sloan Skin.  She says it is perfect for redheads but I am wearing it without red hair and was very pleased with it. It comes in 4 tones.  Each pack contains 2 makeups, a cleavage option and 2 mole tattoos.  You can pick up this version at a limited release price at the fair.  Her new store, Boho & Boho Beauty, will be opening on the Chic sim over Thanksgiving weekend.  Until then, her inworld group is free to join and she will be sending out free gifts.  I look forward to more.

Credits: (Most of the items are available at the Vintage Fair.  I will note those that are not. Slurls will be to main stores.  A map and slurls to all shops at Vintage Fair can be found at the Chic Management blog.)
Gown: Ivalde: Jamica
Jewelry: WTG: Floral-w
Skin (all photos) Boho Beauty: Sloan - Vintage (main store opening next week!)
Hair: [e]: Soft: available exclusively at Collabor88
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Mia Pumps (not at fair)
Dress: Ivalde: Billie
Necklace: Caroline's Jewelry: Audrey Pearl Necklace: White
Hair: Plume: A Kiss from a Rose: Freebie!
Glasses: Artilleri: Gabriella (not sure if this set is at the fair)
Stockings: Vextra Messing: Sheer Pantyhose - Blue (not at fair)
Shoes: Armidi: Barcelona Slingbacks - Prussian Blue (note: the website is still up but I've not purchased anything from it in about a year so buy at your own risk.) (not at fair)

All poses are from oOo Studio from retro sets available at the Vintage Fair.  They are fantastic!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Vintage Fair Goes Domestic

I seldom share personal information in SL, but I'm going to break my rule for a minute.  My husband owned a vintage clothing store as well as selling high-end midcentury modern furniture and one of the things that has always thrilled me in SL is well designed furniture and architecture.  It lights my brain up and I can practically feel it smiling, a feeling I also get when I see beautiful clothing and shoes.  I know SL is supposed to be a "social" platform but most often what turns me on are the amazing creations I see.  With that in mind, I wanted to show you some of the spectacular non-wearable items that you can find at The Vintage Fair.  This is a long post, so grab some coffee and get ready.
Let's start with What Next.  Apologies for failing to align the photos but I was dead tired by the time I got to these shots.  I  think the new Vintage TV Camera is one of the most clever new items I've seen in a really long time.  The camera is scripted with 2 operating animations; one for larger and one for smaller avatars.  The entire piece is only 11 prims and is copyable.
The Sophia Chair Set reminds me of mid-century Danish teak furniture.  The sets are available in 4 fabric options: Fawn, Grey, Mocha and Violet and have both a solid and printed pillow.  There are 12 animations (some female, some male).  Touch the pillow to review props of mugs and books that work with some of animations.  I really admire Winter Thorn of What Next for the special touches she includes in her wares.
My lovey, Jacqui, purchased The Pasadena from Funky Junk first.  I hemmed and hawed and eventually broke down.  You can purchase this marvelous California ranch in either a version with or without the garage.  The garage can actually hold a vehicle or you can hide bodies there.  I like the elongated look of the garage version though I also love how the patio on the no-garage version is so open.  I really love the upswept roof of the house which brings just the right Googie touch.  The house has fantastically garish wallpaper reminiscent of the 50's and 60's and has all kinds of cute add on's like built in shelves, an operating fireplace, porch lights, mailbox, etc.  There is a demo at Vintage Fair that you can access from the Funky Junk store there.  If you are still having problems navigating the sims you might want to look at Ulla Coronet's, Funky Junk goddess, flickr pages for more images.
Van Auster of Post is one of my favorite prim crafters in SL.  Van has elevated the use of sculpts and textures to a level that I can only dream of reaching.  Much of his work harkens Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern but the 2 exclusive sets he has made available for Vintage Flair have a color palette that  reminds me of the Arts & Crafts Movement , which emphasized craftsmanship over mass production related to the Industrial Revolution of that era. Both the Endion Station Loft set as well as the Gogebic Parlor Set can be purchased as sets or as individual pieces.  The sets offer a significant savings on fantastic pieces.  The floor pillows on the Endion set offer 2 animations as well as reading books.  The globe comes in both a scripted and unscripted version.  The scripted globe has 2 light settings, warm and cool in a gentle glow.
The Gogebic Parlor set has awesome props for a medical setting.  The salvaged medical cabinet has 3 soft lighting settings.  Jacqui and I both went "oooo" at the colors.  I completely forgot to take a photo of the amazing gaslights that are available. They come in 2 sizes and are composed of bendable brass tubing.  They also have menu scripted lighting and particals.  The Gogebic Pottery set (shown inside the cabinet) is has the rustic, handcrafted look of Arts & Crafts pottery such as Roseville, Rookwood, VanBriggle and Pewabic to name just a few.
Lisp is offering the Lolo Retro set which would find a perfect place in the Pasadena House by Funky Junk.  The Mid-Century era gave us some of our most notable designs by Charles and Ray Eames, Arne Jacobsen, Heywood-Wakefield, and George Nelson amongst hundreds of others.  It had a major presence in mainstream, middle class homes.
Popping back to the 1930's, Hanaya has several offerings for Vintage Fair.  It is so evident that Moriko Inshan, Hanaya's creator worked really hard on these items! Nana's china cabinet is modeled after her own grandmother's china cabinet and is stuffed full of fancy china and silver as well as vintage family photos.  The TV room set includes chairs with animations, a television (I modified the image on the screen), a side and TV table, and touches like an ivy plant, coasters and photograph.  If I have not bored you to tears yet this work is reminiscent of reproduction furniture of the time with themes of Chippendale, Duncan Phyfe, Sheraton, etc.
Hanaya also offers this adorable New York Bus Stop as a freebie to guests of fair.  It can sit more than one avatar and has 2 different animations.  It is subtly decorated for the holidays and I adore the little pidgeon friend that accompanies it.
I found some great items at Scrub.  Many of them were accessories but they also offer this lovely Gramofhone (sp.)  This cutie plays several different tunes from the 1930's.  Oh and the turntable moves! Big fun!
For more colorful pieces be sure to check out Zigana.  They offer bright tables, happy prayer flags and garlands, music boxes and all kinds of things that will add a nice spot of color.
Ok.. I'm tired.  Especially since my ex-wife, Whisper Despres, insisted we hold a bake sale after I shot and edited all those photos.  All while she hops around like a rabbit. Cool Beans, which I see is closing December 3rd and I've always loved to see at Fashionably Late, has this adorable, cute and whimsical Bake Sale Stand.  It sits 2 people and has really funny animations, like head on table, waiting, etc.  It's just too fun.

Credits:  These shops are scattered all around Vintage Fair.  For a map and complete list of slurls visit this page on the Chic Management blog.  The slurls on the store names are to the main stores.  You will not find these items here until possibly after the fair, though some are noted to be exclusives. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Then and Now

More Vintage Fair goodness to share.  I have heard from so many friends that they are having an impossible time navigating Vintage Fair.  The lag is thick and folks continue to go there heavily primmed. I empathize because it's fun to get all fussed up but the biggest favor you can do for yourself and others is reduce the amount of scripted objects you wear.  A high arc is only going to hurt you but so many objects we adorn are scripted.  Most people have you derendered anyways.  I am going to try and remember to show details of items, especially accessories, because I know that textures often load fuzzy.  I needed to go there to check the details of an item and the first thing I noticed were people AFK at the landing point.  If I could boot you from the sim I would.
One of my favorite items from Vintage Fair was Connors Georgette Cocktail dress.  It fit me divinely and the textures on it do so much to accentuate the female figure.  It is adorned with lovely florets on the side and back and the lowered skirt prims give it a great flapper feel.  I accented the dress with the Queen Sophie jewelry set from Ripe, which is available in a "traditional" version that has pearls and standard metals as well as "nontraditional" versions that have more color accents in the stones and metallic texture.  I fell in love with Dilly Dolls new shoe releases after Hempy wore some for a previous post and I ended up having to buy the adorable Cura pumps. I picked up the medium color pack because I am so darn practical and they can be worn with so many of the looks at the fair.  They have about a billion color options to select from in an easy to use HUD.
The thing that struck me immediately about the Connors dress was how easily it could be used as a sophisticated contemporary dress with some simple hair and accessory changes.  I used the classic Wish style from Elikatira and my most favorite Saffron Pumps from LeLutka.  The jewelry is a new release from U&R Dogs for the Vintage Fair.  The Caro Mio Ben set continues the meticulous attention to detail that I know I can count on from U&R.  Even large earrings such as shown here have such a sense of elegance.
The skin I am wearing in all the photos in this post is the very glamourous and understated Vintage - Ritz skin from Curio.  I've been just loving some of the new skins that Gala Phoenix of Curio has been creating and this one has an amazing combination of purity and detail.  The skin packs contain 4 tone options that have subtle gradations in shading: Lights and Darks in 2 options.  The packs also contain a Vintage Brow Pencil tattoo layer which I am showing in the larger photo on the contact sheet.  I chose the Petal tone for the Vintage look as it is in keeping with the era. In the modern version I chose the Sundust shade for more color.  These are a lovely set to have around, not only for purely vintage looks but any time you want to have an understated and classy look.
Classy ladies insist on wearing the right undergarments as a foundation for their ensemble but there is no rule that says they must be frumpy.  My friends tease me all the time for wearing too many prims and dressing like Bea Arthur but they have no clue that underneath all that is my penchant for sexy lingerie.  I'm just confident enough to not have to show all my goods for free...rofl!, rebranded from DeTaleZ, went uber sexy with the yummy Negligee for the Vintage Fair.  This item is made solely from clothing layers so you can wear it underneath an outfit and not have to worry about any prims.  Again, the textures are a dream.  I will be putting these to a lot of use!

The Chic Management website, which organized the Vintage Fair, now has a page that contains a map of the fair (2 sims) as well as direct slurls to the shops.  The Fair runs through December 3.  It is well worth the visit. Rarely have I been so impressed with the quality and selection of items as I have seen here.

Photo 1
Dress: Connors: Georgette Lace Cocktail Dress: located on Fred Astaire Lane
Jewelry: Ripe: Queen Sophie Jewelry Traditional (Gold): located on the corner of Tina Turner Drive and Cary Grant Avenue
Shoes: Dilly Dolls: Cura Pumps Medium: located on Audrey Hepburn Blvd
Skin: Curio: Vintage Ritz (shown in all photos in Petal and Sundust tones): located on North Street
Hair: booN: ELG108 chocolate
Photo 2
Dress and Skin: see above
Jewelry: U&R DogsU&R Dogs: Cara mio ben earrings and bracelet: located on Tina Turner Drive
Shoes: LeLutka: Saffron Pumps
Hair: [e]: Wish
Photo 3
Skin: Curio: Vintage - Ritz: located on North Street
Photo 4
Lingerie: Lingerie Negligee: located on Fred Astaire Lane

Poses: All Poses for this post were done by Mavi Beck of Miamai for her Editorial Set, available at the fair on Rita Hayworth Ave. near North Street

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dame Hempy's helpful advice

Ooooooo.. Why hello there. Dame Hempy Weezles here, I was just getting the place tidy for you.
Let's sit and have a chat. There are some things I wanted to go over with you all. Since the recent events and goings on have been so overwhelmingly crowded. There are ways in which we can behave that can make the experience more pleasant for everyone.
  1. Lets be considerate. This is a common rule of thumb. For always.
  2. When going to a crowded event, party, or sale. It is important to de-prim yourself. This means you should only be wearing system clothing layers. This does include removing any AOs, HUDs, or attachable body parts you might have on. I will even go without hair only wearing a hairbase.
  3. When in an area which is not your own, it is polite to clean up after yourself. Don't leave boxes or any other debris lying around.
  4. Public incoherent gesturbation is frowned upon anything that plays loud or annoying sounds as well as filling chat with gobbledygook. PLEASE stop this. It's wrong in any occasion.
  5. Don't sit idle for places for hours. Come on! Get in and get out make room for the next person because someone is clicking teleport over and over trying to get in. Keep it moving people...
  6. If you're logging in from an old commodore 64 held together with some duct tape maybe you shouldn't hit the event on the first few days. Wait till the crowd has subsided.

Now that that's out of the way... the girls and I are here to talk fashion!

I choose ArisAris Leopard coat to model for you today. I like the feather trim and it looks just fab while vacuuming as it does gossiping with my gals. I paired it with the Rose Cameo Jewelry from Sn@tch. On the far right Jacqui has on some hot bell bottoms from TuttiFrutti watch out pool boys the cougar is on the prowl. Mrow!
Eden my scene stealing sis. My BFF my over sexed partner in crime. She is giving us her sex kitten stare.

Wearing Pididdle luvliest lace mini and Finesmith Jewelry Isabella in Bronze her eyes say yes and her body says do me.  Both of us are wearing the Pididdle Magenta Magic Lipstick; don't we look just kissable!

So.. You see the Holidays are just around the corner. We will be breaking bread around the dining table and busting our belts too. There are parties on top of events on top of sales. While you're giving thanks and spreading holiday cheer let's be kind to one another and if attending these holiday events please think responsibly when dressing your avatar. No this will not solve all our problems but it helps. If you have your own tips on this subject feel free to add them to the comments.

If you love these looks come check them out at the Vintage Fair. The beautiful furniture in the first and second pictures are from {whatnext} . The chairs are just retro awesome. They come in multiple rich fall colors. I just love them. I am loving the ::Scrub:: Gramophone the textures are lovely and very well done.  I keep my place looking great with my Vacuum from FIN. So Cute!
 The table in the above picture is from Zigana the top has all kinds of neat texture options and the legs too! Finally the tea service and the lovely antique breakfront in the back is called Nana's China Cabinet and its from -Hanaya-. It has so many beautiful little chachkies that come along with it. And some family heirloom photos very quaint.

Friday, November 11, 2011

I Quit You

Jacqui was a swinger and only looking for a little afternoon delight with the hot housewife she met at the weekend consciousness-raising seminar. Eden was a passionate woman with a LOT of *love* to give. When it was good, it was very good. And when it was bad, it was time for Jacqui to move on ... and time for Eden to pull out her "special" garter.

Jacqui Vintage Fair Credits:
Clothes: TuttiFrutti
Skin: Damned Skin
Jewelry: RIPE
Shoes: Dilly Dolls (color changing! Lots of options!)
House:  Funky Junk

Jacqui Other Credits:
Hair: [e]

Eden Vintage Fair Credits:
Lingerie: LouLou&Co.
Collar and Garter: Scrub
Skin: Damned Skin
Ring: RIPE

Eden Other Credits:
Hair: LOQ
Shoes: Riddle

Vintage Fair Classic
Vintage Fair Retro


Look! We Get to be all Matchy and Glamorous!

I've not even had a chance to look at all the feeds but I'm guessing that they are absolutely full of posts about the Vintage Fair, which starts today at 4 PM SLT.  Let me say this: It deserves every little bit of press it gets!  It has been very well organized by the folks at Chic Management and every designer I've seen has busted their butt to offer amazing items.  There is a bit of everything, including wearables, of course, but also poses and furniture.  It runs for 3 weeks and I've been previewing it for 2 days and could use more time to really check things out.  But alas, last I checked, things don't run according to my whims and I'm really excited to hear what people find at the fair that tickles their fancy.
Hempy and I had all these grand plans to take a photo together at the fair because it is just so cute with it's rows of little shops but we just couldn't pull it off - either our lashes wouldn't rez or something was blurry or kids needed tending in RL.  We made such a fetching pair. Then none of my photos saved to my hard drive for unknown reasons that are part of the conspiracy to break me and I had to walk away and fell asleep on the couch for hours.

 Hempy was sweet enough to put her ensemble back on so we get to show you 2 of the fantastic looks you can pull together from the fair.  Hempy in the top photo chose Icing's brilliant Just Swing dress, which includes that uber fantastic veiled hat.  Look at the lush colors in the skirt and the perfect shading in the bodice.  I did absolutely no retouching of clothes in this post.  They are just that well done.  Dilly Dolls is introducing the Beatrix Heels at the fair.  They are to die for. Hemp said the hud makes skin matching a breeze plus the shoes are color change.  I must get a pair.  Hempy chose a new skin from Essences that has very nice retro details.  Oh, and she made the jewelry, lovely Queen Sophie sets!

I used Ingenue's Martine Dress as the base for my ensemble.  I've posted Ingenue many times before and I'm a huge fan.  Vintage clothing is nothing new to her (and it's nice to see others come on board!).  Betty Doyle is just such a master of her craft.  She has ventured into Mesh, which sadly I have not downloaded as motherboard would probably croak on the spot, but this dress is not mesh, which made me kinda happy!  The dress is a perfect backdrop for accessories.  I tend to downplay accessories and look for the one perfect piece, but more really works with the dress.  House of Fox makes really delicious bags and I found the Steffani bag to be a good contrast to bring out the ribbon on the hat, blah blah.  Hatpins made the elegant Florence Cloche hat, which I adore.  I get a bit impatient fitting hats and hairs so this was win.  The perfect bob in a series of color changes. SIGMA Jewels offers the Andra necklace, which is a really versatile piece that easily carries from day to evening looks.  Anthem, a new store to me, that I will be returning to, offers the stunning Victoria ring. It comes with both a three finger and single option.  Great details on the band and a really nice patina on the metal textures.  My shoes are not from the fair.  They are from Baby Monkey, which has a great selection of pumps that work with the vintage look.  I love Sileny Noel's new skin, Swing, and I had to wear the freckled version.  Sileny, who has released skin under the Mango Mango brand for quite awhile now, has joined forces with Airedine Poe from Adore & Abhor, and you can now find her fine work under the brand Adore & Abhor Cosmetics.  She has added a feature which I really like, which is a small bust option.  A cleavage enhancer is included as well, no worries to all who love the bewbs.  Finally, and then I will stfu, I LOVED Malvada Mujer's Kiki eyeshadows, because it completed my "My husband's plane was shot down over the Pacific look".  Just great stuff.

We will be steady posting Vintage Fair stuff for awhile as there are so many amazing items.  I am enthralled and am happy to see Hempy Weezles joining us here.  Hemp is a great stylist and I <3 her.

Credits:  (I will try and include a link to the main store and the street location at the Vintage Fair when possible.  Here is a map of the fair.)
Dress/Hat: Icing: Just Swing: located on Sophia Loren Street
Shoes: Dilly Dolls: Beatrix Heels: located on Audrey Hepburn Blvd
Skin: Essences: located on Rita Hayworth or Cary Grant Blvd (my eyesight is wretched)
Stole: Icing: lucky chair item!
Jewelry: Ripe: Queen Sophie Jewelry: located on Tina Turner Drive
Eyes: Rozena: Tea Eyes: Afternoon: Gift located on Jane Fonda Way

Dress: Ingenue: Martine: located on the corner of North and West Streets
Hat/Hair: Hatpins: Florence Cloche Hat: located on East Street
Skin: Adore & Abhor Cosmetics: Swing: located on Audrey Hepburn Blvd
Necklace: SIGMA Jewels: Andra Necklace: located on Audrey Hepburn Blvd
Rings: Anthem: Victoria Rings: located on West Street
Bag: House of Fox: Steffani Bag: located on Tina Turner Blvd
Makeup: La Malvada Mujer: Kiki#2: located on Jane Fonda Way
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Milana Pump Burgandy

All Poses by oOo Studios - Hempy used poses from Jean and Veronica and mine are from the 20s set.  Located on the corner of North and East Street.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pull on your Girdle! Here Comes the Vintage Fair!!!!

The Vintage Fair begins on Friday, October 11 and runs until December 3.  The Fair is another fantastic event organized by Chic Management and this has to be one of my favorite events from Keira Seerose thus far.  Over 200 brands will be represented that offer clothing specifically created to showcase items from the 1920's through the 1980's.  The event sponsors are Ivalde, oOo Studio, Alienbear's, Ingenue, GiZZa Creations, Artilleri and Purple Moon.  It covers 2 sims and was built by Aya Liotta of Abode.  It is set up like height of the downtown era with small and large shops.  I would show you photos but my rez at events is less than perfect, but I love how each shop has it's own personality.  Here is a handy map of the event.

I was completely enthralled with one of Apple May's offerings at the fair.  There is nothing grandma or stuffy about Payton with it's mini and deep sexy open back.  It puts me in the mind something Gina Lollobrigida or Briget Bardot or a Bond Girl would wear.  FYI - Make sure you don't wear all the layers of the top or you will lose the lace texture! The Broken Pearl Necklace is also available at Apple May and is the perfect accent for this dress.  Another item I was really excited to see were a set of Elegant Smoking poses from La Petite Morte (I will show more of these in further posts.)

Get ready for a fun event with great quality works.  Taxi's will be added to the posts once the event opens.

Credits: (I will try and include a link to the main store as well as name the street where is it located at the fair)
Dress: Apple May: Payton - located on Audrey Hepburn Blvd.
Jewelry: Apple May: Backward Broken Pearls - location above
Smoking Poses: La Petite Morte - located on Jane Fonda Way
Skin: Glam Affair: Gio Natural: currently available at The Dressing Room
Hair: D!va: Naomi: 20 K members group gift
Lace Tattoo: Para Designs: Paisley Temptress: current store gift
Eyes: Glam Affair: Stella V2 14

There's a Nip in the Air

I'm getting ready to go on a major blogging spree as I was lucky enough to be able to preview The Vintage Fair that starts on Friday but I had to get in a post for Jack Spoon's new coat.  I have a gargantuan inventory and I've pretty much forced myself to slow down my shopping but I always have room for something that is unique and will enhance what I have.  The Elements Coat was even more perfect on than it was in the advertisement.  The designer, Steffy Ghost, did a superb job with the textures.  I had to do nothing as far as editing the linked parts of the coat to get it to fit, which is rare and makes me really happy.  That it is a complete steal at 75 L is an added bonus.

Coat: Jack Spoon: Elements Coat: Concha
Dress: haut.monde: Tyr Dress
Necklace: ~Pepper~Basti Olive: Group gift (I should have taken a close up because it's adorable and is scripted to change letters
Skin: redmint: No.07
Hair: Love Soul: Hair*088*

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hair Hair!

Darn that Jacqui!  She hadn't been online for over a week and I've not blogged much as I've been working on my inventory, actually getting rid of over 10 K items.  Then here she comes and off we go shopping.  I mentioned that Eshi Otawara has marked all her hair off by 50% and the "ooooo's" started.  Eshi has been around SL for years and she creates fantastic, couture wearables; not the kind of things you wear if you are knocking around shopping but artistic ensembles that appeal those that love the amazing visual potential of SL.  Scorpion Girl comes in 10 different colors.  It was so hard to chose just a few but I forced myself too.  This is just short of a miracle for me.
My love of Zip It knows no words.  It just has the right combination of bondage, Kabuki and Powerpuff Girls to rev my imagination.  Both Jac and I got the blond pack that included the colorful little poufs in 3 different colors.  There are 7 other styles available, all unique, all edgy.  Viva la Glam!

Photo 1
Hair: Eshi Otawara: Scorpion Girl - 50% off
Dress: Epoque: Petal Dress: Gosh I think I got this way back for a FLF so unsure of availability
Skin: Belleza: Aiko: there is a great sale on women's skins at Belleza at the moment.
Photo 2
Hair: Eshi Otawara: Zip It - 50% off
Dress: Line: HopeHeart Dress: another from my vast collection so unsure of it's availability
Collar: Rozoregalia: Hydra Necklace

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tangled Up in Blue

I've been a lousy blogger lately... completely overwhelmed in RL (good and bad), distracted and unfocused on SL and dogged by an over the top inventory.  However, my rarely seen Jacqui logged in last night and that means shopping.  I need for nothing as far as stuff but I needed to get off my platform in the sky and laugh.  We were totally perving what people were wearing and this one chick had on hair from Analog Dog and I said something along the line of "I didn't know AD made hair like that..." so off we went.  This is not the hair that sent us there but this is the one I ended up loving more than I've loved a hair in a long time.  I tip my hat off to Queue Marlowe for tangled, with it's roly-poly curls on the tail. I will be back for more where this came from. <3

Hair: Analog Dog: tangled
Skin: Illusory: Paige - Bite Me: exclusively at Collabor88
Jacket: The Sea Hole: Corseted Tweed Jacket: exclusively at Collabor88
Eyes: Glam Affair: Stella V2 - 14

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Bird is Known by It's Feather

I had a dove, and the sweet dove died;
And I have thought it died of grieving:
O, what could it grieve for? its feet were tied
With a single thread of my own hand's wearing;
Sweet little red feet, why should you die
Why should you leave me, sweet bird, why?
You lived alone in the forest tree.
Why, pretty thing! would you not live with me?
I'd kiss you oft and give you white peas;
Why not live sweetly, as in the green trees?
                                         John Keats
All night
in and out of slippery shadows
the owl hunted,
the bead of blood.

scarcely dry on the hooked beak before
hunger again seized him
and he fell, snipping
the life from some plush breather,
Forgive me.
For hours I had tried to sleep
and failed;
restless and wild,

I could settle on nothing
and fell, in envy
of the things of darkness
following their sleepy course--

the root and branch, the bloodied beak --
even the screams from the cold leaves
were as red songs that rose and fell
in their accustomed place.
       Mary Oliver

Hempy Weezles from Ripe appears to love birds.  I love Hempy.  Find these lovely pieces in a variety of colors at her booth at the Jewelry Fair.

Jewelry: Ripe: photo 1: Tweedle Dee in Green
                       photo 2: In Ca'Hoots in Natural/Blue
Hair: D!va: Mimi: Lucky Board limited color
Skin: tres blah: {light} C88 Neon Corner: @ Collabor88
Sweater: Surf Co: Floral Cab Sweater
Tank: Jane: Intrinsic Tank - turquoise