Friday, April 29, 2011

Culture Shock: Izzie's

With 184 store spaces, Culture Shock, which opens on May 1st, will be sure to showcase some of the best content creators on the grid.  The event will benefit Médecins Sans Frontières, commonly known as Doctors Without Borders, and each store is required to provide a minimum of 3 new and exclusive items, that contribute 50 - 100 % of their profits to the charity.  The event is sponsored by Chic Management, which has developed a fantastic and deserved reputation of top quality.
I adore the dresses that Izzie's is offering exclusively at Culture Shock. The designer, Izzie Button, could not be sweeter and she is also clever as she has included an alpha layer for the skirt so that you don't have to fret about whether the sculpted skirt will cover your tush.  There are two options for the top.  I've shown the more decorative top but there is also a solid tube-top version which is nice if you want to wear a jacket or shrug.  Each part is available in all layers for versatility and the skirt is available in both a resizable and non-scripted version.  Izzie has made complimenting pearl sets for each of her outfits and they work perfectly.  She obviously spent a ton of time on the placement of each piece as they fit me perfectly and hung well, which is not something I can always say.

Arcy Halfpint, of Fall In, makes his debut to me with stunning Deliciouz skin.  I am wearing the Devin version, which is the fairest.  I will make a full review of this skin soon but I had to carry on for just a bit.  The purchase includes 5 makeups, including a clean version for those that love to work the tat layers. I particularly love the luminescence of the face.  It is an interesting face, with just the right amount of detail and I love that the brows aren't overly dark when I want to wear light hair and not have power brows.   This is skin that you need, especially if you love to try new looks. Trust me.

Credits: (Culture Shock items will be exclusive to the event)
Dress: Izzie's: Chiffon Summer Dress - Green @ Culture Shock (here is a slurl to Izzy's main store)
Jewelry: Izzies: Pearl Jewelry Set - Green Brown @ Culture Shock
Skin: Fall In: Deliciouz: Devin @ Culture Shock (here is a slurl to Fall In's main store)
Hair: Lelutka: Rykiel - Auburn Haze 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gatcha Chic and a Few Squees

I know Jac did a post about the Albero Gatcha Fest but I got some things there I love so much that I haven't wanted to change maybe I should get off my avoidant backend and do a post.
This look is so much like me in RL it's not funny.  I've been unable to take off Lelutka's new Rykiel hair since I got it.  It's all over the feeds but IMO it should be. (God, did you see it on Tact Arida?) It's a look that I've wanted for a long time; in RL I have slick straight hair and a crimping iron was the only way I've ever been able to achieve anything close to curls or body, so I dig it big time.  Pididdle's new feather extensions could not be more perfect with the hair.  These are a group gift version and I know earlier this week there was an easter egg hidden at the store that had an Easter set as well as some makeup for only 25 L.

Ok, but the gatcha's.  I love babydoll tops and my favorite in the lineup this time were Rude Rebel's Spring camis.  In RL I'm also wearing glasses very similar to the Sinner Man glasses from Alpha Villan. Young Urban's Summer at English Bay shorts could also be worn by the fellers and the steal at the fest are Duh's Straw Button Flats at only 10 L a pop.  Lots of cute little shoes at the fair.
Cheap Makeup's Wheel of Suprise has all kinds of win in it but I was particularly happy with the smokey eyeshadow that is #12.  The only thing I am starting to really dislike about all these great tat layer makeups is that I can't rename them and end up putting each one in a folder with an elaborate description in the label so I will remember later what it is. I am extremely rez impatient.  Croire has some super cute pendants there and this one has me all matchy girl so my mom would be proud of me.

Gachas: all at Albero Gatcha Fest - generally runs about 2 weeks
Hair: Lelutka: Rykiel: Swedish (should not have let Jac talk me out of the fat pack)
Hair Extensions: Pididdle (group gift) <3 Bru
Skin: LAQ: Tess2
Eyes: Glam Affair: Stella Eyes V2-14

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In the Pink

I hit the sale today at Indyra Originals where all things pink are 60 - 90% off through May 1st.  My favorite outfit was Catalan because I really like one-shoulder pieces and liked the care that was taken to detail the outfit.  I also picked up the Suha Beads in Peony, which were a steal! Normally, I would forgo the necklace with a frilly top but I wanted to show you the full set.

I am also big in love with Miel's new Troupe Shoes.  The one-prim shoes have a ton of options, including the ability to recolor various parts of the shoes in matching or contrasting colors.  I know falling back on black is a bit drab but I am a minimalist and there was enough already going on this this outfit!

Outfit: Indyra Originals: Catalan - Cotton Candy: on sale!
Jewelry: Indyra Originals: Suha Beads: Peony: on sale, too!
Shoes: Miel: Troupe Shoes Naturals
Skin: LAQ: Tess2
Hair: Elikatira: Later: I bought the store out this weekend.
Lashes: Chocola: Black Extension w/Lower
Eyes: Glam Affair: Stella Eyes V2-14
Poses: all by LAP