Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Boy of Summer

I love pretty boy hair.  I love it when I want a look that is completely at ease.  One of SL's most popular events, Hair Fair 2012, opened it's gates today and I fell hard for [INK]'s new Yoke style.  The designer, nontroppo torii, very wisely made this hair with cross-dressers and men that love to style by making the sideburn tattoo separate from the hair base.  It's one of my favorite items I picked up yesterday at at walkthrough and am tempted return once the sims are not full.  Regarding events, One Voice has been extended through the 22nd of July.  I will mention the charity aspects of the events at the end of the post (I can get a bit tangential).  I bought a lot at this event including the mesh shorts and shirt and the skin I am wearing at One Voice.

Boom has a great little cropped baseball tee at One Voice. The item is mesh and comes in standard sizing.  I went up a size from my usual because I liked a baggy look.  It comes in two black/red and 2 black/white versions.  The adorable black leather shorts from Toki-doki also come in standard sizes and fit perfectly.
I think I might have been the very first person to purchase LAQ's special version of the Elena skin at One Voice.  I busied myself with other shopping while Mallory Cowen was setting up but as soon as she left, my bff, Whisper Despres, and I ran over to her display and demo'ed the skin.  I only demoed in an attempt to be prudent but it was basically an insta-buy.  The skin is a completely natural look and I've not added anything but lashes and LAQ freckles for this shot.  The brows are dark, so if you prefer super light brows you might want to think otherwise; otherwise its the pure, creamy look I love from LAQ.  

OK, now...what's up with these events.  Most blog readers are already in the know but I feel it's my blogger responsibility to talk about the purpose of both events.  Hair Fair IS a charity event and has chosen Wigs for Kids for it's charity for many years now.  Each designer is responsible for at least 3 new releases and 15% at the minimum must go towards the charity.  I saw many designers who donated more than the minimum.  There are 4 sims of fantastic hair.  The Hair Fair blog has slurls to all locations as well as tips to make your trip enjoyable.  My hat goes off to the Committee for creating such an elegant but simple build.  I love being able to just run through the phantom walls! A round of applause to Mel Vanbeek for all his efforts with scripting and invisible shoppers to keep the lag bearable.  At all landing points, there is a map...touch it and you will receive a folder with landmarks to all the stores. I found that once I arrived at a sim I could tp around using my map.  There is also a free low-lag outfit at all landing points, graciously provided by DCNY and Exile.  If you want to demo hair ahead of time, please join the Hair Fair Demo group, for free demos from all the designers (some are not free at the event).

The One Voice event is probably one of the kindest and most worthwhile events I've seen in all my years in SL.  Many designers are offering items where at least 50% of the sales go directly to Gala Phoenix of Curio, to help cover legal costs resulting from an unfair copyright claim by another person who sells skins.  I've wrote a lot about it on the Free*Style blog, including links to other blog articles that contain both facts and castle intrigue so I am not going to belabor that here.  Many designers have also set up their One Voice item at their store and there is a complete list at Salome Says, which wins my vote for bravery and devotion to the cause.  What has happened with Gala scares me right out of my pants on so many levels, from the very actions and decisions made by of Linden Labs to how this has affected the real life income of a very popular SL designer.  

Shop wisely and selflessly! 

Hair Fair: [INK] - Yoke - Amber
     Boom: Twenty-Three Tee
     Toki-Doki: coroco shorts (black leather)
     LAQ: Elena - Natural Edition (milk)
Prop: Diesel Works: Baseball Bat: free prop
Eyes: IKON: Sunrise Eyes

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