Friday, December 16, 2011

Heading into the Holidays

I have a confession to make.  I can be a total slacker when it comes to blogging.  Between this blog and Free*Style there is never a shortage of things that I want to blog.  I also have an aging computer and I cannot do some of the snazzy things that other bloggers can do, like shadows.  And my computer doesn't seem to like mesh viewers, which I'm pretty sad faced about because I'm just dying to wear some of the new trousers I see.  So sometimes I feel inadequate when I start to compare myself to others.  However, I do have a huge love of SL fashion so when I do blog something you can be certain I want to share it and that I recommend the product.  Today I have 3 such items to share.

I cover a lot of events in SL.  I do so because I enjoy seeing new work and I've met a lot of people that I like and respect.  I seldom get a chance to go through review items that are available in my blogging groups.  I don't get the notices because I don't believe I should take items I won't get around to covering but today I decided to take a peak and found some fantastic outfits from Amarelo Manga. Both Miranda (left) and Marcelle (right) are extremely chic yet not overly busy.  They are wonderful outfits that work for just about any occasion, from shopping to clubbing to your next holiday party.  I am not a very large avatar and I really appreciated that the designer, Luana Barzane, put good resizer scripts in the prim pieces of outfits.  I'm pretty good at resizing items but the script allowed me to resize at several increments.  This is a shop that I will certainly include on future visits when I want to look classy and adult.
Wasabi Pills released the new Clementine hair this week and I adore it! It is the perfect short to medium length to wear with ensembles that have a lot of detail on top, like the ones from Amarelo Manga.  The hair includes an alpha layer if you want to hide your ears as well as matching tattoo layer hair bases.  The hair pin is color customizable through a hud.  It's little touches like that as well as having some of the nicest hair textures on the grid that make me love Wasabi's hair.  Thank you to MissAllSunday Lemon for sharing with me.  You work so hard and consistently deliver a tip top product.

I am thrilled to show you Linn, the newest skin release from Glam Affair.  The skin is truly dreamy with a rather amazing level of detail.  The lips are rich and the skin tone is soft and dewey.  I do not retouch shots when I am reviewing skin so you can see from the photo above how rich it is.  The body continues the fine level of detail and has a soft glow, great shading and nice mole placement.  I should have taken a photo of the hands because the nail detail is just lovely.  I just hate skins with yucky hands and I cannot be bothered with prim nails, so this made me ecstatic. Aida Ewing continue to improve her craft with each release and this time also includes 5 different shades of eyebrow with each skin so that you can match it with your hairstyle.
I am showing the skin in the Medium Tan tone.  The skin is available in 5 skin tones (Light, Natural, Medium Tan, Tan and Dark) and is available in 12 different makeups as well as a bare version so you can do your own layering.  Aida continues to provide elegant makeup options from clean and classic to dramatic and avante garde.  Each pack contains both bald and light and dark hairbase version, the new eyebrow shades as well as 4 different brow shapers.   The Glam Affair Update Group has a group gift version in Snow White that is starkly pale with subtle smokey eyes and lightly blushed cheeks.  The group is only 30 Lindens to join and a nice way to get hooked on this beautiful skin.  Thank you, Aida!

Pants set: [AMARELO MANGA]: Set Miranda
Jumpsuit: [AMARELO MANGA]: Marcelle
Shoes: GField: Ribbon Slingbacks
Cuff: Chop Zuey: Sedona Sunset Bracelet (previous group gift)
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Clementine: New Release
Skin: Glam Affair: Linn: Medium Tan: New Release
Hair (in contact sheet): [e]: Charmed
Eyes: Glam Affair: Stella Eyes V2 - 14
All Poses:

Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Monday Kinda

I usually blog because I have a reason.  I'm not the kind of person that loves to take pictures of myself or spend a lot of time fussing and editing my photos.  It takes too much time and I always think nobody is looking anyways.  But one thing I do love to do and seldom have the time to do anymore is put together ensembles.  And shopping - I love to shop!  Usually I shop solo but the one person who I can shop with pretty well is Jacqui.  The problem is we start "oooo'ing" everything and the next thing you know we've each blown a lot of Lindens.  Some days we practically channel each other and look like the Olsen Twins and other times Jac is full out sexy girl and I look like some primmed out version of Bea Arthur or something.

Lately, I've been covering a lot of events which means I spend a lot of time by myself taking pictures.  I'm pretty introverted but sometimes it can get lonely and every IM or notice feels like an intrusion.  I'm sure other bloggers can relate; I'm organizing things into folders so I don't lose them, trying to stay on top of my inventory size, and taking photos.  What I'm wearing is usually the last thing I blogged.  My whole household has been sick since just after Thanksgiving and I picked up the horrible plague sometime last week and am still narly.  The boy finally returned to school today (yay). So when I logged in yesterday I just said "screw it" and put together an mishmash made up of pieces I already owned.  Those of us that lean towards the fashion scene can get so caught up in new stuff that we overlook the great things we have.  So this is a reminder to myself to enjoy SL, for me it's not a job, I don't have to be so driven and single minded and can take time for fun.  

hair: [e]: Quirky: new - ok I didn't already have this until Saturday so technically I had it.
skin: LAQ: Ebba Fair
freckles and "beauty marks": LAQ: purchased separately from skin
lashes: L. Fauna Lashes: underlashes
blush: Mock: Winter Rainbow Collection - Rushing : group gift, I think
shadow: Mock: Back to Basics Eyeshadow - Paarl
skirt: The Secret Store: Chiffon - Silk Kerchief
jacket: TailleursPutain: Eden Brown: part of a free woman type outfit - I don't RP Gor but I think she makes some great stuff! 
necklace: Bliensen & MaiTai: Sapiencia
tank: MichaMi: Washed Out Tank - turquoise - the perfect turquoise tank
stockings: Love Aya - closed :(
boots: Azoury: Les Bottines Doll Marron: I picked these up at the Tropicalia Bazaar but I am sure she has similar in-store.  
Poses: LAP

Big photo taken at (PRISS) - what a cute store! I picked up the cute fur skirt for Project Themeory.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Expo 2011 is Coming to Town!

I don't often do posts that feature just photos of places.  I can't claim by a long shot to be the best photographer in SL.  My comp is aging and I lag horribly in ultra graphics but I had so much fun taking photos at the Christmas Expo, which begins on Saturday, December 3rd at 9 am SLT.  Before I start yacking, let me give you their official website so you can keep up to date with happenings.

This marks the first year of the SL Christmas Expo.   Built to resemble a nostalgic city festooned for the holidays by Kayle Matzerath builder of Garden of Dreams, the event supports Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.  Cobblestone paths pass by hundreds of shops.  All the shops have display windows so you can peak inside.
This map, located at the 4 main landing points, give you a notecard that contains a list of shops with landmarks so that you can get to them directly, though you miss the fun of wandering the streets.

Alternately, every landing point has TP boards to get to all the shops.  This is an example of one.  I tried several and it worked just dandy.
At the center of the 4 sims is the Silent Night Lodge, a gathering spot with interesting onion domes and a massive tree on the roof. It's interior decor reminds me of an old lodge with its roaring fireplace and group seating.
You will find sleighs available to take you around the sims scattered throughout the sims.  I remember these from last year's Holiday Hill event, and I am happy to see these cuties back.  They are seriously romantic; now I just need someone to ride with me.
The event is sponsored by 12 very generous designers.  For more information about the donors as well as seriously adorable interviews by my bud, Joonie Jatho, please visit this site.
There are a ton of events at the Expo.  What truly intrigues me about this event is that it's not just entirely another shopping fest for women.  There is a good balance of participants, including stores for men, home & garden, etc.  Also, lots of events.  Live music, breadable contests, SL Idol, The Avi Choice Awards.  I hope to check out several of the events.  Read more here.
I loved how some participants added their own touches to their builds.  There are lots of unique, whimsical elements.  Remember to not arrive with a ton of scripted items, you know the drill or Dame Hempy provides reminders.  I plan on showing some of my favorite purchases from the RFL venders when I can get back and shop around! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Credits will be Rolling Soon

I'm so sad to say that the Vintage Fair is going to be over in 2 days.  It has been a favorite event for me and I wanted to just keep blogging it forever but then right after Thanksgiving my son got sick and now I've been sick this week with the one of the worst colds I've had in forever.  Cold is a nice word for this head splitting, body aching curse of a virus over at our house.  Even the cats are avoiding us.  But I really want to get in a few more photos of the wonderful clothing at the fair.  The fair ends on December 3rd which still gives you 2 days to shop!

Indyra Originals has some fanastic releases at fair.  Being one of the sponsor stores she has a great location on the Classic sim at the junction of North Street, Cary Grant Avenue and Rita Hayworth Close.  I love the Jessamine skirt set for the frilly blouse and special touches like the resizable skirt (no system skirt to deal with) and prim details on the botton front.  I used MADesigns Peta hair as I loved the little kewpie curly off the top (there are some amazing avant guard hairs to be seen here) and Damned 50's skin. .Phresh.'s Boule Earrings complete the look.  Jacqui said "That is such an Eden look.  You look so Bitchy!" and yes, that is what I love about it. Those vamps portrayed in old films from the era were just so bad!
Honestly, if you've been avoiding the fair because of the lag at the beginning, please take some SL time to check it out.  The designers have all worked so hard on items.  You won't be disappointed!

Credits: (check out the Chic Management blog for direct slurls to Vintage Fair locations)
Dress: Indyra Originals: Jessamine @ Vintage Fair
Hair: Madesigns: Peta @ Vintage Fair
Skin: Damned: 50's @ Vintage Fair
Earrings: .phresh.: Boule Earrings @ Vintage Fair
Poses: La Petite Morte - Smoking Poses @ Vintage Fair
Shoes: LPD: Girl in Frac Shoes