Friday, August 24, 2012

Handverk: Love You Long Time

The creators over at [HANDverk] just keep cranking out the most amazing things.  Daphne Klossovsky, who primarily makes the things over thar that you wear on your bod has come out with another amazing pair of shoes of this month's Zodiac event.  I had loved her Leo shoes for the event last month and has delighted me this month with the "virginal" Rump Pumps.  They are fully mesh and completely hand made, as are all of their products.  You get two pairs with your purchase, both non-rigged and one is resize scripted.  If you are interested in more [HANDverk] exclusives, make sure you check out August's FaMESHed event for the Tassel Jewelry Set, which you can purchase separately or as a set with earrings and necklace.  They come in silver and gold versions and several different vivid colors to chose from.  Vintage Fair has gone on for most of the month and there are still several more days to go.  My fun 2 piece is from Faster Pussycat.  The top is sculpted for that structured retro look.  Wasabi Pills Gloria Mesh hair is lovely and works for all kinds of looks.  Make sure to check out the skins at GOLA.  They are so much fun and are reminiscent of memorable books from the "antique" era.
Just a few FYI's.  [HANDverk] has relocated so update your landmarks.  The items here are not at the store yet but you can find their entire legacy collection, which is all just stunning.  Vintage Fair runs thru the 29th and the landing points have been removed so you can hop directly to any of the stores, all of which are conveniently located on the Chic Management website.

Shoes: [HANDverk]: Rump Pumps - white for Zodiac (Virgo)
Earrings: [HANDverk]: Tassel Earrings - gold/electric blue for FaMeshed
Swimsuit: Faster Pussycat: Hollywood Bikini - red @ Vintage Fair
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Gloria @ Vintage Fair
Skin: GOLA: Hatter skin @ Vintage Fair 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vintage Fair: Camelot

Just a quick post for a busy Saturday.  Purple Moon is one of my favorite stores and I adore the gorgeous Jackie mesh skirt and vest, especially in this great houndstooth texture. The late Jackie Kennedy has always been one of the arbiters of fashion and I poked through some of my things from Vintage Fair and put together a nice facsimile.  MAdesigns  has several gorgeous, high-fashion hair styles at the fair and Ruby worked out perfectly.  Eclectica has some fabulous shades at the fair.  This particular style, 50's Glasses: Scrolls and Pearls are infinitely versatile as you can change each element: frames, lens, scrollwork and pearls individually for texture, shine and tint.  They are also resizable, all with a simple touch.  I love the Rose skin from Shine.  It's a nice clean skin with a pretty glow and is available in several lip colors and includes 3 cleavage styles, freckles and 2 styles of teeth.

Vintage Fair runs until August 29th for many more lovely days of shopping!  The slurls for all the stores in this post can be found on the Chic Management webpage.  Now who will I be next time?

Clothing: Purple Moon: Jackie vest & skirt: black boucle
Glasses: Eclectica: 50's glasses: scrolls & pearls
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer: Lydia - gold
Shoes: MV: Cleaver Heels
Skin: Shine: Rose: natural/pale w/freckles
Hair: MAdesigns: Ruby - light brown VIII
Poses: Bent: Fifties Fun set

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vintage Fair: Fun in the Days of Consumption

I'm having a riot with some of my finds from Vintage Fair.  This year the fair allowed "antique" items into the fair, which are considered items pre-1920's.  My darling pal, Hempy Weezles, took a few shots with me in her fair ensemble but she has ill family members so I will update with her info and maybe a closeup shot when I can catch her.  I loved one of Shabby Chic's outfits.  Jordanna Hamaski of Shabby Chic has been around as long as I can remember and has always stayed true to her genre with this brand with vintage clothing, textures, and laces. My outfit (I'm the pale, sickly one) is from shabby chic and is a brilliant combination of sculpts, mesh and system layers.
The outfit includes a long skirt which you can see above and below but I love the bloomers, which match the mesh corset that has been embellished with laces and buttons.  I love how mesh just moves with the avatar and you can see how naturally the corset flexes in my pose above.  I accented the outfit with shoes and earrings from Bliensen + MaiTai.  The Shimmy-Sha-Wobble shoes come in a number of beautifully textured colors and are perfect for all kinds of vintage looks.  The Lilo earrings come in a number of colors and each color set includes 3 different metal textures.  I have to do a jewelry post soon because there is just so much jewelry that needs to be seen close up to appreciate.  The Adorable hair, another really nice style from Tuty's, features an attached updo and works great on it's own or with a hat.
Timelines had some of the nicest "antique"/early 20th Century accessories I saw at the fair...things that I didn't even have in my burgeoning inventory.  The delicate dress watch was a necessity for fashionable women since we didn't have our androids beeping all the date we could have needed.  (Even when I was growing up you needed a watch to function much as you need a cell phone now.)  The gorgeous Victorian Riding Topper is all decked out with bows, laces, feathers and a cameo jewel and is resize scripted.  It's just such a well made piece.  My skin is from GOLA, who had some of the most interesting skins at the fair.  Im wearing the Alice in Wonderland skin which was one of the more subdued, but was perfect for the very stark, almost sickly look I was going for.  I mean sickly in only the nicest way. The face is highly detailed and very unique.

Vintage Fair continues to run thru the 29th of August and is 3 gorgeous sims full of shopping pleasure. Please refer to the Vintage Fair map/slurl page for all items from the fair.  The rest will be slurls to the stores.

Dress outfit: Shabby Chic: Blue Calico Stays & Lacey shift
Skin: GOLA: Alice in Wonderland
Hair: TuTy's: Adorable - blue antracite
Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai: Lilo Earrings - Pearl
Hat: Timelines: Victorian Ladies Riding Topper
Watch: Timelines: 1920's Ladies Dress Watch
Shoes: Bliensen + Mai Tai: Shimmy-Sha-Wabble - blue
Friends Pose: Sparrow Tree Studios: Timeless Beauties
Pose: Standing: Everglow: Girls

Fence Prop: Clutter: My little ass (pose in photo 2)
Birds: Happy Mood: Little Birds - ice blue
Lamb / Chicken: Neon Frog
Goose: maker unknown and I've had him forever

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Vintage Fair: The L'Ook

I've got lots more head-to-toe Vintage Fair looks to show off.  There are so many awesome items I'm having a dreadful time narrowing down my looks, but I have to remember it's one photo at a time.  Hand me the world's smallest tissue and let's get on with this.  I will talk more about the look above but I want to show you the most wonderful prop you can pick up exclusively at Vintage Fair.  It is called the L'Ookbook Boutique Prop and it is set as a small shopfront with bay windows.  The poses are especially made for the prop and include poses both in the doorway of the shop and in the store window.
I took a quick shot of the prop to give you an idea of how it's laid out. I added the platform/black wall, lamps and furniture just to goof off but you can see that it's pretty spiffy and a worthwhile investment if you blog or enjoy taking fashion photos.

Getting back to clothes and such...I am a huge fan of Ingenue!  I remember at last year's Vintage Fair mesh was still in it's very early stages and few designers had invested a lot into adding it to their lines.  But Betty Doyle, an amazing designer and I'm guessing a perfectionist, dived right into it and had full sets of personally created mesh outfits.  I think pretty much all of Ingenue's work now includes some elements of mesh and in my opinion is of the top 10 masters of the craft.  As always, her textures are exquisite, the clothes fit exactly as they should and have such range.  The Lauren skirt I'm wearing is a perfect example of that.  It has that a vintage fair but is infinitely flexible, so you can dress straight period or incorporate it into more modern ensembles. I've never regretted any purchase I've made from Ingenue and my collection is vast.  LeeZu is another brand that has made some amazing mesh outfits but I find the prim sculpts to be brilliant with the jacket, Yriin, to be a stunning example of that.  It's elegant and edgy yet easily wearable, which are adjectives I associate with the LeeZu brand.  I love avante garde but frankly, when I want to look put together and go shopping, that is not the look I tend to grab.  Slink is offering these fabulous kitten-esque heels at Vintage Fair.  These are not just shoes!  These are mesh shoes with separate mesh feet!  The feet are sized in standard size equivalents so that they are proportional to other parts of the shape that meet these standards.  They include a hud for both the nails on the bare feet as well as another hud for skin tinting and nail polishes.  If you go back up to the first photo you can better see the lovely hair from Vanity Hair, The Hamptons, which includes a color change hair band.  I love this style for it's casual refinement and Tabata Jewell's wonderful hair textures.  Lastly, and I hope to show more of this amazing collection is Eclectica's Nouveau Leaves set.  This gorgeous set includes the items I am wearing plus a tiara, brooch, and hair pins, all of which are controlled by a hud for stone and metal color as well as size and shine.  I so admire Tiffy Vella's work and her shop at the fair is just glorious.
Ingenue has also released the darling Greta dress for Vintage Fair.  It is mesh and comes in standard sizes.  There are some adorable dotted versions as well as a variety of prints. I love the texture of the songbird version as it is soooo retro and fun.  The shoes are the fabulous Cleaver heels from :{MV}:, which is a store that is new to me.  Lots of yummy shoes there (Cherelle)!
Tuty's, another store that is new to me, has some fantastic Vintage hair.  I probably should have worn a lighter hair color against the dark wall but trust me, it is definitely worth a demo.  The style I'm wearing, Romantic, is a lovely representation of 40's hair and I love how full use of the hair base is used to enhance the style.  The jewelry I'm wearing from [HANDverk], which I'm not shy about my declaration of love for, has both amazing mission style furniture and jewelry sets, created by partners and design team of Daphne Klossovsky and Tobias Convair.  The Mucha Necklace does not show up well in this flat picture and it's so gorgeous I will show it again but its delicate and distinct like the work of it's namesake, Czeck painter and decorative artist, Alphonse Mucha. The skin I'm wearing in all the photos is from Aeva, and is called Jaci~2 and I've worn it for a few posts lately because I love it so much.  Aeva is the new brand by Heartsick creator, Amesha Jewell, and I love the clear face with bright lipstick and perfectly tilted cat-eyes 

Vintage Fair runs thru August 29th.  It's really worth a good walkthrough or five because there is so much to see.  The slurls for everything I'm wearing ala Vintage Fair can be found at the Chic Management site.  Non-VF items will note slurl to the main store.

Prop: BENT.: L'Oolbook Boutique @ Vintage Fair
Skin: Aeva: Jaci~2 @ Vintage Fair
Photos 1&3:  Hair: Vanity Hair: The Hamptons @ Vintage Fair
Skirt: Ingenue: Lauren - Army
Jacket: LeeZu: Yriin @ Vintage Fair
Shoes: Slink: Vintage 2 Strap Pumps @ Vintage Fair
Jewelry: Eclectica: Nouveau Leaves @ Vintage Fair
Shirt: Whippet & Buck: Cole Boatneck
Photos 4&5: Hair: Tuty's: Romantic @ Vintage Fair
Dress: Ingenue: Greta - Songbird @ Vintage Fair
Shoes: :{MG}: Cleaver Heels @ Vintage Fair
Jewelry: [HANDverk]: Mucha Earrings and Necklace in gold @ Vintage Fair
Streetlamp: Trompe Loeil: French Streetlamp
Bench and Planter: Trompe Loeil: Garden Bench and Planter: available in lots of colors
Sconce Lamp: Barnesworth Anubis: Victorian Outdoor Sconce

Monday, August 6, 2012

Vintage Fair: Faster, Pussycat

I have a teenage son; a pimply, awkward, lately frustrating child that is really pushing the limits of my patience lately.  To say he is distracting is to be gentle and by late evening, when I'm usually on SL and blogging I have been a complete zombie.  Vintage Fair has become my favorite event of the year and provides me with a very pleasant distraction from teenage angst.  Styling ala retro is a treat.  I've always been fascinated by Varga girls and high fashion models like Suzy Parker and her sister, Dorian Leigh as well as Dovima for their haughty glamour.
I am head-to-toe Vintage Fair for these photos and the fair is 3 sims of awesome.  Faster Pussycat always puts a very sexy spin on their clothing and their offerings for the fair do not fail in that regard.  Honey Bender, head designer for the brand, loves burlesque and the lingerie I am wearing reflects that. The top is sculpted (and modifiable) and the highwaisted panties are adorned with sweet little bows.  I'm not one to be accessory heavy and the shiny Bettie pumps from :{MV}: and Addiction's delicate Beloved set were all I needed to complete the look.  The Sol ring is one of many gorgeous jewelry offerings from [HANDverk] and I will be showing more in another post.
It amazes me how a skin can completely change your look.  Anges Finney's Muse skin for the fair is so glamorous, with rich bee-sting lips, strong brows and extreme cat-eye liner that is perfect for retro looks.  It's a different look for me and I like it!  Wasabi Pills has 3 new hairs at Vintage Fair, including one for the guys.  My hair, Veronica, is reminiscent of the 1940's film icon, Veronica Lake's, peek-a-boo hairstyle.  It is mesh and comes complete with hair bases and a version for those of you that are well endowed.

Vintage Fair runs through most of August.  The Chic Management website has a complete list of stores and their slurls at the fair and you can tp to them directly once you've landed at a landing point.

Credits:  Everything I am wearing is available at Vintage Fair 2012
Lingerie: Faster Pussycat: Burlesque
Necklace/Earrings: Addiction: Beloved Set - Amethyst
Ring: [HANDverk]: Sol ring
Shoes: :{MV}: Bettie Heels - Candy Apple
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Veronica - Pancake
Poses: oOo Studio: Rouge

Friday, August 3, 2012

Vintage Fair 2012: The Scoop

Wow!  Vintage Fair starts in one day and it's bigger than ever.  Hang on a sec and I will get to ALL the info, links and other information you are going to need to be armed and ready.  Mesh is a big deal at the fair.  Last year mesh was just in it's early stages and I was one of those poor souls who could not operate on a viewer that supported mesh.  I'm still stuck with my old computer but thanks to updates I'm good to go. Sadly, my inventory might just throw up since I have no time to sort but sometimes sacrifices must be made.  I have become a mesh nut, especially it's ability to move with you.  The freaking adorable mesh dress from coldLogic is one of my favorite outfits at the fair.  The details are simple yet perfect with it's sweet little pointed flat collar to the perfect placement of the dropped belt between the waist and hips. You can see the light texture details in the photo below to see how much consideration goes into the dress.  It's these kinds of details that make an outfit one that is worn again and again.  It was perfect for my high school look but also can easily go stylishly mod.
The Vintage Fair is not just clothes, though clothes there are in abundance.  I've been trying to sort my review items into folders and I keep having to make new ones.  I love Aeva's Phoebe skin. It's a nice combination of innocence yet as a strength to it that gives it character.  It comes with all the usual bells and whistles that Amesha Jewell (who also owns Heartsick) always generously provides, like teeth, a complete set of hair bases, a shape (not worn), boob bouncer, freckles and lots of cleavage options.  Wasabi Pills made this perfect ponytail for August's FaMESHED event.  Sylvie, immensely versatile, is rigged mesh but I had no problem with fitting, even around the ears.  It see it as an inventory staple.
One of the cutest props at the fair is nani's hanging at the diner item.  Weighing in at only 2 prims, it has  4 cute poses, all of which are xyz adjustable.

OK, now scoop.  Vintage Fair 2012, sponsored by Chic Management, makes this the fair's second year.  This year features pre-1920's to the 1980's and each designer has provided new and exclusive releases. I love it so much I practically skipped down the streets of the stylish mesh build made by Cory Edo of Trompe Loeil.  The fair will run from August 4th - August 29, so there is lots of time to shop.  The 3 sim event is intelligently planned so that it snakes along, so no getting lost or missing a shop if you start at one end and work your way to the other.  The link above will give you maps, slurls that take you directly to each and every store and if you touch the map it will magnify the information.  Event sponsor stores are highlighted in yellow.  Those stores are Aura, Belleza, Cheeky Pea, coldLogic, Gizza Creations, Indyra Originals, PurpleMoon Creations, oOo Studio and Trompe Loeil.  Once you've shopped til you've dropped join the HUGE flickr competition with flipping amazing prizes.  That link will give you all the information about the flickr group and insane prizes.  See you at the fair!

Credits: (please refer to the official Vintage Fair slurls list for store locations)
Dress: coldLogic: Montgomery - sea: @ Vintage Fair 2012
Skin: Aeva: Phoebe 2 - Lana @ Vintage Fair
Eyes: Agnes Finney: Beauty Eyes Silky Soft Blue @ Vintage Fair
Necklace: Laville!: Pen Necklace - Gold @ Vintage Fair
Jukebox: nani: Hanging at the Diner @ Vintage Fair
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Sylvie Mesh Hair: Available at FaMESHed August
Shoes: R(S)W: Saddle Shoes - Black
Sockies: LaViere: Basic Mid Calf Socks - White