Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hair Fair 2012: Bleinsen + MaiTai

Plurabelle Laszlo of Bliensen + MaiTai is someone I highly admire.  She is somebody who marches to her own drum.  I've always loved her jewelry and for the last two years at least I've had the honor of checking out her releases for Hair Fair 2012.  Plurabelle does not make hair all the time but the ones she releases for this event are always unique, glammy and highly stylized; either retro chic or have a spanish flair.  This year she went mesh and does it unrigged.  I was able to stretch and adjust individual prims to my heart's content, which was especially handy with the style above, Curl Up.  A cute addition, but I did not show for time's sake is a multicolor option in each tone so that the curls on top of the crown have 4 versions of multicolored strands.
Habanera and Immaculada (below) contain elements of traditional Spanish hairstyles with a strong center part, chignon and ornamental combs.  The hair is modifiable so I guess you could take off the comb if you really wanted to, but I think they are perfect.  Habanera has ringlet curls in front and a higher updo as well as a colorful comb
Immaculada is very strong and it's comb is less delicate.  I love these styles as they are so different from my usual casual-Eden look and when I have time I love to play around and pretend I'm glamorous.
Forbidden Fruit has a vixenish mid-century look.  The hair ornament, Forbidden Fruit, is a great match if you own her Forbidden Fruit jewelry set (which I've shown in the top photo.  This hair does include a version without the jewelry and I think it's dying for a pillbox hat!

There are still a few days left of Hair Fair 2012.  Each designer is offering a portion of sales at this event to Wigs for Kids so please purchase at the event if you can!

Hair: Bliensen + MaiTai: all styles available at Hair Fair 2012
Jewelry: Bliensen + MaiTai:  Photo 1: Forbidden Fruit
                                               Photo 2: Simplicity Earrings Red
                                               Photo 3: Thetis Earrings
Skin: Belleza: Lilly
Lashes: Maimai: Catwalk Lashes
Clothing: Purple Moon: Sunrise Romper - Pink
Poses: Adorkable

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