Wednesday, August 20, 2014

And We Seem so Normal

Ok, this post has taken me literally a week to do but I am so swamped in RL & SL that I can't even tell you the last time I changed. I have taken on some huge tasks for the upcoming SL Home & Garden Expo, which while may leave my own blogging a bit sketchy for a few weeks, has gotten me totally psyched about decor.  Trompe Loeil's August releases for both FaMESHED and Collabor88 only urged me on.  The Brooklyn Carriage House will fit in perfectly in a gentrified urban setting but I was compelled to drop in on what I like to think of as the English countryside and I think it works. In my opinion the Fiona Greenhouse, which is one of the components in Trompe's current collection at FaMESHed is one of the prettiest things Cory Edo has ever built. I will describe details of items in credits or this post will run the length of the blog.
The interior of the Brooklyn Carriage House is spacious, with a high ceiling and a loft upstairs that is roomy enough for you to have a complete bedroom or sitting room. I've decorated the home with a manly touch, using items in current collections at The Men's Dept., The Chapter 4, The Garden @ The Liaison Collaborative, and The Theme Park.
I absolutely love the ceiling lights at the back of the lower level.  Lighting and blinds are controlled by a panel at the front door, which I've come to count on with Trompe builds.
I went for a "party pit" look on the upper level.
The house has gorgeous doors and I found a nice place for a message center.  Breno's Elk Horns...I just think they are mega cool and needed a close-up:)

Home: Trompe Loeil - Brooklyn Carriage House: available at Collabor88 - ridiculously priced at L$ 288 for the course of the event.
Greenhouse: Trompe Loeil -  Fiona Greenhouse: available at FaMESHed - this precious piece includes working doors.
Sofa/Ottoman: Stockholm&Lima: G.U.Y. Sofa/Ottoman (TMD Edition): Surrealia Anatine's new brand is beyond fabulous. The sofa is available in both PG and adult versions and is part of a living room set that includes the ottoman, Bicycle wheel art and track lighting (not shown): Available at The Men's Dept.
Chair: -JoHaDeZ- LapDance Chair "Nest" - available in "cuddle and" adult versions, the original mesh chair is loaded with features, incl. 14 cloth textures, 15 lapdance & 15 couple anims in both versions and 24 additional adult anims in the adult version. Available at The Men's Dept.
Square Rugs: junk: Barlet Rug one (lower) / Barlet Rug two (upper): These rugs are available along with the daybed at The Men's Dept.
Round Rug: junk: Round Rug - Zebra: Just an adorable rug from the current round of Kustom 9
Wall Art: Stockholm&Lima: Bicycle Wheels: see Sofa
Antlers: Breno: Elk Horns: These "special" antlers include some bondage fun and accompanying anims. Available at The Theme Park for the "Some Like it Hot" round.
Small Table (down): junk. bartlet wheel table. worn.: Available at The Men's Dept.
Doll: D-LAB Pinocchio02: he is just bad
Neon Sign: HIDEKI - What the f*ck: lovelovelove: Available at The Chapter Four (August)
Cooler: Soy. Cooler box (white)
Stools: oyasumi / metal stool / black & grey: 2 of several components available at The Men's Dept.
Bar/Cabinet: oyasumi / wire cabinet: See Stools
Instrument: HIDEKI - Atom Ukulele: Available at The Chapter Four
Gas Pump: junk. gas pump shelves. green. - I honestly have a gas pump fetish and the little door opens and closes so you can put your junk in: Available at The Liaison Collaborative
Ceiling light: junk. headlamp light. red.: adorable AND manly - Available at The Liaison Collaborative
Daybed: junk. bartlet daybed. denim. - it comes in both PG and Adult version as well as an equally cool tan canvas version: Available at The Men's Dept
Small Table (up) -JoHaDeZ- Sidetable "One" /w Vase: Available at The Men's Dept.
Hookah: [ Nikotin ] Hookah-AK  (Update-4): Available at The Men's Dept.
"Cuddle" Rug: DIGS - Sheyda Rug: comes in both PG and adult versions as well as 6 different texture themes. Both versions are configured similarly with Single, Couple and 3Some poses. The adult version is a steamier version with various sexual preference groupings as well as 3some combos and contains over 400 animations for you to get down. (I apolgize for the texture blur; this new FS viewer is giving me fits): Available at The Theme Park for the "Some Like it Hot" round.
Photo: YONSOU-YOUHEN-OTOME-ZU by Agathe Latte: I picked this up at some gallery ages ago but Agathe made some of the coolest pre-mesh items ever.
Wall Desk: Second Spaces - Patrick Pallet Desk: This little cutie includes both decorated and undecorated versions, each only a wee 1 LI: available at The Men's Dept.
Heart: A.D.D.Andel! Wall Decor: Heart -Blue: Was at the <3 Ulaa event, may possibly be at the store.
Clock: HIDEKI - Pyramid Clock: June Arcade

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

8.13.2014: Sometimes the Pants Wear You

I have a "thing" for fetishy types of clothes that can be worn outside of RP. Pixicat's Rouge pants/boots for We <3 Role-Play are some of the most bad-ass looking pants I've seen in awhile.  I do not know areve, who is Pixicat, but I admire her terribly. She has amazing range, her mesh is great and I usually scoop up any new releases I can find of hers.  The textures on these  I paired it up with Le Primatif's Kimono Blouse which is at the August round of FaMESHed because I really like yani Tryce's work, too. Plus I felt going all hard edge was just too obvious a choice :)
I am wearing Flounce's new release, Lana skin, in a darker tone and also added the "Beastly" brows for an updated look. Tableau Vivant's new Persephone hair for Collabor88 is gorgeous, and the version without the crown worked perfectly. Bliensen + MaiTai is all over the place lately and Plurabelle Laszlo's Mjolnir necklace gave a nice contrast to Le Primatif's solid top.

Pants: Pixicat: Rogue - Black (the boots are part of the pant): available at We <3 Role Play
Shirt: Le Primatif: Kimono Blouse - Cherry: available at FaMESHed
Necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai: Mjolnir necklace: available at Tales of Fantasy
Bag: ISON: Maleese Striped Net Bag: available at Uber
Skin: Flounce: Lana - Carmel Instaglam
Hair: Tablea Vivant: Persephone: available at Collabor88
Hand Tattoo: Moon Amore: Medhii - Black for Slink Hands
Poses: Le Poppycock: from Hot Air A series at The Chapter 4 (new location)

Monday, August 11, 2014

8.12.14: Never a Saint

When I die, they might say "she was a nice lady" but I will not be on anyone's short-list for sainthood, but it's fun to play one in SL.  I got a notice from May's Soul for her new Ave Maria crown that is now available at We <3 Role-Play and ended up looking around and spending a small fortune!  I am not involved in RP in SL; I am swamped working on events and attempting to not stink at blogging, but I like the idea of it as well as the chance to let go of my usual boundaries.  So shut up, Eden, the crown includes 4 lovely rose headpieces but I liked the edgier look of the plain crown for this look.  While I was spending L's I stumbled on the Favi gown from The Library.  I have few reasons to wear a gown in SL but this one was so slinky and sexy while covering up those parts I would rather not show off when I am out (PRUDE!) and I so love the collar and beaded effect.  Bliensen + MaiTai has the awesome Fenrir jewelry set at the event.  I thought Fenrir was just the character in Harry Potter but since you asked is from Norse mythology and is just a terrible-horrible wolf.  

I was absolutely flabbergasted that when I went to Glam Affair today with no hope of getting the limited edition Rose skins in Pearl tone that are on Flash Sale right now for only L$ 250 and includes different brow colors and such as I trust Aida Ewing to do but sit down, appliers for Slink (hands,feet,physique), Lolas and Phat-Azz and found lots were still available!  If you do not get at least one of the 4 versions, I just do not know how to help you!  The skin is pale, pale, which I think Aida does so well and appliers, too!  I'm surprised that just the bloggers in SL did not crash that sim trying to get one.  You need.  And Wasabi Pills, makes the Rye tone of blonde that is perfect with really fair skins. I adore her new release Joan, for the August round of the new Uber event.

Hair: Wasabi Pills: Joan - Rye: new release available at August round of Uber
Skin: Glam Affair: Rose - Pearl 04A: Limited Edition Flash Sale item at Glam Affair - RUN
Crown: May's Soul: Ave Maria: available at We <3 Role-Play
Gown: The Library: Favi - Blue: available at We <3 Role-Play
Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai: Fenrir earrings: available at We <3 Role-Play
Poses: Musa: from Fantasy Pose set 071-080 (awesome set!): available at We <3 Role-Play

Friday, August 8, 2014

8.8.2104 Late Summer Getaway

Summer is starting to wind down up north where I live. I notice the sun setting sooner an though we did not get a hot summer this year, the nights are definitely crisper. Summer means tourists on Lake Michigan, but even us locals are getting out for a weekend getaway before school starts and the water turns cold. Probably next weekend will actually be my getaway weekend to go up north and poke through shops looking for their clearance items :) and eating ice cream (or smoked fish, if you prefer).

The look here (if you aren't a tourist) is casual but upscale. We are a land of boaters and cottagers and if I could drag an outfit from SL for the weekend it would be this.  Pixicat, one of my new favorite brands, released the precious Key Top as one of the purchases for Enchantment that includes a "stamp card".  The premise is more or less this: instead of shopping in one place like most events, you purchase at least one "Enchantment" item from one of 20 merchants.  Then you must go to each merchant and find the stamp machine (which is adorably made by Anya Ohmai) and touch it wearing your stamp card(s).  I bought more than one item and wore all my cards at once and they all stamped at the same time.  Once your card is filled you go to the Enchantment area and pick out one prize per card.  The comfy Pine shorts are from LpD and are available in 5 colors for a steal at The Courtier's Docks.

The super roomy getaway bag is a new release from Ison that you can pick up at the new Uber event through the month of August.  It has a monthly theme and this month is Vacation.  The Maleese Striped Bag is available in 7 colors and each includes 2 hand attachments.  I particularly love Wasabi Pill's Nana hair that was recently released at Hair Fair.
Do you all remember Cupcakes - the fab store that made their own skin and clothing line?  Mimi Coral, who was the original Cupcake with her shop <3 Cupcakes was a long time favorite of mine (the dresses were adorb!), and she is back with a new store called Flounce.  As before, her skin is completely handmade and she has released several new lines.  Each line contains tat layers for lip colors, freckles, beauty marks, blush, etc. as well as various brow and cleavage options.  They are all very reasonably priced as are the appliers, sold separately but at prices cheaper than a gacha.  She even has a sign in her store that says "Is your favorite applier missing? IM Mimi Coral and I will make it for you!" Talk about Customer Service! Mimi is one in a million.

Hair: Wasabi Pills: Nana - Rye
Skin: Flounce: Lana - Creme - Retro
Shirt: Pixicat: Key Shirt - Blue(s)
Shorts: LpD: Pine Shorts - White: still available at The Courtier's Docks
Bag: Ison: Maleese Summer Striped Bag (right hand) - Sea: avaialable at Uber in August
Shoes: Pure Poison: Floralia Wedges - Nude & Green

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Wow, it's been a long time since I did any blogging .....or photos for that matter. RL has been kicking my ass lately. In honor of me being totally slacking off this weekend, I decided to do some photo shoots. Yay!

 The new Jezebel hair from Spellbound is the focus of this pic. It's very versatile, style wise, and totally fab. You can mystify it, retro it, or glam it up. I lurve it! And since I'd been trying to find the perfect hair to wear with this dress, that was the icing on the cake. Heh.

If you haven't checked out Spellbound, you totally need to go! They are becoming one of my favorite hair stores. Not to mention, their store build is awesome. ;p Until next time! <3

Skin: Glam Affair - Renee   - Fairy Tales 03 RED
Dress: . a i s l i n g . Qarth Lady -Lavender-
Hair: +Spellbound+ Jezebel // Blondes
Bracelets: Pure Poison - Danielle Cuffs Silver - Left
Chest piercing: :Zombie Suicide: Pink Fusion chest piercing (I think this was a hunt item, but I won't swear on it.)
Eyeshadow: MONS / Makeups - Eyeshadow Pastel Dreams - lavender
Eyes: ::Umedama Holic::Crystal eye(night sky)S - no longer available