Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Bird is Known by It's Feather

I had a dove, and the sweet dove died;
And I have thought it died of grieving:
O, what could it grieve for? its feet were tied
With a single thread of my own hand's wearing;
Sweet little red feet, why should you die
Why should you leave me, sweet bird, why?
You lived alone in the forest tree.
Why, pretty thing! would you not live with me?
I'd kiss you oft and give you white peas;
Why not live sweetly, as in the green trees?
                                         John Keats
All night
in and out of slippery shadows
the owl hunted,
the bead of blood.

scarcely dry on the hooked beak before
hunger again seized him
and he fell, snipping
the life from some plush breather,
Forgive me.
For hours I had tried to sleep
and failed;
restless and wild,

I could settle on nothing
and fell, in envy
of the things of darkness
following their sleepy course--

the root and branch, the bloodied beak --
even the screams from the cold leaves
were as red songs that rose and fell
in their accustomed place.
       Mary Oliver

Hempy Weezles from Ripe appears to love birds.  I love Hempy.  Find these lovely pieces in a variety of colors at her booth at the Jewelry Fair.

Jewelry: Ripe: photo 1: Tweedle Dee in Green
                       photo 2: In Ca'Hoots in Natural/Blue
Hair: D!va: Mimi: Lucky Board limited color
Skin: tres blah: {light} C88 Neon Corner: @ Collabor88
Sweater: Surf Co: Floral Cab Sweater
Tank: Jane: Intrinsic Tank - turquoise

Friday, September 16, 2011

The World Would Totally Suck if Everyone Was Like You


All the world's a stage,
                                             And all the men and women merely players;    
                                               They have their exits and their entrances,
                                             And one man in his time plays many parts...
                                              As You Like It Act 2, scene 7, Wm. Shakespeare

I've been in a very dark state of mind lately...and it does not take a genius to figure out.  My husband's birthday was 9/11 and he passed away suddenly at a young age in 2000.  So THE 9/11 was the first birthday without him.  My loss is nothing compared to that horrible day but at the same time I feel a connection to the event. Since the anniversary, I've been thinking a lot about transitions, particularly some of mine...from married to my soulmate to a single parent with a busy career and now that my child is older trying to find my happy place again.  This is just a thing I need to dig myself out of and I've come far, but if my posts seem weird or off or whatev (than usual), please bear with me. 

There are 2 looks I love.  One is very tailored and clean, and the other is a bit more bohemian and funky.  The new dresses from Fashionably Dead at Collarbor88 absolutely fit my sensibility. I think I need to go back and get every color but like usual, my mouse finger instantly went for the black.  It's quite sheer on it's own, quite fine by me, but also makes it fun to play peekaboo with various colors.
I love myself some Ellantha Larsson and she has just come out with some new stuff in time for Jewelry Fair, which opened today.  Puritan Spirit is a rerelease of a piercing she made a year or so ago and has been completely revamped with new textures, shadows and all the bells and whistles.  It includes a nifty new HUD so you can have a field day with options.  Best of all, it is her charity item and is only 100 L.  Get it or forever rue that you didn't.  Here is a lovely photo of the HUD for your SL enjoyment.
Dress: Fashionably Dead: Dead Wheat: exclusively at Collabor88
Stockings: Coquette: Ripped Fishnet Stockings: store closed long time
Shoes: haute.monde: Bilson Wedges - Black
Piercings: Ellabella: Puritan Spirit: @ Jewelry Fair 2011
Bracelet: grasp: Heaven Bracelet
Undershirt: JustB: Tweed Jumpsuit - Slate
Hair: LeLutka: Toni
Skin: tres blah: C88 Neon Corner w/ GreenBlue Shadow tat: exclusively at Collarbor88
Chair: Glitterati: Wingback Chair: Male (sure, sure): Today only 50 L for FLF!!!
My good pal, Chuck: Deco Greenhouse: Gnome
Photobox: Tableau Vivant: The Crow Stage: Group Gift

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Aunt Ruth

This time of year always brings me back to Aunt Ruth and her farm on the Michigan/Indiana border, with fields now fallow and it's pecan trees, hardy for such a Northern climate.  I would fall asleep and wake again to the murmurs of my aunt's conversations and the hope of some inclusion in the fold.  I wish my poor old Mac could capture the long shadows but alas, it's old school for me as it's just not in the budget.

I love Reila Skins latest group gift of the cozy poncho.  Part of me cringes at the idea of summer turning to fall but the northerner in me is ready to leave the heat behind and cozy up just a bit.  I paired it with one of Bingo's new Safari skirts, pulled on some new boots from Baby Monkey.  I adore Wasabi Pill's newest hair, Mimi; it has just the right amount of jagged to catch my interest and I believe they have some of the best colors on the grid. It includes a hair bow, which I chose to forego this time. Ready or not, I move on to another new autumn.

Poncho: Reila Skins: September Group Gift
Skirt: Bingo: Safari Skirt - Brown
Boots: Baby Monkey: Brenna Boot - Burgundy
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Mimi - Lemon Tea
Bag: Bukka: Subscriber Gift
Stockings: fri.day: Barb Stockings - old Stumblebum purchase
Tank: Tyranny Designs: Just Relax: Dirt: closed
Bangles: YS&YS: Bone Bangles: previous TDR purchase
Skin: tres blah: C88 - Light: exclusively at Collabor88

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Factory Girl

Ingenue's latest release is aptly named Sedgwick. I'm assuming so as it conjures up images of Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol's "Superstar" of 1965, who's trademarks were mini dresses and chandelier earrings among other things.  I adore all things mod and love that Betty Doyle did these dresses, with their Jetson/Lost in Space flair and would love to see more along this line.  This dress works because of it's splashes of color and could be accessorized in a myriad of ways.  You can find it in 4 yummy colors along with the fabulous Bridget flats only at Collabor88 for a month.

Dress: Ingenue: Sedgwick Dress - Lime: exclusively at Collabor88 for only 88 L!
Shoes: Ingenue: Bridget Flats - Lime: exclusively at Collabora88 for only 88 L (you will never get these colors at the main store)
Hair: .lamb: Sleepyhead
Skin: Laq: Tess2
Earrings: Kycies: closed - :( I know!
Bangles: Je Suis: Asymetrique
Pose Prop: Behavior Body: Photo Room: Free (TY, Anto, you are always so generous)