Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Bandana / Beach Day!

I'm running late for my mom's house so I'm actually going to be brief!  Hair Fair 2012 ends today and it is also Bandana Day!  Bandana Day is a longstanding tradition for Hair Fair where we take off our hair to show solidarity with Wigs for Kids, the organization that benefits from Hair Fair.  However, you don't have to go Kojak as on each of the 4 sims is a bandana booth!  There are bandanas made by designers, bloggers, and other residents of SL; each is only 50 L and they are transferable.  My tradition every year is to at least get LeLutka's bandana.  They are always super chic.

Boom has released a new bikini, Ellio, which comes in about lots and lots of yummy colors and patterns.  In total there are 256 mix and match combinations to chose from.   The bikini comes in full sets and as separates so you can go wild!  Full sets are available at a discounted price.
The backdrop for the outfits is the adorable Seraphim Pergola Lounge from Circa.  It is from the Seraphim hunt, that I think officially ended yesterday or today, but Cher told me she is leaving all her hunt items out until Monday.  It costs only a few lindens and includes everything you see in the top photo of the collage (except the tray).   It has several animations and sits many avatars.  Circa also has just released some new yummy drinks.  The Sangria tray is visually appealing and if you touch the pitcher it delivers a glass of sangria, making it a really nice item for parties and other gatherings.  You can also buy the new set of Mocktails.  It includes both drinks to wear and rez.  Note: I enhanced the colors a bit so that you can see the details of the drinks.
It may be the day to wear bandanas but there is no rule that says you cannot BUY hair on this last day of Hair Fair.  One of my fair favorites was pr!tty's Ally hair, particularly the Sophie pink color.  One of my guilty pleasures is watching America's Next Top Model (though the squealing is starting to really get on my nerves) and I loved Sophie in the last round of the show.  I'm showing the Ellio bikini again because I love them all!  OK, I'm off to do chores at my ma! Happy Sunday!

Bikini: Boom: Ellio Bikini: New Release
Bandana: LeLutka: Faith for Bandana Day @ Hair Fair 2012.  You can purchase at any of the 4 sims
Hair: pr!tty: Ally @ Hair Fair 2012
Pergola: Circa: Seraphim Pergola: Hunt item out until Monday
Drinks: Circa: New Releases
Skin: Dutch Touch: Yri

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hair Fair: Miamai + the French Connection

If there is one thing that Monica Outlander of Miamai is the master of it's glamour.  Be it classic, avante garde, or romantic, she makes it look effortless.  She has released 5 new mesh hair pieces for Hair Fair 2012 and they are stunning. They are all unrigged and modifiable. I honestly could not pick a favorite. Hair Fair wraps up this weekend and the 2 weeks of it have flown by.  Soon the hair will be in the stores but there is an important reason to still visit and that is that Hair Fair is a charity fundraiser, with a percentage of sales going to Wigs for Kids.  If you are inclined to purchase, do so now and help out a child in need.

Before I start carrying on about these gorgeous styles I wanted to mention the gown.  HelenSue Helendale of DEW Designs shared her newest release with me, the French Connection gown, and it's just super stunning. The main dress is mesh and comes in standard sizes and she has added to flexi attachments for ruffles on the back.  You can remove these attachments if you prefer a simple, drop dead slim gown and the integrity of the dress remains intact. It was the perfect backdrop for Monica's hair pieces.
I got to say first off that I love Miamai's hair bases.  They come in several versions and Monica has picked the right one for each style.  I appreciate this level of extra attention to detail.  Giselle utilizes a hair base with a strong central part.  The hair piece sits high on the head with with an updo with a sturdy braid wrapping the front.  It has an extra texture layer to provide depth as well as a few loose tendrils.
 Yanne plays it tighter with sleek french braids running at contrasting levels on both sides of the head and ending in a tight bun at the back of the head.  It utilizes the same hairbase as Giselle (Style C).
Lika is classically gorgeous.  It uses a hairbase that is pulled straight back and has a large bun as well as braids that run the length of the skull and wraps around the back of the bun.  No whispies on this one.  It's perfect in it's formality.
Ixie is probably the most casual of the hair pieces.  It uses a partless hairbase (Style B) and is in the style of hair that has been swept back into a pony-tail and then made into an updo with a set of barrettes.  It also has a gentle flexie layer to make it less severe.
Kirge utilizes a hairbase (Style A) with that is side parted then combed tight to the head.  It features a two level bun and strong side tendrils.  The hairbase really makes the look for me and I think would be fun not only with glam but strong urban looks.

Now go get 'em at the Miamai booth at Hair Fair 2012. There is also an special gift updo available at the fair, that probably won't be available after the fair (hint hint).

Hair: Maimai: All hairbases and updos are new mesh releases available at Hair Fair 2012
Gown: DEW: French Connection - Black
Skin: Filthy: July Group Gift - Cream
Lipcolor: Pink Fuel: Elly - Glam Lipstick/Smoked Plum
Jewelry:  photo 2: LaGyo:  Spring in Gold
               photo 3: Caroline's: Kennedy Pink Pearls
               photo 1 & 4: Zaara: Anuska Pearl Drop Earrings - Night
               photo 5: [HANDverk]: Wassily Black
               photo 6: Mandala: Kagetora
All Poses: Miamai

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hair Fair 2012: Bleinsen + MaiTai

Plurabelle Laszlo of Bliensen + MaiTai is someone I highly admire.  She is somebody who marches to her own drum.  I've always loved her jewelry and for the last two years at least I've had the honor of checking out her releases for Hair Fair 2012.  Plurabelle does not make hair all the time but the ones she releases for this event are always unique, glammy and highly stylized; either retro chic or have a spanish flair.  This year she went mesh and does it unrigged.  I was able to stretch and adjust individual prims to my heart's content, which was especially handy with the style above, Curl Up.  A cute addition, but I did not show for time's sake is a multicolor option in each tone so that the curls on top of the crown have 4 versions of multicolored strands.
Habanera and Immaculada (below) contain elements of traditional Spanish hairstyles with a strong center part, chignon and ornamental combs.  The hair is modifiable so I guess you could take off the comb if you really wanted to, but I think they are perfect.  Habanera has ringlet curls in front and a higher updo as well as a colorful comb
Immaculada is very strong and it's comb is less delicate.  I love these styles as they are so different from my usual casual-Eden look and when I have time I love to play around and pretend I'm glamorous.
Forbidden Fruit has a vixenish mid-century look.  The hair ornament, Forbidden Fruit, is a great match if you own her Forbidden Fruit jewelry set (which I've shown in the top photo.  This hair does include a version without the jewelry and I think it's dying for a pillbox hat!

There are still a few days left of Hair Fair 2012.  Each designer is offering a portion of sales at this event to Wigs for Kids so please purchase at the event if you can!

Hair: Bliensen + MaiTai: all styles available at Hair Fair 2012
Jewelry: Bliensen + MaiTai:  Photo 1: Forbidden Fruit
                                               Photo 2: Simplicity Earrings Red
                                               Photo 3: Thetis Earrings
Skin: Belleza: Lilly
Lashes: Maimai: Catwalk Lashes
Clothing: Purple Moon: Sunrise Romper - Pink
Poses: Adorkable

Hair Fair 2012: Analog Dog and more more more!

Admission of Honesty: I've become a huge fan of Analog Dog over the past year, especially since designer, Queue Marlow, added her Point B line (love that name!).  The styles she released for Hair Fair this year are super sophisticated, rich in color and retain the best elements of Queue's unique textures.  You can see them all at Hair Fair 2012.

I must ask Queue about the backstory on the naming of Pornado, the hair shown above.  Not exactly sure how it relates to endless porn images, though I love the style and think it's damn sexy.  It's one of those perfect loose do's that are perfect when you want to play off a bare shirt or for primmy collars. Before I get on to the next style I need to talk clothes for a sec.  At Collabor88 for maybe about another week you can pick up Ingenue's perfectly made peplum top, Mignon.  The shadows, wrinkles and seams are perfect on this mesh garment.  It comes in standard sizes and includes 2 versions of alpha layer.  Often I still prefer regular clothing layers for tight fit shirts but this one is absolutely fabulous.  The [HANDverk] jewelry i've shot in another post but wanted a clearer shot of the gorgeous Hammered Metal set in Silver.  The Silver earrings are a 100% donation at the Hope for Emilia event and every little eansty bit...the string, the beads, the hammered texture is hand done.  Love. 
Issues is my favorite in the new set of releases.  I am in love with this thick braid that can be worn as a sexy and glammy side-set that wraps all around the back and sides and with a touch of the hair the braids fall over your face ala blindfold, which connotes all kinds of yummm.
Ging. Queue was so strangely clever in the name department.  I am going to innocently assume that the name relates to the cantonese equivalent of 'good' but the more curious of you might want to check out it's slang references.  Ging is a lovely classic long style, which is exceptionally wearable.  For those of you that enjoy super long, Queue has included a flexy extension that you can add to the hair.  I love the widow's peak on the hair.  When I was a teenager I used to be so jealous of girls that had one of those and now I get one too!  

There is still time to hit Hair Fair 2010 before it ends.  Visit the official website for information! 

All Hair: Analog Dog: currently at Hair Fair 2012!!  Thank you, Queue!
Shirt: Ingenue: Mignon -Summer Sky: at Collabor88
Skirt: Ingenue: Lana - Slate
Jewelry: Handverk: Hammered Metal Set - Silver.  Earrings are 100% donation at Hope for Emilia
Necklace: Love Soul: Necklace*Water Bag* Neon Tetra: Lucky Chair prize -- OMG
Skin: Glam Affair: Leah - Spring Breeze
Eyes: Glam Affair: Stella V2-14

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Zodiac, a new monthly themed event, opened for the first time yesterday.  One of my favorite stores, [HANDverk] is one of the participants.  Daphne Klossovsky modeled her Leo Claw Pumps after Christian Louboutin's Alex Paw Pumps and I think they are just amazing.  They are completely mesh and Daphne makes ever little bit of them herself.  They come in one color--lion--and are a steal at $L200.  Leo is a fire sign, like mine, Sagittarius, and I've dated more than my share of Leo's in my day. I wonder if someone will make a big horse's behind for my sign; it would be fitting.  [HANDverk] is also involved in the Hope for Emilia event which raises funds for victims of the earthquake in Emilia, Italy.  The Copper Ring and Silver Earrings of the Hammered Metal jewelry items are 100% donation items and Daphne's partner, Tobias Convair, also has a chair available at 100% donation.  

Shoes: [HANDverk] Claw Pump - Leo: available at Zodiac
Jewelry: [HANDverk] Hammered Metal Jewelry: available at Hope for Emilia
Shirt: Kyoot: Prey Bustier: available at Zodiac
Shorts: Miel: Fit Shorts
Hair: LeLutka: Salome: available at Hair Fair 2012
Skin: Glam Affair: Leah - Spring Breeze
Lashes: FlugeIn Brise: Eyelash02 matel

Sunday, July 22, 2012

One Voice Ends Today!

Today marks the last day for the One Voice event.  It closes at 11:59 PM SLT so you have plenty of time to get in a last round.  I popped back in today and it was not overly crowded and I was able to pick up few things that were new since my previous visit.  The event raises funds for Gala Phoenix of Curio,  who is incurring lots of legal costs due to a case of copyright infringement filed in Canadian courts.  The Curio store is Gala's RL source of income and with it being currently removed from the grid, legal costs are just too much to take.  Last weekend the event achieved it's goal of $20,000 US dollars, which will cover about the low end of the costs.  Gala will be updating her blog with a grand total hopefully on Monday.  Some stores may continue to sell their items as a fundraiser in their store after the event but I don't have all that info yet, so I will update this post when I know.  If you want to contribute directly to the Gala Phoenix Legal Fund check out this site.  This is not just about Gala, this is about someone taking your work, calling it your own and then taking further vengeance in the courts of law.  It is the nightmare of every original content creator and the money does not even begin to address the emotional toll this places on designers.  Ask any designer who has had it happen and they will undoubtedly share feelings of hopelessness, rage and victimization.
The fun thing about the event vs. paying a website is you get pretty stuff in return!  One of my favorite pieces is a new release from Indrya Originals and at the One-Voice event you can get the Celeste mesh dress in blush with 50% of the proceeds donated to Gala.  The same goes for the delish Coquette Noir Kelsi pumps in Starfish color.  It's also available at the main store in a variety of colors but not as a donation item.  Several other new releases from Indrya Originals are also at One Voice.

Hair Fair 2012 is the other go-to event of the moment, running through July 29th.  Go to this link for slurls and lots of information.  This event has always been a fundraiser and has chosen Wigs for Kids as it's charity for several years going.  Ichigo from Wasabi Pills is a brilliant, chic updo that includes matching hairbases and a HUD so that you can customize the headband. I've got lots more to show you from Hair Fair in the coming week so see you soon!

Dress: Indrya Originals: Celeste - Blush: this color available at One Voice with 50% donation to Gala.
Shoes: Indrya Origials: Kelsey - Starfish: this color available at One Voice with 50% donation to Gala
Jewelry: Indrya Originals:  Sylph earrings and bangles
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Ichigo @ Hair Fair 2012
Skin: Curio: Uptown
Bag: Fishy Strawberry: Barcelona Bag
Poses: Adorkable: Handbag: One Voice Exclusive - hurry!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wasabi makes me so Happy!

I am a huge, huge fan of Wasabi Pills.  I sing it's praises to most of my friends and MissAllSunday Lemon did a fantastic job on her new releases for Hair Fair.  There are four total and I am showing 2 this time, with summer and SL being so nuts lately, it's about all I have time to do at once.  I'm gonna have to buckle down and do a few huge hair fair posts because there is just so much awesomeness to show.

MissAllSunday does lovely things with braids and I love the Brigitte style.  It has an elevated tease effect in back that gives it a shin-diggy 60's look that I cannot wait to put together with the soon to come Vintage Fair looks.  Schadenfruede's Color Field dress, that debuted at Colloabor88 last month, is available both at One Voice and at the main store.  Allegory Malaprop, who is Schadenfreude, is nothing short of genius in my eyes.  Always has been.  What the squee is about here is that Allegory is already working with a mesh deformer which basically is supposed to make mesh conform to each avatar's individual shape.  Most mesh clothes currently are based on a Standard Sizing system with is a very smart workaround for mesh challenges (w/o the deformer mesh only conforms to certain parts of our shapes) but some folks do not want to make adaptations to their shape to fit mesh.  I know I've made several versions of my shape to fit mesh because even with the changes I made for standard sizing all clothes don't fit. So big props to Allegory for doing some groundbreaking work!  The dress does come in standard sizes and a child's size as well as a deformer version for both men and women (hurray for cross-dressing!).  In both photos I am wearing [HANDverk]'s Coral Medallion Necklace which is available this month at FaMESHed.  You can also purchase earrings and a smaller pendant necklace and it comes in lots of yummy colors.
The Zoey hair from Wasabi is a cute middle-part pigtail with a hippie-ish headband.  A hud is included so that you can change the band and bead textures.   The dress here is the Color Field dress in a Mondrian print.  It was available at last month's Collabor88.  I checked the main store and I did not see these out, so they may have been exclusive or Allegory has not put them out yet.  I dunno.  I just know I respect the hell out of all three designers: MissAllSunday Lemon of Wasabi Pills, Allegory Malaprop of Schadenfreude, and Daphne Klossovky; their work is intelligent, original and I can trust that the craftsmanship will be tip-top.

Hair Fair, of course, is a charity event where a portion of the proceeds benefits Wigs for Kids.  One Voice is a fundraiser for one of our own, Gala Phoenix, to offset legal costs for an unjust copyright claim made against her brand, Curio.  Please consider a revisit as many designers have put out new items!

Hair: Wasabi Pills: Brigitte and Zoey: available only at Hair Fair 2012
Dresses: Schadenfreude: Phoenix FireField Dress: available at One Voice and the main store.
                                        Mondrian Color Field Dress: was at June Collabor88
Jewelry: [HANDverk]: Coral Medallion Necklace: available at FaMESHed
Skin: Belleza: Lily V2 Med: Group Gift - a gorgeous skin... may still be available at the store
Poses: WetCat: from the Runway set available at One Voice: this is a great pose set! 

Monday, July 16, 2012


A quick post for now as my son chose the very moment I sat down in front of the computer to beg me to take him to the movies.  As we have been holed up in our thankfully air-conditioned home in this ungodly heat, I will willingly one sanctuary for another from the swelter.  

This is the last round of Stumblebum.  I've always enjoyed the event and look forward to what the current operators, Tyr Rozenblum and Ivy Graves, cook up next. I like that name...Stumblebum.  I also have huge love for [HANDverk], that I learned about at Culture Shock.  [HANDverk] joined Stumblebum and I will miss seeing what they offer for the event but thankfully they are also involved with FaMESHed.  Daphne Klossovsky and Tobias Convair make a brilliant team and seem to have this mesh thing down to a science.  Each new release is unique and artful. The new Loxodromic jewelry set is offered at 25% less than it's normal price for the course of this round, which runs through the 28th of July.  The set is offered in 5 different band colors and is unrigged mesh so you can edit the fit.  PLEASE NOTE: The Landmark to the [HANDverk] store is INCORRECT in the Stumblebum list.  I will provide the correct one in credits.
Toki-doki is also participating in the final Stumblebum round and is offering this fab mesh tank.  It comes in standard sizes and has a stunning back detail that sets it apart from others.  I wore it one size up from my usual size because I like the shirt a bit off my body.  I could do that without the alpha messing with my look (poorly fitting alphas make me insane).

I also want to show you some more items from two events that are near and dear to my heart: Hair Fair and One Voice.  Hair Fair is one of my favorite events each year and I'm like a kid at Christmas.  I fell in love with !Ohmai's new hair releases and think the "messy" version of Myer is simply brilliant.  The hairpiece also comes in a clean version but I have to be real and say that I rarely am put together like a prima ballerina and I love the whispies.  The hair-bases for this style have a sparkly effect to it and all the names have a cosmic theme which suits.  I will show more styles later.  One Voice continues to go strong and the skin and pants I am wearing both come from that event. AV!SAGE's Jayda skin is brilliant and I particularly love the strong brow and the perfectly placed mole.  The sari pants from One Bad Pixel come in 4 gorgeous jewel textures and have a perfectly, I mean perfectly, wrinkled effect so much like real silk.  Both these events are charity events, with Hair Fair benefiting Wigs for Kids and One Voice proceeds going directly to our dear Gala Phoenix for her legal defense fund.  I've detailed this several times so won't belabor it again.  I'm off to eat popcorn and hopefully avoid some horrible summer blockbuster!

Jewelry: [HANDverk]: Loxodromic set: each piece can be purchased separately at 25% off the normal price.  This is the correct landmark.
Top: Toki-doki: Mari top: available in many colors
Hair: !Ohmai: Myer: available at Hair Fair 2012
Skin: AV!SAGE: Jayda skin for One Voice
Pants: 1bp: Sari Pants - green for One Voice

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Boy of Summer

I love pretty boy hair.  I love it when I want a look that is completely at ease.  One of SL's most popular events, Hair Fair 2012, opened it's gates today and I fell hard for [INK]'s new Yoke style.  The designer, nontroppo torii, very wisely made this hair with cross-dressers and men that love to style by making the sideburn tattoo separate from the hair base.  It's one of my favorite items I picked up yesterday at at walkthrough and am tempted return once the sims are not full.  Regarding events, One Voice has been extended through the 22nd of July.  I will mention the charity aspects of the events at the end of the post (I can get a bit tangential).  I bought a lot at this event including the mesh shorts and shirt and the skin I am wearing at One Voice.

Boom has a great little cropped baseball tee at One Voice. The item is mesh and comes in standard sizing.  I went up a size from my usual because I liked a baggy look.  It comes in two black/red and 2 black/white versions.  The adorable black leather shorts from Toki-doki also come in standard sizes and fit perfectly.
I think I might have been the very first person to purchase LAQ's special version of the Elena skin at One Voice.  I busied myself with other shopping while Mallory Cowen was setting up but as soon as she left, my bff, Whisper Despres, and I ran over to her display and demo'ed the skin.  I only demoed in an attempt to be prudent but it was basically an insta-buy.  The skin is a completely natural look and I've not added anything but lashes and LAQ freckles for this shot.  The brows are dark, so if you prefer super light brows you might want to think otherwise; otherwise its the pure, creamy look I love from LAQ.  

OK, now...what's up with these events.  Most blog readers are already in the know but I feel it's my blogger responsibility to talk about the purpose of both events.  Hair Fair IS a charity event and has chosen Wigs for Kids for it's charity for many years now.  Each designer is responsible for at least 3 new releases and 15% at the minimum must go towards the charity.  I saw many designers who donated more than the minimum.  There are 4 sims of fantastic hair.  The Hair Fair blog has slurls to all locations as well as tips to make your trip enjoyable.  My hat goes off to the Committee for creating such an elegant but simple build.  I love being able to just run through the phantom walls! A round of applause to Mel Vanbeek for all his efforts with scripting and invisible shoppers to keep the lag bearable.  At all landing points, there is a map...touch it and you will receive a folder with landmarks to all the stores. I found that once I arrived at a sim I could tp around using my map.  There is also a free low-lag outfit at all landing points, graciously provided by DCNY and Exile.  If you want to demo hair ahead of time, please join the Hair Fair Demo group, for free demos from all the designers (some are not free at the event).

The One Voice event is probably one of the kindest and most worthwhile events I've seen in all my years in SL.  Many designers are offering items where at least 50% of the sales go directly to Gala Phoenix of Curio, to help cover legal costs resulting from an unfair copyright claim by another person who sells skins.  I've wrote a lot about it on the Free*Style blog, including links to other blog articles that contain both facts and castle intrigue so I am not going to belabor that here.  Many designers have also set up their One Voice item at their store and there is a complete list at Salome Says, which wins my vote for bravery and devotion to the cause.  What has happened with Gala scares me right out of my pants on so many levels, from the very actions and decisions made by of Linden Labs to how this has affected the real life income of a very popular SL designer.  

Shop wisely and selflessly! 

Hair Fair: [INK] - Yoke - Amber
     Boom: Twenty-Three Tee
     Toki-Doki: coroco shorts (black leather)
     LAQ: Elena - Natural Edition (milk)
Prop: Diesel Works: Baseball Bat: free prop
Eyes: IKON: Sunrise Eyes

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Diva for a Day

Big mea culpa first.  Summer has just been crazy in RL and I most of my SL time has been wrapped up in non-blogging projects and trying to pay a bit of attention to my inventory. I have been covering back-to-back events and my inventory is large to the point that it causes me to be lagged and crashy.  I did not accomplish as much as I had hoped with that but sometimes you just have to suck it up for a good cause.  Participating in the One Voice event is a huge honor for me.  I am a Curio fan, have many of Gala Phoenix's skins, but I am a strong supporter of original content creators and want to show my solidarity with others in the SL community that are of like mind.  There are a lot of posts about One Voice and I did a pretty thorough write up on it on Free*Style, so I won't repeat it here, except to say that the One Voice event consists of a whole bunch of fantastic designers offering items where 50 to 100% of the proceeds directly go to Gala Phoenix of Curio to cover unfair legal fees she is racking up due to an dispute with Hush Skins.  The F*S post contains links to other write up's too, so I would suggest reading that for more info.
I just downloaded the latest Firestorm viewer and I am not really thrilled with my photo quality so forgive me while I that.  It just makes it more evident to me that I must get a new computer soon.  But on to stuff!  Most of the items I am showing are available at One Voice.  The gold mesh corset from Blacklace is super sexy and lush and includes lace undies for a complete boudoir look.  The Aster jewelry from {me.} includes a hud that individual changes the color of the stone and the metal parts of the object.  The necklace is available in several lengths and it really nice as a strong yet lacy addition to your jewelry collection.  I recently cleaned out a lot of jewelry and found that I was missing strong metal pieces and this fits the bill!  Exile is offering a glamourous up-do called Break Away.  I love the big up-do aspect for glammy or retro looks.  N-Core is offering several special versions of shoes. The One Voice edition of Shark 2 could cause some serious pain in a throw down or when you want to be subtly domineering.  I love a hint of that at times.
The backdrop for my photos is a fantastic set from CIRCA.  The 10 piece Hollywood Diva set contains tons of bells and whistles.  Each element can be rezzed separately for those that need to watch their prims or want to add their own accents.  The director's style chair has 12 animations and includes add on's like lipstick, phones, and brushes so you can really get into the scene.  This set is just the beginning as more props will be added soon making it a must have for any aspiring diva!  You can get it the remainder of today at The Designer Warehouse and also at CIRCA's main store!

The items from Blacklace, Exile, me and N-core can be purchased at the One Voice event.  A percentage of proceeds go directly to Gala Phoenix so shop hard!
Skin: Curio: Uptown -- Looking forward to your return!
Makeup: Adore & Abhor: Shreveport Lips Fuchsia: from the Bare Bones Lips set for Fifty Linden Friday this week!
Hollywood Diva Set: CIRCA <3