Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sneak Peek: Fantasy Gacha Carnival

The second round of The Fantasy Gacha Carnival begins on October 1st.  There will be over 80 different gacha machines and most of the items are items perfect for role play.  I spent a lot of time playing Junbug's lovely The Queen Set  (14 items) which was L$ 75 per play.  All the pieces are original mesh content and spectacular.  Tomorrow, something skimpy!

Gown: Junbug: The Queen Gown - Night (Rare) includes all Standard Sizes - available beginning October 1 at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Collar: Junbug: The Queen's Ruff Collar - Rosey (Common) - resizable - available beginning October 1 at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Parasol: Junbug: The Queen's Parasol (Ultra Rare) - available beginning October 1 at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Hair: D!va: Giz - Type A Cat's Eye: available at The Arcade through 9/30
Skin: Belleza: Delany

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fly Girl

Oh joy and happiness!  Plurabelle Laszlo of Bliensen + MaiTai has hit it out of the ballpark with her adorable releases for A Clockwork Spiral, a steampunk themed event that ends today! Run and get these things! The event is a charity event for the National Kidney Foundation. Designers offer select items with a percentage going for the charity. The items may be sold at the designer's mainstore and Marketplace at their discretion. The hair and shoes I am wearing are both from Bliensen + MaiTai.  The adorable, must-have shoes are made for Slink's medium feet and come in many colors. The brown's are a 50% donation to the charity.
The clothes and jewelry I am wearing are from the My Attic event that just started it's Flowers in My Attic round. This round runs until September 30 and every item is only $L 95.  There are some incredible selections this round and I pretty much bought it out.  Ironically, besides the cute ring from Epoque nothing I am wearing in these shots has flowers!  I loved Emery's Safari Shirt and Striped Skirt. They are both impeccably made and the shirt comes in both a tucked in and longer version.  I really appreciate those kinds of features and play a big influence in my purchasing decisions.  The peplum from Tee*fy is an older Collabor88 item and I've used it over and over again with several looks.  My Kaelyn skin is from Izzie's and was for last month's Collabor88.  Izzie Button included Slink skin applier's with the skin and I was all over that like a fly on stink!  I shop a lot and I've learned to be smart about it...because I hate tinting for all the various windlights.

Hair: Bliensen + MaiTai: Diesel Hair - Aeronaut Carmel, bases included - available the rest of the day at A Clockwork Spiral and then at the mainstore
Shoes: Bliensen + MaiTai: Avaitrice: Shoes for Slink Med. feet - Brown are 50% donation to National Kidney Association - available the rest of the day at A Clockwork Spiral and then at the mainstore
Skin: Izzie's: Kaelyn 20's skin - Fire Lips
Shirt: Emery: Safari Shirt - Norbert Black: available at My Attic through September 30
Skirt: Emery: Striped Skirt - Ludwig Cake: available at My Attic through September 30
Peplum: Tee*fy:  Thick Peplum Belt Add-on - Black
Ring: Epoque: Metal Petal Ring: Gold / Obsidion: available at My Attic through September 30
Airplane: Lindy Premium Airplane: SL Premium member gift (yes, it flies)
Shed and Ely Roadside Star: POST
Trees: Deco

Friday, September 20, 2013

Girl Friday

One of my all time favorite looks is the ingenue look from around the 1950s.  That was before my time but I used to love those old romance movies where the new to the big city girl is "seduced" by some more sophisticated man.  Now I sneer at the sexism of those films but I recall daydreaming about moving to a large city and living at the Barbizon Hotel. It's still one of my favorite looks to put together in SL though mesh layers aren't always cooperative with that (thank god for those times when a larger size coat works!).  Tomorrow I might be wearing a phatazz, but today you can call me Miss Priss.

Coat: ISON: Oversized Wool Coat: currently at Collabor88
Dress: Baby Monkey: Pilar: HUD driven color change: New group gift
Shoes: GOS: Peeptoe Pumps - Black Satin
Purse: The Secret Store: Girly Briefcase - Cherry (not mesh but still ridiculously cute)
Necklace: HANDverk: Mucha Necklace - Silver
Hair: LeLutka: Dulcina - Praline
Skin: Glam Affair: Katya - Europa 03
Lips: Pink Fuel: Elly Glam Lipstick - Vamp

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DU, too!

Comp is giving me fits today but nonetheless I must carry on!  More cuteness from Designers United.  The dress is from B.C.C., called Jewelry Raindrop dress so of course I had to get blue. It comes with these little raindrops that you can attach to your avatar for added effect but raindrops and pose chairs don't go together very well.  The pose chair is a collab between Marukin and NYU and is all adjustable and stuff.
So today, I ended up at the Courtier's Docks because I had to get this adorable hair piece from Black Liquid.  It is a limited Edition and I think it's nearly half sold out so hurry if you need it.  It does not include a hair base and it's one tough black to match. The designer gives you a LM to Paper Couture because she has a matching hair base but I knew I had one in my inventory and get tired of rebuying things because I can't find what I need.  However, I did go to Paper Couture and lo and behold there were new items!  I had to get the Pearl and Silver Collar, in all it's delicate loveliness.  Oh and, I did find a hairbase and it's a really good match: It's Miamai Hairbase Style C_Black 3. I needed the middle part and nothing else would do.

Dress: B.C.C.: Jewelry Raindrops Dress - sky: available at Designers United
Necklace: Paper Couture: Pearl & Silver Collar
Shoes: Schadenfreude: Casinelle -always get the fat pack!: Aug Collab and let's hope in the elephant
Stockings: Izzie's: Cat Tights
Hair: blackLiquid: Chen: limited edition at Courtier's Docks
Hairbase: Miamai: Style C_Black 3
Skin: Belleza: Aiko
Pose Prop: Marukin: automatism posing stool: available at Designers United

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

DU! No, U!

This is how I feel when there is a Designer's United event!  Honestly, I adore this event and I have waited YEARS for it to return.  A fashionista's dream it is...highly skilled designers creating exclusive one-of-a-kind items that I treasure forever in my own special overflowing SL museum called Inventory.  This is why I can't leave SL.  Think what could happen!  The theme of the event this time is Surrealism so don't be looking for basic tube dresses here...they will not be found. Many Lindens were spread among many designers today and they deserve it because the one sad thing about exclusive is that; they can't ever sell the items again.  Today I am wearing So Many Styles Son of Man Coat, which I adore for it's tweedy vintage coat ala housedress style. Was so hard to limit myself to one!  The freakishly amazing and yet really cool shoes are from HANDverk, who really didn't need to have a theme to make weird things because that is what Daphne Klossvsky is..strange and how I love her for it. Oh also, the shoes can be purchased as a Slink med feet add-on or regular Linden feetage types.  I am wearing the regular shoes because Appy needs to come back and make all her socks for mesh feets.
Also, joy upon joy, Glam Affair released a new group gift today.  I wear GA skins almost exclusively and well the new Angelica with bright happy eyes was like so perfect for this outfit it defies belief.  I know!

Skin: Glam Affair: Angelica - Europa Group Gift: 30 L join fee a bargain, too!
Hair: Truth: Hailey
Lashes: dfo!: faux Twiggy lashes
Jacket: So Many Styles: Son of Man Coat - Pink: exclusively at Designers United
Skirt: Maitreya: Mini Skirt - Vivid Leather Minsk
Purse: Boom: Studio Bag - Black - available at Collabor88
Socks: Pig: Knee Socks mit Suspenders - Coral
Shoes: HANDverk: Magritte Pumps - teal and lime: exclusively at Designers United
Pose: dfo!: Escape: exclusively at Designers United - a totally awesome pose set!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Yer not much if you aren't Dutch

Honestly, I don't agree with the statement but I live in a city that is heavily populated by Dutch and it's something we jokingly say here.

Hair: Wasabi Pills: Akiko - Golden: new release at The Season's Story
Skin: Glam Affair: Candy04: new release at The Arcade
Cape: Milk Motion: Wool Cape - Navy: new release at Collabor88
Pants: Schadenfreude: Tweed Fanceh Pants: new release at Collabor88
Shirt: Pig: Plain Olivia - Olive
Socks: Pig: Socks mit Suspenders - Mint
Clogs: Handverk: Klompen: new release at The Arcade (gacha)
Bike: What Next

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bring on the Cool Air!

I live in Michigan, which is basically a sweaty, miserable swamp in the summer.  Today we finally hit the coolest day since early June and I am so relieved.  It put me totally in the mood for League's Etta Knit dress which is being featured at September's Collabor88.  It's so nice to see Nena Janus making some new clothes as she has such a lovely way with color...and I love heathers.  The belt is color changeable via hud and perfectly accented Ingenue's new Delia Heels, also new at this month's Collabor88.  I've never been one to minimize my love of anything that Betty Doyle of Ingenue does.  Her work is always impeccable and intricately crafted.  It is because of Betty that I finally broke down and bought Slink feet (I can be so old skool I swear).  Now my hunt is for skin appliers :)
Izzie Button installed a new gacha at her store in just the past week and I have played it to get various colors of these cute camera necklaces.  They are mesh and a song at only 40 L per play.  Auxiliary's Purrfect Headband from The Arcade works so matchy matchy with the dress and works nicely with Wasabi Pill's
Melissa Hair, also at Arcade.

I'm almost ready to shut up. I hit The Season's Story last night and was overwhelmed by the items for sale there.  u.f.o. has an two adorable gachas and I had to play until I got the adorable camera in the first shot. The poses I'm using are from Model Poses and they are sooo cute.  Each set is only 60 L each and includes both the individual poses plus a hud and loaded pose stand, which I thought was super thoughtful!

Dress: League: Etta Dress - Old Lavender: available at Collabor88
Shoes: Ingenue: Delia Heels (Slink Med add-ons) - Lake: available at Collabor88
Necklace: Izzie's: Camera Necklace - Pink Gold: 40 L/play
Headband: Auxiliary: Purrfect Headband - Purple: available at The Arcade
Camera: u.f.o.: pori poloroid camera - pink: gacha at The Season's Story
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Melissa - Rye (rare): available at The Arcade
Skin: Glam Affair: Europa Amberly Frostbite 02: from March Collabor88
Poses: Model Poses: Marcia: available at The Season's Story

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Elephant in the Room

We've all experienced it. Now you can have your very own Elephant for your room.  Daphne Klossovky from HANDverk created these adorable elephants for The Liaison Collaborative in Summer and she is releasing them in a bunch of new colors so there is no excuse to ignore them anymore.  HANDverk VIP group members can pick up an elephant in red, blue and jade for 50% off on Thursday, September 12.  They come in 2 sizes but they are modifiable so if you want to size one say...elephant sized...and stick it in our living room, you can.  The white one on the left is a new subscriber gift and is a must-have at any yard sale.

Tables: .Shi: High Stools
Elephants: HANDverk: White - Subscriber gift
                                    Red, Blue, Jade - 50% off Flash sale for group members 9/12/13 only
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Akiko - Gingerbread: new release available @ The Season's Story
Skin: Glam Affair: Candy 04 - available at The Arcade
Dress: Tee*fy: Aurora Nightdress - Passion - available @ The Arcade
Stockings: Izzie's: Cat Tights (Slink Appliers included!)
Shoes: HANDverk: Clogs - Dorothy Rare - available @ The Arcade

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Men's Department Stuff: Not just for the guys

Hi everyone! I'm back. I have missed blogging so much. RL continues to be hectic but my son is getting treatment and overall is doing much better. I had reached a point where I was blogging so much (event upon event) that something just had to go for awhile...and it ended up being my personal blog.  But I've missed it and the blogging community and it's time to do something that is me.

I'm not a huge girly girl unless I'm having an occasional pink explosion.  That being said, I love The Men's Department, a monthly event coordinated by Mikel Monk.  Mikel has put together a showcase of high quality items that includes both avatar and decor items.  All the designers do original work and the prices are never more than L$ 300.  It;s the perfect place to familiarize oneself with some of the best creators that design with men in mind and fills a huge gap for the guys.

I am totally digging the boots from Trauermarsch boots from Deadwool. The set includes both rigged and unrigged versions and the rigged come in two sizes as well as 3 styles so they can adapt to different pant styles.  This is so thoughtful as it is endlessly annoying when meshes don't play nice with each other. Bauwerk has 3 amazing arcade machines out.  I adore the Second Life one and it comes with 9 unique poses, all of which are easily adjustable. Eleventh hour made some really interesting Tube Beer Tap that dispenses a beer or a cup for your cold one when you touch the tap. Second Spaces did great Ezra pieces that includes the table shown (resized for my purposes) and a cigar set that includes an ashtray and rotary dispenser. Nicely detailed decor items to add masculine touches to your home.
My shots were actually inspired by LeLutka's new Seiko hair that is a messy androgynous style that I adore. My clothes are not new but in my opinion Coco's mesh denim shorts are the best I've seen on the grid and I wear them all the time. OK, time for me to shut up and roll the credits. It took me a lot of time to muster up the courage to blog again and I'm so glad  I finally did it. See you soon!

Items currently available exclusively at The Men's Department :
Arcade Machine: Bauwerk: SL
Second Spaces: Ezra Table and Ashtray - sold separately
Beer Tap: Eleventh Hour: Weissbier version
Boots: Deadwool: Trauermarsch boots: - blue

Hair: LeLutka: Seiko -fades: new release
Skin: Glam Affair: Katya: Europa 03 - at Collabor88 for a few more seconds - maybe
Sweater: Coco: Cropped Sweater & Shirt
Shorts: Coco: Denim Shorts - Dark Blue
Stockings: Meil: Lo Socks
Flowers: Apple Fall: Poppies / Glazed Vase - available at The Arcade