Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hair Fair 2014: Ison

I could not stop blogging Hair Fair 2014 until I showed off the ISON hair.  Anyone that knows me in SL knows of my love for ISON, for its uber clean lines and lack of pretension as well as a sexy edginess that is never in your face.  I do not know who Harry Hyx of ISON uses as his muse but I want to be that woman. I think I look like good old Madge, especially when wearing another of Glam Affair's Kallisto skins from Romp and Ison's newest release, Little Black Dress, which comes in more than black. The lines, the ribbing, the structure; this dress is a work of art.

Hair: Ison (left to right): Bee, Ruler, Diamond - at Hair Fair 2014 for a few more hours!!!
Skin: Glam Affair: Kallisto - Artic 01 - available at Romp
Dress: Ison: Little Black Dress: new release

Hair Fair 2014: Wasabi Pills

Today is the last day of Hair Fair 2014 and it's officially Bandanna Day, where we show our solidarity with kids who have lost their hair for traumatic reasons.  Each sim has a shop just with bandannas and there are so many to chose from; my annual ritual is to always get LeLutka's Bandanna.  However, it is also the last day to purchase new hair and also give towards Wigs for Kids, Hair Fair's charity organization.  Also, there are so many hairs packed into 4 sims that if you don't have a hairgasm you just need to relax a bit more and enjoy the pleasure :)

I love Wasabi Pills, have always loved Wasabi Pills and will forever love Wasabi Pills.  Dear MissAllSunday Lemon did not disappoint with her 4 new releases for Hair Fair: Batbara, Midori, Breeze and Nana.  They are perfect and you know you need them!

Hairs: Wasabi Pills for Hair Fair 2014: get them now and a portion of proceeds benefit Wigs for Kids
Dress: House of Fox: Victoria Dress - Plum: now closed, please visit Roane
Skin: Glam Affair: Kallisto - Artic 03: available at Romp
Eyes: IKON: Sunrise Eyes - Bleached Blue

Saturday, July 26, 2014

7.26.2014: Sunny

Hair Fair is ending soon and it was one of my favorite in many years. There were so many new designers! Though not brand new Milk Hair is a relative newcomer to the scene and is quickly becoming a favorite. I am in love with Santana!  It comes in texture huds, which I have become a HUGE fan of as my inventory is downright embarrassing, especially if you open those boxes.  I love the little lift provided by the bouffant in back as well as the pull in the back. It's loose and free and sexy.
Two other favorite events have been Season Story and Romp.  Pixicat is a store that I increasingly look forward to their new releases.  The designs are unique and it is obvious that so much effort was made into their creation.  The Summer Dress comes in texture huds, so it's kind of like a little fat pack, and I adore the braided straps. Glam Affair's Kallisto skins at Romp are downright sexy as are most items at Romp.  We have a lot of events in SL, some of which glorify sexualized body parts but Romp is broader themed event featuring items that help you show your kinky side.

Quick mention, Bliensen & MaiTai, a favorite of mine, has some new items that will be available at The Aloha Fair, which begins on July 28 and runs through August 11.  In addition to cute little rings and shoes she has the most gorgeous set of nails for Slink hands that are definitely worth a trip.

Hair: Milk Hair: Santana : currently available at Hair Fair 2014
Skin: Glam Affair: Kallisto - Artic 03B: currently available at Romp
Dress: Pixicat: Summer Dress: currently available at Seasons Story
Ring: Bliensen + MaiTai: Hanalai Ring - pink: will be a dollarbie at The Aloha Fair, that begins, 7/28
Nails: Bliensen + MaiTai: Lahaina for Slink hands: will be available at The Aloha Fair as well
Pose: exposeur: Sunflower - adorable

Friday, July 25, 2014

You Are Being Watched

One of the things that I love about The Men's Dept., besides the fact I think it is the premier event for male-friendly items, is that it forces me to leave my "pretty" box and play around with more androgynous looks. In RL I am not a particularly girly-girl though my one attempt in college to turn my hair into a mo-hawk resulted in my slick straight hair constantly falling limp on my shaved head.  (it was a wierd time) The current round of The Men's Dept. (TMD) ends on July 31st and it's definitely worth a visit.
Tableau Vivant has released a new unisex hair, Checker, for the event, A6D (After 6 Days), or MixMatch. It is a new concept brought to you by the folks that organized Euphoria's Limited Bazaar. Briefly, the themed event allows you to pick up exclusive, original items for 2 weeks either at the event or sometimes at the designer's main store. May of the items can be purchased at the event for a discount using a discount HUD.
The theme for this round is Chess. The hair includes 2 hairbases, a checker board pattern and another called "pawn", as well as a tintable hairbase.  Happy shopping!

Hair: Tableau Vivant: Checker w. pawn hairbase - available exclusively at A6D
Skin: Glam Affair: Cassia - Pink Rose (artic A)
Eyeshadow: La Malvada Mujer: Smoke on the Water (eyes only): available at The Cosmetic Fair
Brows: Buzz: Talia Eyebrow - light blond: available at The Cosmetic Fair
Hand Tattoo: Paperbag: Hamsa Hand Tattoo (slink applier): available at The Cosmetic Fair
Sweater: Etham: James Cardigan - Black: available at The Men's Dept.
Shorts: Ison Man - Denim Cut-off (teal): available at The Men's Dept.
Necklace: Zibska: Ivar: incl. both M/F versions as well as texture-change HUD w/ resizer: available at The Men's Dept.
Pose - I am sitting on 7 emporium's Cigarette Machine lol

Thursday, July 24, 2014

7.24.14: LOTD

Thou shall not whine about how busy RL is and how the weather is unseasonably cool, i.e. not like living in a swamp, that makes me want to get out the edger and tend to my yard and go to yardsales and rootbeer stands and the old Dairy Queen or fall asleep on the porch swing while reading a book.  Or spend time with my 17-year-old son who in a year will definitely not want to "hang" with his mom.  These are all verboten!

But on the SL side I love "stuff", and there is absolutely no shortage of crazy good work out there right now. I love shopping in SL to the point that often I just buy it and don't get around to opening boxes (which I hate) but instead virtually hold it all close to me and smile, sighing "mine...".  When I actually open the packages I find marvelous things and have great fun styling ol' Eden. It all started with Lelutka's marvelous Francine hair, recently released at Hair Fair 2014, which is loosely swept up and held together with a flower ornament (which is of course texture change).  I about died when I saw *LpD*s precious Serena set at The Chapter 4.  It took me probably 15 minutes to decide which look to get; the texture options are not just easy recolors of the same fabric but each uses strikingly different choices for 3 distinct looks. tea.s' Shark Bait Bag that was featured in June at Summerfest '14 is probably one of my most treasured possessions and I kept it fair and feminine with Glam Affair's Cassia - Pink Rose that was a complete steal last week for 50 Linden Fridays.  Good times!

Hair: Lelutka: Francine - Sweeden: new release for Hair Fair 2014
Outfit: *LpD*: Serena Top & Skirt Pink - Flowers: available at The Chapter 4
Skin: Glam Affair: Cassia - Pink Rose Arctic
Bag: tea.s: Shark Bait Bag - mint
Pose: Le Poppycock: from Afterglow A: available at The Chapter 4

Friday, July 18, 2014

7.18.2014: Getting my Feet Wet

Horrific real world events have nearly broken my heart so when I can tear myself away from the news, I decided to find a peaceful place to go to that I had not visited before.  So I picked Venice, which I assume right now is absolutely jammed packed with tourists.  I would gladly be one of them but I had Venice completely to myself, with clear water to boot!

Truth's latest release for women, Xantheanne, not only has a long name, but has a unique look thanks to the flattering braid in front.  It's long and lovely and maybe a bit mysterious.  Coquet has made the adorable Summer Fun dress for The Theme Park. It is a pretty little one shoulder number and is available in 5 bright colors for a bit of pop.  I jazzed it up a bit with pretty arm bracers from aisling for The Secret Affair.  This great gatcha contains very sparkling adornments with 3 rares, but I must say that even the commons are fantastic and include color change huds for a ton of options.

Be well <3

Hair: Truth: Xantheanne - New Release
Skin: Glam Affair: Casia - America 07 (w/ freckles
Dress: Coquet: Summer Fun Dress - Ocean: available @ The Theme Park
Arm Bracers: aisling: Tallulah Arm Bracers: available @ The Secret Affair
Pose: NanTra: from It's A Mod, Mod World set

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hair Fair 2014: !Ohmai

There is something about Anya Ohmai: she is magical. Her sister, Suetabulous, has the same trait and there is something about both of them that can touch the sweet spot in my often bitter SL heart.  I don't mean the term in the occult sense but this way:

mag·i·cal (majikÉ™l) - beautiful or delightful in such a way as to seem removed from everyday life. Synonyms: extraordinary, remarkable, exceptional, outstanding, incredible, phenomenal, unbelievable, amazing, astonishing, astounding, stunning, staggering, marvelous, magnificent, wonderful, sensational, breathtaking, miraculous.

That Anya has remarkable talent is obvious. But she has something beyond that. She creates objects that are innocent, sweet, funny and cute in a way that never panders.  Her 5 new hairstyles she has introduced at Hair Fair 2014 has taken her work to a whole new level.  She has gone a bit cuckoo :)
Birds are a predominant theme for all of !Ohmai's new releases.  Each one includes 2 versions: normal (but still freaking adorable) and another with at least one "tweeter companion" and is available in 6 color HUDs. The HUD also allows you to interchange between 14 colors for your "pet".  If the hair has a hat or band you can also change the colors of those with the HUD
I don't know what I was thinking sticking myself directly in front of Cory Edo's precious Rivershire Waterwheel cottage (probably how little sleep I've been getting), but I hope you will forgive my momentary lapse of perspective.  I've paired the hair with equally precious newer releases from around the grid.  If all this sweetness had calories I would break my office chair.
In order to help you in being fully prepared to immerse yourself in hair, the official Hair Fair 2014 blog has an updated post on how to easily navigate the event.  Previous posts on the blog include a list of stores by sim, a link to the inworld demo group and information about their charity partner, Wigs for Kids.
Thank you again, Anya, for making such lovely things!  They even make me smile :)

Photo 1
Hair: !Ohmai: Sopha: new release at Hair Fair 2014
Dress: M.birdie: Mari - Leaves - probably one of the most adorable dresses I've seen lately.  I used to LOVE one-pieces back in the day and so happy to see some again in mesh!
Photo 2
Hair: !Ohmai: Callia ("no friends" version): new release at Hair Fair 2014
Shirt: NuDoLu: Blouse romantique - Blanc maya : available at The Seasons Story
Skirt: NuDoLu: Jupe mignone ForgetMeNot : available at The Seasons Story
Photo 3:
Hair: !Ohmai: Newreem : new release at Hair Fair 2014
Shirt: M.birdie: _so_cool_T_Duck
Shorts: ::{u.f.o}:: Simple Cotton Shorts - red (June Collabor88)
Shoes: Milk Motion: Double Strapped Sandals - Pink Leather - available at The Men's Dept.
Photo 4:
Hair: !Ohmai: Sue (with nest): new release at Hair Fair 2014
Shirt: Apple May Designs:  BlueBell Top - Vintage
Skirt: Tee*fy: Marley Skirt - Spring (June Collabor88)
Photo 5:
Hair: !Ohmai: Eli: new release at Hair Fair 2014
Dress: ::{u.f.o}:: Say Something - denim check : available at The Seasons Story
Necklace: Mandala: Sagarmatha - Gold
In All Photos:
Skin: Glam Affair: Cassia - Arctic 06 (various brow versions) + Arctic appliers
Eyes: IKON: Sunrise Eyes - bleached blue
Hands/Feet: Slink
Poses: flowey: from the Raw Nostalgia set
House: Trompe Loeil: Rivershire Waterwheel: currently available at Collabo88
Pygmy Goats: Half-Deer:  Itty-Bitty Pygmy Goats (rez versions): Gacha @ The Season's Story
Tree Groupings: Studio Skye: Enchanted Woods v2 - 3 (trees)
Birch Tree: Deco
Grass: (iTuTu): Flowers&Plants-little white balls - ancient (may no longer be available)
Mailbox: Happy Mood

7/15/2014: RFL: Fiction for a Cure

Hi all! I wanted to alert you to a new and different event in SL.  Fiction for a Cure is a unique fundraiser that Benefits Relay for Life in SL.  The Relay for Life movement, which is 4 million people and 20+ countries strong, raises funds for and promotes awareness of cancer and it's effects worldwide. The Second Life holds many events throughout each year, like Fashion for Life, Home & Garden Expo, Fantasy Faire, etc. and now includes this new event.

This is not your typical shopping event. Instead of the usual product-based event, we are offering for auction real world items in the form of books, all autographed or autographed/personalized by the authors.  Many of the books are limited edition or rare, and our donation authors are among some of the beloved of authors of today.  You will find among them award-winners, New York Times Bestsellers and international bestsellers. Our list includes Diana Gabaldon, Dana Stabenow, Kevin J. Anderson, Patrick Rothfuss, Claudia Christian, Michael A. Stackpole, Stephen R. Donaldson, the late Aaron Allston, and many more.

Other features of the event include:

- a writing class, taught by the award-winning novelist, editor, graphic novelist, screen-writer, podcaster, game designer, computer game designer, comics writer, and long-time Second Life resident Michael A. Stackpole.

-an intellectual property rights presentation written by Kat Alderson, and presented by Kat and Mike.

- readings

The event also offers a raffle with the opportunity to win a variety of packages, all of which are comprised of store credit or gift cards to a wide variety of recognizable SL merchants including: Exile hair, Pretense Poses, Exposuer Poses, Alouette, Park Place Home Decor, and Roawenwood, plus many more.  Each and every raffle ticket purchase will be rewarded with L$250 in store credit to Clutter for Builders.

To visit Fiction for a Cure teleport to the American Cancer Society region in SL.  To read more about the event and how you can participate visit the official Fiction for a Cure website!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hair Fair 2014: Damselfly

Hair Fair 2014 is here!  4 sims of wonderful hair, 100's of them by new designers, runs until the 27th of July.
As in previous years Hair Fair 2014 is a charity event and all purchases give at least 15% of it's proceeds to Wigs for Kids,  has been providing Hair Replacement Systems and support for children who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, burns and other medical issues at no cost to children or their families for over 30 years. If you look around you will see some styles that have an even larger donation amount, some even at 100%.
The official Hair Fair blog can give you all the information you need regarding the fair.  The Hair Fair committee has done a brilliant job in creating a shopping environment that is as lag-free as possible. However, you are encouraged to strip down or even wear a full size alpha to hide your avatar. Thankfully, there is also the Hair Fair Demo Group so you can pick the styles that you must have and find their slurls on the Hair Fair blog.  There are also little "busses" you can rez and use to ambulate your way around the fair. These are located throughout the venue.
So let's talk about the hair already!  I am featuring the 3 new releases for women from Damselfy.  I must admit I have recently become quite a fan of Damselfly after seeing a gorgeous style on my friend, Kat Alderson.  The textures are superb and the hair is so realistic looking. There are a multitude of textures at 125 and are contained within a HUD so that you don't have to have a billion hairs in your inventory.

Photo 1:
Hair: Damselfly: Praise - Color 106 from the Mixed + Faded HUD: available at Hair Fair 2014 on the Noirette sim.
Dress: coldLogic: Ayres - Blush: coldLogic's 50 % off sale has been extended until Monday, July 14 due to the horrible server issues that affected the vendors of so many designers! so GO
Bangle: ISON: Safari Tribe Bracelet - Gold: currently available at Collabor88
Bag: Glam Affair: Business Tote Bag - Candy
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Fauna - for Slink High Feet (removable strap - just chose a new color to restore the strap): HUD contains 32 colors. Group Members get 50% off many new releases during the first week of release.
Skin: Glam Affair: Cassia - Arctic 06: at Summerfest for one more day!
Hands/Feet: Slink: Flat hands / High Feet
Photo 2:
Hair: Damselfly: Tabby - Color 415 from Mixed + Faded HUD: available at Hair Fair 2014 on the Noirette sim.
Shirt: coldLogic: Crane - Celery: SALE SALE SALE
Shorts: coldLogic: Sumner - Soot: SALE SALE SALE
Bag: Zenith: Leather National minority bag - Choco - available in rigged/nonrigged versions. Includes HUD to change trim: currently available at Collabor88
Shoes: Baby Monkey - Olwen - for Slink High Feet: HUD contains 32 colors. Group Members get 50% off many new releases during the first week of release.
Skin: Glam Affair: Cassia - Arctic 06: at Summerfest for one more day!
Hands/Feet: Slink: Flat hands / High Feet
Photo 3:
Hair: Damselfly: Eilana - Color 204 from Mixed + Faded HUD, hairbase 106 (included): available at Hair Fair 2014 on the Noirette sim.
Shirt: David Heather: Oen Buttondown - black - PUPPIES!: currently available at The Men's Dept.
Pants: Aphorism: Loaded Slim Jeans (women's version / men's version available, too!): currently available at The Men's Dept.
Shoes: Just Design: Roma - Pink for Women's Slink Bare feet (men's version available, too!) : currently available at The Men's Dept.
Sunglasses: ieQED: Wright Glasses - black : currently available at The Men's Dept.
Skin: Glam Affair: Cassia - Arctic 06: at Summerfest for one more day!
Hands/Feet: Slink: Flat hands / Bare Feet
Poses: marukin: Poppy: currently available at Collabor88.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

07.08.14 Trompe Loeil: Rivershire Waterwheel House - Inside & Out

Cory Edo has created the most adorable new house for July's round of Collabor88.  The Rivershire Waterwheel house is an utterly charming cottage, perfect for tucking into the woods.  The outdoors home comes in 2 sizes as well as versions with/without the waterfall.  It includes the hand painted patio, which includes the small foliage, though I did add more of my own.  See the lovely windows?  They can change from evening to daylight textures with just a click.
The interior is cozy yet includes ample room for decor.  The lower interior features the large main window, which can be be modified like the exterior.  The long afternoon shadows seen above are baked into one of the lighting options.
House includes little nooks and crannies as well as candle-light throughout.
 All the lighting, doors, access, etc can be controlled by the panel at the door.  Most things, too, you can simply touch to change.  The bookshelf is included with the house.
There is a small half-loft on the upper level for a small bed or secret hiding place.

The Rivershire Waterwheel house is exclusively available for a meager L$188 at July's Collabor88 event. There are also chairs in the same theme, which I will describe in details.

Credits: Exterior:
Home: Trompe Loeil: Rivershire Waterwheel house: exclusively available at July Collabor88 - shown in small size w/ waterfall LI 81
All trees: Botanical
Gnome: Mutress: The Jackal Gnome - from The Arcade - June 2014
Mailbox: Happy Mood: Old Post (group gift)
Milk: D-lab
Hollyhocks: Barnesworth Anubis
Rocks: Deco
Barrel Chair: Trompe Loeil: Rivershire Chair - available at July Collabor88.  Pillow is texture change and includes FP maps for you to add your own textures. PG and Couple poses.
Fireplace: Trompe Loeil: Candle Fireplace Plaster With Drape - from previous FaMESHed
Large Lamp: Soy: Gourd Tree: currently available at July The Men's Dept.
Sleigh: Trompe Loeil:  Roanna Sleigh Seat Brown With Blanket - available at July FaMESHed. 31 fabrics and 6 cushions. PG single animations.
Lilies: Post
Rug: BamaLama: Leafy Vine Rug - store is closed :(
Wooden Chair: junk: Old School Tube Chair - available at July The Men's Dept.
Magazine Rack: Hideki: Magazine Shelf - previous Chapt, 4 gacha

Sunday, July 6, 2014

7.6.2014: Deep Thoughts

Hi there!  One of my little projects in SL is being one of the assistants for The Men's Dept.  I am most happy here when I am busy and I spend a lot of time on location at The Men's Dept. on the days leading up to it's opening.  I am so happy to be part of a well run event that features items for men.  Everything here is original content plus discounted from it's normal price.  And lots of designers include items for feminine avatars, which I love!
Set up was kind of slow this month because of it falling during Canada Day and Independence Day...or it felt like that to me and I got a little stir crazy hanging out so that I could be helpful to someone or at least maybe nag somebody.  And I started to feel like this, like the girl with the empty dancecard or the only person on the planet not running around with sparklers.  And had way too much time to brood.
I've been around SL for many years now and I debate off and on whether it's time for me to depart.  I know all of my friends who are also "oldbies" are pretty jaded, too, but many of them continue to log on to create, blog, run events, etc.  Most of them "do" something in SL, though I wonder what keeps us here, complaining about lag and big body parts, while other people eventually move on.
I love Eden, my avatar.  She is my first avatar and has always been my favorite.  With the recent talk of SL "closing down" I wonder what will happen to poor Eden if it does actually happen. Will our avatars be waiting for us like waiting for an event to open or will they finally be free to be themselves? And now, with clothes just starting to get really good!

Photos taken at TMD at junk's lil booth.  The following items I'm wearing are featured at the July round of TMD:
Shirt: TonkTastic: Commando Sweater (for women):  Tonktastic is a new designer for TMD and is offering this fantastic fitted mesh shirt for women.  Each shirt contains a HUD so that you can change shirt textures as well as the patches on the arms.  You can even add a nameplate so that you can add your name or something funny.
Pants: Deadwool: Joad Pants - Desert: These pants were made for men but I am wearing them in the same size as I do mesh item's for women.  They are sublimely made, as is anything that comes from Deadwool.
Shoes: Milk Motion: Double-Strapped Sandals - Marie Lauridsen of Milk is offering these fabulous sandals for both men's and women's Slink Bare feet. You get to chose from 15 different textures, patterns and solids, and they are as comfortable as my RL sandals, ftw.
Bag: Le Primatif: Chameleon Bag: available in both male and female avatar sizes and is also re-sizable; includes 4 versions (rigged/unrigged) and with and w/o bottle.
Furniture: junk: Old School set - tubed chair (PG), bench (PG or A) and Cabinet - sold separately
Hair: Truth: Blythe - New Release!
Skin: Glam Affair: Cassia: Artic - 06 - available at Summerfest