Thursday, May 31, 2012

The FaMESHed are Coming! The FaMESHed are Coming!

Wow! June is just about here which means it's almost summer break and my hopefully-soon-to-be-10th-grader will be officially eating me out of house and home 24/7.  It's also time for a new month of FaMESHed and I want to show you a preview from 2 of my very favorite designers.  FaMESHED made a strong start in May showcasing exclusive works from some of the best mesh creators on the grid.  The month-long event starts at 12:00 am SLT on June 1.

[HANDverk] is again offering a variety of items at the event.  Daphne Klossovsky, one of the talented members of the design team has created the elegant Beaded Leather jewelry set.  I've been watching reruns of The Tudors in my spare time and was bawling over the beheading of poor Anne Boleyn earlier this evening but I was also thinking how amazing she would look in this set.  It's a bit edgier than the jewelry worn during the age of the Reformation but it's spectacular nonetheless.  The sets are available in 5 magnificent colors as well as a gold and silver version of each.

The gorgeous skin I am wearing is from Belleza and is a special edition of the Lily V1 skin.  The skin comes with 10 limited edition makeups that can be purchased separately or in bundled packages.  The skin includes options such as hairbases and cleavage and is available in 4 skin-tones per purchase.  This set will only be available at The Skin Showcase until June 10.
Not to be out-shown is the darling Cory Edo from Trompe Loeil.  I had the pleasure of listening to Cory talk last week at Home Expo 2012 about her SL building career and the explosion of mesh.  She is such a talented creator and she is offering the Godswood Garden at FaMESHed in June.  The garden is contained within a sphere that can be rezzed as an orb or on a stand as I've shown in the smaller photo (I shot it on my work platform and you can see from the size of my photo-stands in the background how large this is).  It weighs in at only 101 prims in total and requires a 34m x 34m parcel.  I bet Anne Boleyn would have liked this, too, to get away from that wretched Henry VIII, who I am really angry with at the moment. It's perfect little woodland getaway and the sphere is scripted to fade in and out of view for easy entry.  Cory thinks of everything!

Credits:   TP to FaMESHed!
Jewelry: [HANDverk]: Beaded Leather set - shown in Lapis Lazuli at FaMESHed
Skin: Belleza: Lily V1 - SE Pale 3 exclusively at the Skin Showcase
Eyes: Glam Affair: Stella Eyes V2 14
Hair: Maitreya: Aisha - Gold Blonde
Garden: Trompe Loeil: Godswood Garden Sphere at FaMESHed

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Home Expo Highlights

Tomorrow is the last day for Home Expo 2012.  I just want to show you some of my favorites from the event. I am going to keep my comments to a minimum and let the credits do most of the explaining.
Barnesworth Anubis Catalina Cabana and Furniture Pack (does not include basket or bonsai) 150 each - 100% donation to RFL
Thistle Coastal Cottage - 142 prims, 17x27 footprint, rezzer, scripted windows and paints
Piddler's Perch Lil Red Wagon Flower Bed - cute!
FD Decor - Mudroom Cabinet
The Pink Room - upper floor - all details in Credits
UrbanizeD Candles &Ivy Mannequin...hundreds of texture change options and poses by Glitterati!
Sway's "Peace" Lawn Chair - many animations incl. guitar
Funky*Junk Deck

For information about Home Expo including maps and store locations please visit the blog.

Photo and Collage 1:
Barnesworth Anubis: Catalina Cabana and Furniture Set
Buddha Beats: Ginko Bonsai
AtiXx Designs: Basket Half Open

Photo 2:
Thistle Homes: Coastal Cottage

Photo 3: Piddler's Perch Lil Red Wagon Flower Bed

Photo 4: FD Decor: Mudroom Cabinet: 100 % donation item.  Also, everything has been permanently discounted by 50% at the expo and the store. 

Collage 2 (left to right)
Artilleri: Elisabeth Chaise - green : 100 % donation item
What Next: Keep Calm Print
What Next: Loungin Chair & a Half : pink/green
fucifino: Verona out on a limb lamp
Urbanize: Garden on a StringA: Candy Pop
Prime: Expo Coffee Table
LeeZu: Studio Ring Table Lamp
Urbanize: Deco Sparkle Paintings - RFL
Dutchie: Old Radio
Thistle: RFL Memories Loveseat

Photo 5:
Urbanize: Candle & Ivy Mannequin -- so many options and the poses by Katey Copolla from Glitterati are fantastic.

Photo 6:
Sway's: Peace Lawn Chair - Guitar included

Photo 7: 
Funky Junk: Summertime Dock: RFL item
Park Place: Chill Out set
Sway's: Vacation Deck Chair and accessories (and then Sway's again!)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Home Expo: Circa

Cherelle Capra of Circa has some adorable items for you at Home Expo 2012.  Home Expo is a charity event for Relay for Life, the fundraising branch of the American Cancer Society.  Circa is offering 2 items for RFL.  One is the starter set of the mini Living Life Greenhouse and it includes the darling greenhouse and a planting shelf with items.  Many of you may also know Cher as the creator of C&D Designs.  She has been around creating great items for years and the brand is transitioning to Circa.  The greenhouse is a perfect size for a garden and is only 24 prims.  Lots of shelving is available for you to add your own plants...or it is soft linked if you want to modify it.  Keep in mind it is not copyable so keep the parts you remove!

Cher was telling me about her new terrariums and I was thinking to myself...yeah, ok...but OMG they are fantastic!  Several versions are available at the Expo.  I am showing three styles here.  Some hang and some stand along bringing individual character to each.  She is so clever!
The Greenhouse Multi-Stand caught my fancy with it's 5 plants on a nice stand.
Circa's other item for RFL is the precious Birth of Venus birdbath in an aqua pearl texture.  It includes the birthbath, the decorative pearls and starfish and the grass swoop with butterfly.  The three main pieces are not linked so you can put out as much or as little as you choose.
I simply could not resist a closup of the water and the adorable seahorses!

Home Expo runs until the evening of May 28 and then it's all over!  [Circa] is located on sim 12. I do not have an exact location of the store but I promise you it is the correct sim! 

A Step Back in Time

Home Expo, which raises funds for RFL, is in it's final weekend.  The event runs through Monday, May 28th and covers 14 amazing sims.  I would love to see this fair run another week but the world doesn't revolve around me.  I am going to hopefully be doing twice daily posts in order to cover some more ground...RL kind of crept up on me this past week, mostly in the form of a wee bit end of the school year drama with my teenage (omg) son.  On expo preview day I spent some time chatting with Kat Alderson from Clutter and I was astounded by her work on the Ruined Courtyard.  This is not a house but indeed a courtyard like a old castle you might see in Europe.  It fits on a 38x30 footprint and it can be rezzed entirely at 157 prims or with individual pieces which include the ivy, seating, grasses and orchids or just the courtyard.  Kat probably doesn't know it but I remember when she had a cute little jewelry store called Cad & Tart, that I adored and I have always thought she was super talented.  

I was charmed by the Chinese Peace Lanterns from Alchemy Immortalis.  Traditionally in Asia, blue lanterns represent immortality and peace, and these were created as a tribute to the legacy of those who lost their battle with cancer as well as the spirit of survivors.  It is super easy to use; you rez the 1 prim blue and white rezzer and in moments the sky is filled with gently floating lanterns that glow with a soft flame.  These have several settings and you can even ride them.  They have been scripted for low lag.  
My darling friend, Skyler John, of Mystic Sky finally got the creative bug and has made a lovely little gown.  The Miranda Ballroom gown comes in 8 rich jewel tones and it includes both knee and floor length skirts.  I love the shorter length as I rarely have an occasion to wear gowns but it's a perfect addition for those that do.  The shorter length would be really nice for a fae.  Skyler includes a matching hair piece but somehow my final photos didn't include it...sorry Skyler, I owe you! 
I died, just died, when I got Wasabi Pills newest release, Anais, which is for the new wave of Zombie Popcorn which started today and ends June 9.  I had to IM MissAllSunday Lemon, Wasabi creator, immediately as I have fallen in love with this hair.  The hair is mesh and is available in all of Wasabi's gorgeous textures.  I've been around SL for a long time and every time I think I am ready for a long break, people create more amazing works and I remain enthralled.  It is a constant visual feast.   I also had the opportunity this week to preview Skin Addiction's Skin Showcase which started yesterday and runs for 2 weeks, until June 10.  Voishe Paine, group creator and the dozens and dozens of designers have showcased what they believe is the best of their brand under one location.  Designers from female, male, petite, fantasy, etc. are all represented.  It is set in a lovely parklike setting with meandering trails. Many designers have also placed out special gifts for members of the Skin Addiction group, which is free to join.  I am wearing a new skin by Leafy, Sapphire, that is available in neutrals as well as 5 fantasy tones.  It is a beautiful pure skin with just the right amount of facial definition to give it true character.  

It's been a busy few weeks in SL and so many talented people are just cranking out amazing work.  Get out and see what you can discover.  Home Expo has a great website that details store locations as well as daily activities.  

Build: Clutter: Ruined Courtyard @ Home Expo (located on sim 8, I promise!)
Lanterns: Alchemy Immortalis: Chinese Peace Lanterns @ Home Expo
Dress: Mystic Sky: Miranda Ballroom Gown: new release
Necklace: LaGyo: Ippolita Necklace Aqua
Shoes: Ingenue: Organique Flats: Droplet
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Anais Mesh Hair for Zombie Popcorn
Skin: Leafy: Sapphire - Neutral - Lumiel Pure @ The Skin Showcase
Poses: LAP: Gown with the Wind - Get them before they are gone!!! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's not over until the fat lady sings

Culture Shock ends on the 26th but I am going to show stuff until the end: 1) there is too much good stuff to show yet and 2) the charity,  Médecins Sans Frontières, has challenged Chic Management to donate 2 Million lindens and approximately 575,000 still needs to be earned.  Each designer involved is offering at least 2 items where at least 50% of the proceeds go to charity. There are a few other stores, Aura and Ladies Who Lunch, come off the top of my head, that are offering a percentage of all sales to charity.  So go shop... open 24 hours a day... no script limits...hurr
I really wasn't planning on doing this post but I somehow ended up in this outfit so it occurred organically.  The awesome mesh theatre seating from Captivity Company is one of her sweet props at Culture Shock.  It has both male and female animations (but no sexys) and the poses are adjustable.  Don't forget that YS&YS has some skins that are exclusive to Culture Shock and will soon be gone.
Wasabi Pills has just released a new summer version of the Lola hair with cute pigtails and it had a hint of retro that worked just right today.  And then, to my utter glee, Tiffy Vella from Eclectica let me know about her new retro glasses.  This totally made my day as I have drooled over her amazing work for a long time and was always too shy to approach her.  What a nice lady who makes great stuff!  The 50's glasses come in either a rhinestone or pearls pack and they are infinitely changeable.  The scripting is very elegant and you can independently change texture, colour and shine in the frames, lenses and decorative details.  Below you can see the City shade that actually shows a skyline.  These are truly magnificent.  She has also updated some of her older styles and if you have those please contact her for a free upgrade.  Many of those are unisex.  I have no qualms recommending these as a great investment.
Ingenue has some spiffy new mesh boots at Culture Shock.  The mustard pair are exclusive to CS2012.
So I've been so busy between RL and blogging when I come in-world that I have not been shopping in ages and had to take a quick trip to The Wash Retro Swap Meet.  I tped to Bliensen & MaiTai's stall for the glamourous Pleasantville earrings for only 10 L each.  There are four colors to chose from as well as some sweet art deco ones.  Lo and behold! Artilleri was right next to Bliensen and I found some stuff I didn't already have.  This leo version of the Ulrika top was new to me.  I remember getting a different print at a FLF.  Speaking of FLF, she has a few of her old FLF items out, now for only 10 L so if you hesitated go pick them up now.  Ear Candy on the other side of Bliensen also had some cute mesh bags and jewelry for only 10 L.  Then I had to force myself to stop.
Ok, last blip.  [HANDverk], if you've seen my posts with them you know I love them.  They are going to be in an all mesh hunt in June and the amazing geode ring is one of their items.  It is unisex and you will not want to miss it!  

Credits: (please refer to the Culture Shock map and slurls for all event locations)
Prop: Captivity Company: Theatre Chair - at Culture Shock
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Lola Summer Hair: new release
Skin: YS&YS: Sofia Culture Shock - at Culture Shock
Lips: Redbird: sheer lipstick - at Culture Shock
Earrings: Bliensen & MaiTai: Pleasantville Earrings: 10 L at The Wash
Shirt: Artilleri: Ulrika Top - leo: 10 L at The Wash right next to Bliensen
Belt:  Ingenue: Traveler Belt
Boots: Ingenue: Jude Boot: at Culture Shock
Ring: [HANDverk]: Geode Ring for the Mesh Around Hunt coming June 1

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Home Expo: Beachy Keen with Cory Edo

If you are in the mood to shop you've found the right time.  Some major events are happening right now,  many with the purpose of raising funds for charity.  Culture Shock 2012 comes to an end on May 26th and has raised well over a 1.4 million Lindens for the charity Médecins Sans Frontières.  The event has been fantastic and mesh is the star.  It's hard to imagine now what we ever did without it.  Chic Management has been challenged by the  charity to earn 2 million dollars so tp on over! The blue Mahvi Sequined Pants (mesh) from Miamai are an exclusive color at Culture Shock and a perfect tone for summer.  The sequined texture picks up all kinds of high notes making them really fun to dress up or down.  I'm in love with the Safari Back necklace from Finesmith and it is another Culture Shock exclusive so you really might want to get back for a last look before these are a thing of the past.
Before I get started on Home Expo I wanted to quickly mention that Mimi Coral from Cupcakes had her 8th Rezday yesterday and they are having an amazing sale on select items.  All clothing is 25 or 50 lindens, the Charm skin line is 50 L, several full perm templates for mesh clothing and skins are steeply discounted as well as discounts on eyes and some Model Kits.  Being a frugalista, I had to grab the St. Patrick's Day model kit for 50 L as it included the skin above in 3 tones, 2 mesh dresses, and several pairs of eyes.  I've been a Cupcakes supporter since before Mimi and Rosemary Galbraith merged their two stores; they are so generous and sweet.
This gorgeous piece of furnishing is from Trompe Loeil and makes it's debut at Home Expo 2012.  Home Expo 2012 is the largest home products event of the year and features 13 sims, musical entertainment, a breedables fair as well as a hunt, silent auction and a grid-wide raffle.  This event continues it's tradition of benefitting Relay for Life, the fundraising arm of the American Cancer Society.  The event has a short run of only 10 days, ending May 28th at 10 PM SLT.  Please follow this link for tons of information for the expo, including maps and slurls and a catalog of exclusive items.

The Tropical Beachside Bed above is a 100% donation item from Trompe Loeil.  It is a mesh product and with a land impact of 38 prims.  It comes in an instant set-up and includes everything seen here (except my land, lol).  Both the bed and the deck have single and couples poses.  The  sheltered bed, as well as each pillow and billowing curtains, have several texture changing options for a myriad of possibilites.
Another stunning Trompe Loeil offering with 100% of it's proceeds benefiting RFL is the Tropical Scoop Bed.  It is also a mesh product and is available in 3 wicker colors.  The deck is from the Beachside Bed above so is not included.  The Scoop has a touch-activated top that smoothly moves up and down for stargazing/sunbathing.  All fabric elements are individually texture change and I am showing a sample of colors available.  The palm trees in this photo are part of a mesh megapack of 48 trees that includes 3 models with 4 bark and 4 leaf textures for each.  This is also a 100% donation item and with the exceptional attention to detail that Cory Edo offers in this product you should never need another palm tree again.  Thank you, Cory!

Other Credits:
Hair: LeLutka: Rykiel
Tank: MichaMi: Washed Out Tank - Turquoise
Belt: cinch belt

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Color Challenge: Lemon Chiffon

I think I fell of the edge of the SLearth for a few days there but RL just got super busy.  I am trying to be diligent about Luna Jubilee's color challenge and this week's color, Lemon Chiffon, was just too pretty.  I'm getting ready to do about a billion posts for the end of Culture Shock and for Home Expo, but I had to go digging for some light summery yellows.  I was able to combine both old and new items for this look.  It started with Atomic's Summertime skirt, which I've had for 2 years now so it might be retired. Ingenue's Mon Petit Cami worked well under the highwaisted skirt.  I had to include Pididdle's new little mesh scarf, Parisian Summer, that is out at The Attic's adorable new collection. Baby Monkey's Erin pumps are out at a discount for group members as part of her weekly color challenge offering.  MissAllSunday Lemon from Wasabi Pills, has cranked out yet another amazing new mesh hair, Cookie.  This one is non-rigged mesh and has two resizable parts to it, the asymmetrical bang and the back so that you can edit their placement individually.  You really do amaze me!  Finally, Culture Shock ends on the 26th of May and the darling Postcard from the Beach pose prop from Magpie and the exclusive skin from Glam Affair are both charity items.

Location: my beach

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

[HANDverk]: How I love thee

Ok.  I am going to try to keep my nerdiness to a minimum but my passion is 20th Century designer furniture, particularly the first half of the century.  I discovered [HANDverk] when I was previewing Culture Shock and since that time I've grabbed about anything I can get from them.  [HANDverk] is the creation of Tobias Convair and his partner, Daphne Klossovsky.  From what I can garner it appears that Tobias makes the furnishings and Daphne, the jewelry and other wearables.  Both are stunning.  All of the [HANDverk] items are a mesh creation.  The jewelry is all unrigged so that you can make adjustments.
The Wassily Lounge Chair was created by Marcel Breuer in 1925.  Breuer was one of the protégés of the founder of the Bauhaus, which was a school in Germany that combined the fine arts and crafts and was founded on the idea of creating a "total" work of art in that all arts, including architecture were combined. The Bauhaus school was short lived as it was shut down by the Nazis in 1933 but it's impact has shaped our world.  The Wassily lounge chair, produced in RL by Knoll, can be found at the [HANDverk] booth at Culture Shock 2012, as well as the Wassily jewelry that I am wearing in the first four photos.  The jewelry is a very clever interpretation of the Wassily Lounge, something I think the members of Bauhaus would have enthusiastically embraced.
The Barcelona Chair was created by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929 for the German Pavillion for the Barcelona Exposition. Mies was director of the Bauhaus at one point but he is more often known as a modern architect.  His most famous building is the Seagram Building in Midtown Manhattan and you can find a number of his high-rise office towers in Chicago.  He is attributed with the aphorisms "Less is more" and "God is in the details", guiding principals of Minimalism but adopted for everyday language.  The Barcelona is also manufactured by Knoll.

The final set of jewelry at Culture Shock is the Bauhaus Face jewelry and is inspired by the Bauhaus logo.  It includes both gold and silver versions.
[HANDverk] does more than historical sets.  The Fan jewelry, which is featured this month at FaMESHed, is bold yet intricate and consists of many small pieces.   It is available in gold, silver and steel and includes both brown and black leather laces. I decided that it leant to a tribal look and so I had to wear la petite morte's fantastic tribal makeup in black.  It paired perfectly with YS&YS's Jenny Skin and Mon's Shocking eyes in brown.  These items are available at Culture Shock.
Just out today for Stumblebum is the Strand set.  Stand is available in four color combinations. I am wearing the "manic maize" set but is also available in crazed cerulean, lunatic lime and psychotic pink.  You can purchase the necklace and bracelets as a set or individually.  They are fantastic statement items and a must-have if you are looking for something new and vibrant.  You can purchase through the end of the month at a 25% discount so get them all now.  The Blanca skin from AKERUKA is an exclusive at Culture Shock and is gorgeous.  The yummy Wrapped & Strapped Bandeau from Pididdle comes in seven bright colors and can also be found at Culture Shock.

I wanted to show again the furniture items that are available at Culture Shock (does not include painting).  The table, lamp and tea set are all Bauhaus inspirations.
At FaMeshed you can get the Marshmallow Sofa and the Sunburst Clock.  I apologize for the ridgy appearance.  I'm on an older computer and sometimes I can get antialias under control and other times it seems to be impossible. Anyway, the Marshmallow Sofa was created by George Nelson in 1956 for Herman Miller. Nelson became the Director of Design at Herman Miller, which was one of the foremost creators of mid-century modern furniture.  Like the Wassily and Barcelona you can get reproductions of the Marshmallow sofa and a variety of Nelson clocks but the originals go for very high prices at auctions.  Nelson made several brillant clocks for Howard Miller and are now reproduced by Vitra Design Museum.

I could go on but I would bore most of you and probably get kicked off all the feeds unless they cut me off several pictures ago.  [HANDverk] has a fantastic blog that provides all kinds of other information about the items and their inspirations.  Daphne and Tobias are very gifted craftspeople and I cannot wait to see what they create next.

Credits: please refer to the Culture Shock website for a map and slurls to all CS items.  As of yesterday, Culture Shock had earned L$1,144,106 for Médecins Sans Frontières and every Culture Shock item I am showing today is donating a portion of the proceeds to charity.

Photos 1 - 4 and 8
Furniture: [HANDverk]: Wassily and Barcelona chairs, and Bauhaus Decor set are available at Culture Shock.  The tea set is also a stand alone gift at CS.
Lingerie: D.Select: Lingerie Negligee in black and cream
Shoes: Gos: Pimp your Pumps - Point Platform
Hair and makeup: ICON hair by Joy Laperriere (Shi) - go to the hair section at Euphoria
Skin: LAQ: Ebba

Photo 5:
Jewelry: [HANDverk]: Bauhaus Face Jewelry @ Culture Shock
Skin: Laq: Ebba
Makeup: Cheap Makeup: Zeitgeist Eye Makeup @ Culture Shock
Hair: ploom: Dusty Beehive

Photo 6:
Jewelry: [HANDverk] Fan Jewelry @ Famished
Skin: YS&YS: Jenny Skin CS2012 @ Culture Shock
Makeup: la petite morte: Tribal Makeup @ Culture Shock
Hair: Elikatira
Eyes: Mons: Shocking Eyes - Brown @ Culture Shock

Photo 7:
Jewelry: [HANDverk] Strand Jewelry for Stumblebum
Top: Pididdle: Wrapped & Strapped Bandeau - Ruby @ Culture Shock
Skin: Akeruka:  Blanca: Exclusive at Culture Shock
Eyes: Mons: Shocking Eyes - Green @ Culture Shock
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Clementine

Photo 9:
[HANDverk]: Marshmellow Sofa and Sunburst Clock @ Famished
   - Tea Set: See Bauhaus Decor Set above
 Table: Noguchi Table: an oldie of mine

Monday, May 14, 2012

Color Challenge: Deep Pink

Jacqui should really be around for this one because she is definitely the pink girl of the Crybabies but I'm no slack when it comes to the color.  I didn't need to dig far to find the color in my inventory as I had just hit the Mesh Me Up sale at Purple Moon, where all of the new items in the mesh collection are just L$59.  We've all seen plenty of tube and balloon mesh dresses by now but this one has wonderful pleating that reminds me of some of my favorite non-mesh MichMi dresses.  It's chic and elegant and and comes in satins (solids and gradients) and leathers for the sale, which runs through the 20th.  The Cachet shoes are one of my favorite newer releases from Baby Monkey.  Pixieplumb Flanagan finds a wide selection of her shoes for each weeks color challenge and offers a 50% discount to group members.  The group is usually 250 to join but every month she offers a free-join weekend and as of this moment it is free to join (and she is not online to change it) so if you hurry you can get in for free! Je Suis' short Aimee necklace works perfectly with the dress and since so many of her items are color change it was easy to make matchy.

Dress: Purple Moon: Audrey Tube Dress - Gradient Pink Satin
Necklace: Je suis: Aimee
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Cachet Pumps
Hair: Truth: Georgina
Skin: Glam Affair: Linn - Natural 06
Pose Prop: Sparrowtree Studio: Circles of Light - currently at Culture Shock 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blue in Green

I'm just talked out. Rejoice! Credits say all.
Please refer to the Chic Management website to find a map and slurls to all things Culture Shock 2012.

Dress: Celoe: June Dress - Lake - CS2102 exclusive (100% donation)
Skin: Glam Affair: Giselle - Culture Shock (100% donation)
Shoes: YS&YS: Brera - Gloss Taupe
Jewelry: Donna Flora: Laura - amazing sale - hurry for 70% off selected items
Hair: LeLutka: Jolie
Chair: Estetica: Mod Cafe Chair - from the lights set, incl. 7 poses (50% donation)
Lamp: Lisp: Rainy Day Umbrella Floor Lamps (50% donation)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Culture Shock: Colour Shock

One of the fashion trends that continues this summer, inside and outside SL, is color blocking.  It's nice that SL is on-trend as often it lags a bit.  Step into Culture Shock 2012 and you will see it everywhere - clothing, accessories and home decor.  My natural clothing tendencies go toward neutrals but I am enjoying this trend, especially since often the design is very clean and mod.  I am going to show you just a sample of items that I found at Culture Shock that fit this bill.  I think one of the tricks with color blocking is to choose accessories wisely so you don't end up looking like a coloring book.  I've exaggerated my looks a bit here to show you the range of items so you can find ways to add color to your look.

Sleeping Koala hit it out of the ballpark for me with the Bold Print Dress (100% donation) above. It is so mod and while the colors are bold they have been toned down just enough for me to not feel overwhelmed. It is partial mesh, which in this case means you can have a smooth mesh skirt prim or the usual one.  I actually liked the normal prim as she uses two pieces and sometimes I am too lazy to unlink (lol).  Speaking of skirt prims, nothing irritates me more than a nonmodifiable skirt prim, especially when there is not even a resizer.  Have you seen the variety of hip width and buttock size in SL? Anyways,  I laid off on the accessories as I chose Wasabi Pills Shiori (50% donation) hair as well as the Gwen skin from CIA Designs (50%) as they were both in very bold tones.   If you know me at all you know I am a huge mid-century furniture fan and if I see it I have to have it!  As soon as I saw the items from [HAND]verk I started to get the happy brain sensation I get when I see really well made high-design items.  In this photo the marshmallow sofa and starburst clock, amazing replicas of Herman Miller and Howard Miller items, are actually sold at FaMESHed, but the teaset in the style of Bauhaus designer Marianne Brandt, is at Culture Shock and is their gift to you.  Lastly, the adorable little radio from {what next} comes in 5 versions and reminds me of old Fisher Price toys, which I am an avid collector of in RL.
Apple May's new dress, Danni, is available in the Retro version exclusively at Culture Shock (50% donation). The top of the dress is mesh and comes in 4 standard sizes. I find that often even with Standard Sizing I often have to make adjustments to my shape or go up a size to get the right fit but this fit perfectly!  Please demo the dress as it is mildly revealing though I didn't notice the bit of nip until I had been stomping around in it for a day.  The dress includes clothing layers and the skirt is not mesh.  Ingenue has released new mesh boots, Jude, and the mustard color that I am wearing are a 100% donation item.  The purse is part of an adorable pose set from Sparrowtree Studio poses and includes 5 poses, poseballs and 5 purses.  The poses also work well with other purses so it's a great deal.
I adore the skin from Acide!  All of the Muriel skins are new and exclusive for Culture shock and this particular version, Violet tan, is a 50% to charity version.  Mons wonderful sparkling eyes are a 50% donation item.  I've been wearing these since I got them and I've been a die hard devotee to my other eyes for ages.  You can see a tiny glimpse of [HAND]verk's Bauhaus Face Necklace here. I am going to do another post about their designs as it's my new obsession and I will show the full set there.
Not exactly color blocked but bold in their own way are The Plastik's Katyana top (100% donation) and YS&YS's exclusive Brera CS2012 shoes (100% donation).  Both items worked perfectly with a pair of skinny jeans.  I am wearing YS&YS's CS2012 exclusive Roxanne skin (50%) donation which tones perfectly with the shoes (bonus!). It's gorgeous and I will get a better face shot soon.
Finally, alterego's cute Candy Dress (50 % donation) is all mesh and also sized perfectly with my XS shape.  The dress comes in three color blocked version and includes necklace, earrings and hair bow.  I laid off the hair bow because Wasabi Pill's Shiori hair comes in all of the usual fantastic textures.  The Brera shoes from YS&YS are available in other colors and the Gloss Fuxia pair were perfect.  I fell in love with la petite morte's Diffused Makeup and the blue was a perfect matchy matchy!
The Color Blocking Prop I used in the bottom 3 photos is from Magpie is perfect for a strong pop of color.  It contains 6 separate poses that are well placed for still shots.  The object is modifiable so you can adjust poses for your avatar. This is also at Culture Shock.

Each shop at the Culture Shock event has at least one item where a portion of the proceeds benefits Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders). I had to stop by there today and noticed they have upped the script limit to 75 so make sure you remove HUDS and items that contain a lot of scripts.  I noticed one woman repeatedly trying to get in with nearly 500 scripts on her body.  That will not cut it and I for one am thankful that this decision was made.

Credits (any items from Culture Shock will not have a slurl by them.  You can go to the Chic Management webpage and find a complete map and list of slurls for all the stores.  Once you have passed the landing point you can use those to directly TP around the sim.

Photo 1:
Dress: Sleeping Koala:  Bold Print Dress
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Shiori
Skin: CIA Designs: Gwen
Poster: What Next: Got Music? - gift!
Radio: What Next: Retro Radio
Tea Set: [HAND]verk: Tea Infuser Set - gift!
Marshmellow Sofa and Spoke Clock: [HAND]verk at FaMESHed
Noguchi Table: I've had it forever

Photo 2/3
Dress: Apple May: Danni - Retro
Boots: Ingenue: Jude
Skin: Acide!: Muriel
Necklace: [HAND]verk: Bauhaus Faced Necklace
Hair: LeLutka: Toni

Photo 4
Top: The Plastik: Katyana Top - Revolution Culture Shock 2012
Shoes: YS&YS: Brera Pumps Culture Shock 2012
Ring: [HAND]verk: Black Wassily Ring
Jeans: Maitreya: Mesh Zipper Skinny Jeans
Skin: YS&YS: Roxanne

Photo 5/6
Dress: alterego: Candy Dress
Shoes: YS&YS: Brera Pumps Gloss Fuxia
Skin: YS&YS: Roxanne
Makeup: la petite morte: Diffused Makeup
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Shiori

Photos 4 - 6
Magpie: Colour Blocking Prop