Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hair Fair 2012: Analog Dog and more more more!

Admission of Honesty: I've become a huge fan of Analog Dog over the past year, especially since designer, Queue Marlow, added her Point B line (love that name!).  The styles she released for Hair Fair this year are super sophisticated, rich in color and retain the best elements of Queue's unique textures.  You can see them all at Hair Fair 2012.

I must ask Queue about the backstory on the naming of Pornado, the hair shown above.  Not exactly sure how it relates to endless porn images, though I love the style and think it's damn sexy.  It's one of those perfect loose do's that are perfect when you want to play off a bare shirt or for primmy collars. Before I get on to the next style I need to talk clothes for a sec.  At Collabor88 for maybe about another week you can pick up Ingenue's perfectly made peplum top, Mignon.  The shadows, wrinkles and seams are perfect on this mesh garment.  It comes in standard sizes and includes 2 versions of alpha layer.  Often I still prefer regular clothing layers for tight fit shirts but this one is absolutely fabulous.  The [HANDverk] jewelry i've shot in another post but wanted a clearer shot of the gorgeous Hammered Metal set in Silver.  The Silver earrings are a 100% donation at the Hope for Emilia event and every little eansty bit...the string, the beads, the hammered texture is hand done.  Love. 
Issues is my favorite in the new set of releases.  I am in love with this thick braid that can be worn as a sexy and glammy side-set that wraps all around the back and sides and with a touch of the hair the braids fall over your face ala blindfold, which connotes all kinds of yummm.
Ging. Queue was so strangely clever in the name department.  I am going to innocently assume that the name relates to the cantonese equivalent of 'good' but the more curious of you might want to check out it's slang references.  Ging is a lovely classic long style, which is exceptionally wearable.  For those of you that enjoy super long, Queue has included a flexy extension that you can add to the hair.  I love the widow's peak on the hair.  When I was a teenager I used to be so jealous of girls that had one of those and now I get one too!  

There is still time to hit Hair Fair 2010 before it ends.  Visit the official website for information! 

All Hair: Analog Dog: currently at Hair Fair 2012!!  Thank you, Queue!
Shirt: Ingenue: Mignon -Summer Sky: at Collabor88
Skirt: Ingenue: Lana - Slate
Jewelry: Handverk: Hammered Metal Set - Silver.  Earrings are 100% donation at Hope for Emilia
Necklace: Love Soul: Necklace*Water Bag* Neon Tetra: Lucky Chair prize -- OMG
Skin: Glam Affair: Leah - Spring Breeze
Eyes: Glam Affair: Stella V2-14

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