Monday, July 16, 2012


A quick post for now as my son chose the very moment I sat down in front of the computer to beg me to take him to the movies.  As we have been holed up in our thankfully air-conditioned home in this ungodly heat, I will willingly one sanctuary for another from the swelter.  

This is the last round of Stumblebum.  I've always enjoyed the event and look forward to what the current operators, Tyr Rozenblum and Ivy Graves, cook up next. I like that name...Stumblebum.  I also have huge love for [HANDverk], that I learned about at Culture Shock.  [HANDverk] joined Stumblebum and I will miss seeing what they offer for the event but thankfully they are also involved with FaMESHed.  Daphne Klossovsky and Tobias Convair make a brilliant team and seem to have this mesh thing down to a science.  Each new release is unique and artful. The new Loxodromic jewelry set is offered at 25% less than it's normal price for the course of this round, which runs through the 28th of July.  The set is offered in 5 different band colors and is unrigged mesh so you can edit the fit.  PLEASE NOTE: The Landmark to the [HANDverk] store is INCORRECT in the Stumblebum list.  I will provide the correct one in credits.
Toki-doki is also participating in the final Stumblebum round and is offering this fab mesh tank.  It comes in standard sizes and has a stunning back detail that sets it apart from others.  I wore it one size up from my usual size because I like the shirt a bit off my body.  I could do that without the alpha messing with my look (poorly fitting alphas make me insane).

I also want to show you some more items from two events that are near and dear to my heart: Hair Fair and One Voice.  Hair Fair is one of my favorite events each year and I'm like a kid at Christmas.  I fell in love with !Ohmai's new hair releases and think the "messy" version of Myer is simply brilliant.  The hairpiece also comes in a clean version but I have to be real and say that I rarely am put together like a prima ballerina and I love the whispies.  The hair-bases for this style have a sparkly effect to it and all the names have a cosmic theme which suits.  I will show more styles later.  One Voice continues to go strong and the skin and pants I am wearing both come from that event. AV!SAGE's Jayda skin is brilliant and I particularly love the strong brow and the perfectly placed mole.  The sari pants from One Bad Pixel come in 4 gorgeous jewel textures and have a perfectly, I mean perfectly, wrinkled effect so much like real silk.  Both these events are charity events, with Hair Fair benefiting Wigs for Kids and One Voice proceeds going directly to our dear Gala Phoenix for her legal defense fund.  I've detailed this several times so won't belabor it again.  I'm off to eat popcorn and hopefully avoid some horrible summer blockbuster!

Jewelry: [HANDverk]: Loxodromic set: each piece can be purchased separately at 25% off the normal price.  This is the correct landmark.
Top: Toki-doki: Mari top: available in many colors
Hair: !Ohmai: Myer: available at Hair Fair 2012
Skin: AV!SAGE: Jayda skin for One Voice
Pants: 1bp: Sari Pants - green for One Voice

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