Friday, September 28, 2012

Code Red

I've hardly had time to be online lately, but I snuck in the last few days to chat up some friends and go blow a few billion Lindens at The Arcade and then I started going to the yard sales for them and well.. I got a little obsessed.  But on to the stuff here.   Code Bastard Redgrave (or Codie, as she is also known) has owned and operated the Rouge sim for years and is now feeling the pinch of declining funds.  She is not asking anyone to save her but there will be a 90 hour party at the Rouge Lounge from Friday through Sunday, with nonstop DJ'ed music and dancing. Several designers are offering exclusive designs and I hopped over there early today to check out some of the exclusive reds that Kallisti Burns from Discord Designs made for the event, some in styles that have never been released before.
My favorite was Sydd; which is perfect as I wanted to butch up this cute mesh herringbone suit from Dew.  The suit has a slim cut and the pants have a clean higher waist and trim ankle length pants.  It's a versatile suit that can be dressed up or down.  I kept it a clean look with simple bolo from [Handverk] and added bright lips to one of the yummy Glam Affair skins that can be scored at The Arcade.

More details about the rouge sim, the party (tp here) etc can be found on Codie's flickr page.  Most of us SL oldtimers know it well and I'm happy regardless of the outcome to see it celebrated.

Hair: Discord Designs: Sydd in Rouge Gentille - exclusively @ Rouge Lounge
Suit: Dew: Herringbone Suit
Shirt: Pig: Olivia
Skin: Glam Affair: Rosa 07 - exclusively at The Arcade
Bolo: [HANDverk]: Rio Grande Bolo Tie
Chair: [HANDverk]: Eames Lounge - @ FaMESHeD for a few more days!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beware of Thorns

[HANDverk] has released the most spectacular, sexy mesh Rose jewelry and shoes for their guest appearance at September's Collabor88 event.  Daphne Klossovsky, who makes the wearable items for the brand, made her first pair of shoes, the Claw - Leo shoes for August's Zodiac event and since then has been creating several pairs of amazing shoes for various events around the grid.  Her items are far from average.  I've been around the grid for quite a while and while I love to score a deal, I have more than enough "stuff" and look for designs that are unique and particularly handmade. The items that [HANDverk] cranks out never ceases to thrill me.  The fact that the items are not outrageous in their pricing leaves me completely dumbfounded.
The items pay close attention to all parts of the rose, with the flower almost being an afterthought of the thorny stem, which is used so artfully in these designs.  I love the idea of walking on a dangerous, thorny branch...something that we can only do in fantasy, so why the hell not?  The earrings use the stem to thread though your earlobe so you are literally wearing the flower as art.  The necklace weaves the rose through a slender chain.  There are five color options to chose from and all are perfect for fall.
I got really behind in my blogging commitments during the last round of major event coverage and I wanted to make sure to mention Wasabi Pills Skye hair, which previewed at August's Zombie Popcorn event and is now at the main store.  I chose it because it reminded me of the [HANDverk] rose items with it's peaked top and mixture of tough and sexy.  I've become fascinated in the look of "weird" models lately.  Though I really am despising the current format on this seasons America's Next Top Model and can barely manage to sit through the show, they have talked about weird as a look for several seasons.  I've been tweaking Eden on this shape since I made it when I was lost on Orientation Island all those years ago and while she has maintained some characteristics that I love, like her flamingo legs and refined nose, I've been working on making her not as "pretty", which probably explains why men never talk to me and also why I so dearly love unique goods to enhance her.
If these designs intrigue you, I highly recommend that you check out [HANDverk] at the following events: Zodiac, FaMeshed, Collabor88 and L'accessoires as well as the Main location for beautiful, intelligent mesh design.

Shoes and Jewerly: [HANDverk] Rose: currently at September Collabor88
Lingerie: Fishy Strawberry: Desiderio - Purple
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Skye - Wild Honey
Skin: Curio: Vintage - Ritz2 - Sundust: currently closed
Poses: HelaMiyo and Glitterati

Sunday, September 2, 2012

So Go the Days

I'm quite subdued but happy to be home and getting ready for another school year for my son.  I have been dealing with aging relatives and a tragedy that is causing great pain to my family and another's.  I don't want to go into detail but one of my family members has killed someone else, in self-defense, which has left us all reeling.  If that does not put some perspective on all the dramas in SL, I do not know what  will.  With RL, unfortunately I did not get to complete my blogging demands for many amazing events, so I apologize now if I promised to blog something and it didn't happen.  The events in my life were unplanned and demanded my attention, both physically and emotionally.

September's presence always has a huge effect on me.  While it is still hotter than Hades during the day, I begin to notice the cooler evenings that accompany the shortening days and I even want to start dressing Eden in more substantial clothing.
Boom recently released the most marvelous mesh pants.  The Miami Linen pants have a nice masculine flair and are available in standard sizes and could also fit a smaller male just dandy.  I am generally size XS if that provides you with some perspective.  They have wide legs and large cuffs and a perfect little slouch at the waist that keeps them modern.  Aranel Ah, the creative force of Boom, never leaves you with few choices and these pants are no different. They are available in over 35 colors as well as several color packs for added value.  Trousers are a must have for fall and the linen textile makes it perfect for the transition.  I topped the trousers with the adorable Portia Cape from The Sea Hole that was only $L50 Moving Sale The sale runs thru the 7th of September and you can find one color of each item, including the newest releases at a super low price.  Those items are clearly marked by a key.
Before life unraveled in mid/late August I was intending to show more of the amazing jewelry from Vintage Fair.  I love [HANDverk]...did I mention I love them?... and the Mucha earrings in rose gold worked perfectly with my look.  They will soon be out at the main store.  The skin I'm wearing really drove me to put together this look.  It is one of Glam Affair's latest skin for  August Collabor88, which is wrapping up very soon.  It is exquisite with it's fairness and its pinky/orange tones and just the smallest bit of smoke.  I like it best with no lashes.

Pants: Boom: Miami Linens - Army (new release)
Cape: The Sea Hole: Portia Cape - Westward (on sale)
Tank: Jane: Intrinsic Tank - celery (free!)
Earrings: [HANDverk]: Mucha Earrings - rose gold (from Vintage Fair and soon in store)
Skin: Glam Affair: BaroQ 03 (exclusively at Collabor88)
Hair: Analog Dog/b.: Issues: Chili
Poses: Miseria: August Pose Set