Saturday, March 29, 2014

Surrounded by Cuteness

OHai! So, I don't usually buy cute things for my avatar, cuz well, I just can't pull off "cute" as a general rule, (I pride myself on having a permanent scowl on my face - it's more intimidating *snarls*) BUT I came across so many adorable things this week, I just had to cave.

It all started when I found the most ADORBS starry blush at The Skin Fair 2014, from Adore&Abhor. There's 11 blushes in the pack, with & without stars, and its FREE! Then I came across the Harrah dress from coldLogic. It's available in 8 colors, and the style makes it perfect for spring! Next was the March group gift from Moon. A totally cute hair, in a bubblegum pink tone called "Pritty in Pink". There's a L$200 join fee, but you can also buy this color in the "Ombre Dolly" pack, if you'd prefer. (Although I recommend you join the group, as they have some fabulous hairs!) The final straw was when I visited The Dressing Room Fusion today. A new round just started, and they have a LOT of great stuff! I'm a HUGE Essences fan, and she has 3 new skins available for only L$70 each. One, of which, I knew would go great with my new dress. And when I found the rainbow headband by pr!tty during my trip, I knew that was the perfect final accessory for my "cute" theme.

For my photo scene, I decided to make use of the awesomely adorable sheep from d-lab, which was in the Fifty Linden Friday round for this week. They come in 2 tones, and have 4 variations in each pack - one of which is animated! They also have built in poses, so you can sit on them. SO CUTE! And then I added 3 items from my lovely friend Andel Rhiadra, owner of A.D.D. Andel! - Hanging Wire Hearts, String Lights, and Party Balloons which you can find at the Adore&Abhor Anniversary event.
I don't know, but for somebody that can't pull off cute, I think it turned out pretty well! :D See you next time! <3

Skin: Essences - Harper TDRF02 at The Dressing Room Fusion 3/29/2014
Eyes: adored - unreal eyes - candy Marketplace
Hair: MOON {Hair} Serenade - Pritty in Pink - March Group Gift
Headband: pr!tty - Spring Dreaming - Rainbow Headband at The Dressing Room Fusion 3/29/2014
Dress: coldLogic - Harrah - peach sky
Bracelet: Lazuri Spring Collection Group Exclusive Bracelet (not sure if this one is still available)
Star blush: Adore&Abhor Princess Star Blush - Pink at The Skin Fair 2014 - Ends 3/30/2014 so hurry!
Hands & Feet: SLink - Casual Hands / Medium Feet
Poses: Stand: Diesel Works  Jazz-3
           Sit: **KoumB** - Crouch - 2.2 (no longer available)
Shape & Tattoo: My own

Rezzed items:
Hanging Wire Hearts, String Lights - A.D.D.Andel!
Party Balloons - A.D.D.Andel! at the Adore&Abhor Anniversary Event
Sheep: d-lab Chair-sheep-ve for Fifty Linden Friday 3/28/2014
Trees: HappyMood - Garden Tree04

Friday, March 28, 2014

3.27.14: Returning from the Dead and Channeling Claire

3.27.14 lotd

So I've been horribly sick for the last 2 weeks with some unknown ailment; maybe it was the flu but I did get a flu shot. But I've been feverish and achy and pretty much out of commission besides short stints on SL to talk to the bossman and get messages.  Instead, I've been catching up with House of Cards on Netflix.  I don't know about you but I tend to be one of those people that hang on and wait to watch, primarily because I am so sad when something is done and you have to wait again. So I've been clinging to them and decided that since I was basically a miserable, throbbing mess that this would be a good time.  It was and I'm still hanging on to the final episodes of Season 2, but I've become obsessed with Claire and particularly the way she dresses.  To say her dress is understated is an understatement...she takes clean and simple, which I happen to love, to an extreme.  The accessories I am using would be way over the top for her, but this is SL an The d so I get to do it my way.  The Liv dress from Color.Me.H.O.F. is nothing short of perfection. The texture choice is crisp and the seams are just right.  For me it is the perfect palette to dress up carefully.  You can pick this up for cheap at Collabor88 for about another week.  I added two accessories from ieQED, because Sigifaust has a great range. Both of these items are upgrades from pieces she made for HANDverk, her previous brand.  The scale paudrons are newly textured and matierials ready, and gorgeous as you can see in the small image.  The Rose Sandals are also an update, now made for Slink High Feet and feature a new open toe.  You can pick them up through the first week of April at The Theme Park.  They are gorgeous.  The Sylvia skin from Glam Affair in the Jamaica tone is a nice change for me. I tend to go super pale and I needed some color after feeling so green at the gills.  It is also discounted at Collabor88.

Dress: Color.Me.HOF: Liv Dress - taupe: available at Collabor88
Bag: Glam Affair: Business Tote - Candy: available at Collabor88
Paudrons: ieQED: Scale Paudrons - Gold
Shoes: ieQED: Rose Sandals - Orange: available at The Theme Park
Skin: Glam Affair: Sylvia Jamaica - Base B: available at Collabor88
Lipstick: Glam Affair: Sylvia Lipstick 01B: available at Collabor88
Eye Shadow: Glam Affair: Sylvia: Eyes Makeup 01: available at Collabor88
Hands and High Feet: Slink
Skin Appliers: Glam Affair: Jamaica
Hair: Tableau Vivant: Hathaway Hair: dark blonde
Poses: an lar: from the Sorow Series

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A day in the life of Fallacy

First off, HI! I'm very honored that Eden has been so gracious as to allow me to blog here with her! *hugs Eden* I love her to pieces, and I really hope I do her blog justice! :D

For my first post, I though I would do a little comic strip, of sorts, to show off my find of the century! Anybody that knows me, knows my luck with gacha machines. They are evil things, that I firmly believe house magical trolls who have some sort of deal going with karma, and leprechauns. Neither, of which, like me - apparently. Anybody who's played those blasted machines know full well how difficult it is to get the particular item you want (unless you're in good with the leprechauns), and if you want the rare, well ......yeah. So, on a routine shopping trip the other day, I visited the "Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair", where I found the BEST POSE SET EVER CREATED! It's from NanTra, and it's called "Gimme my *%&*$! Rare". I've never met the creator, but when I saw that, I wanted to tacklehug her, and possibly give her a foot rub. She completely captured the entire gacha experience with 1 pose series. So, behold! "A day in the life of Fallacy".

This, ladies & gentlemen, pretty much sums up my gacha trips.

I did manage to get a few items that I wanted - one, of which, will be pictured below. A totally cute necklace, from Cute Poison. But even if I wouldn't of gotten anything else the entire day, those poses DEFINITELY made it worth the trip! :D
So, on that note, I will end my first official post here on Knoller, with my look of the day. See you next time! ^.^

Skin: Essences - Emma *lait* blonde at Skin Fair 2014!
Eyeshadow: .Pekka. KATHYA V2 Eyes Make Up (baby blue) 
Shirt: Emery Crop Top Allie 01 - at My Attic in March!
Pants: coldLogic pants - odea.coral
Shoes: _CandyDoll_ Newell Heels Brown
Necklace: Cute Poison - Tagged Necklace (Gamer) at "Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair"
Hair: MINA Hair - Nikky - Light blond
Poses: {NanTra} Gimme my *%&*$! Rare Poses at "Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair"

Shape, and tattoo: My own.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

3.11.2014: Never Ever Ever Shop with Lucie Bluebird

So I was at The Skin Fair preview for bloggers, shopping and minding my own business, when I refocused my cam and there was darling Lucie Bluebird invading my personal space.  Skin Fair 2014 starts on the 14th of this month so I was in a bit of a rush as there are 3 sims full of fantastic skins and all the stuffs that go with it. Lucie is one of the sweetest women I've met in SL; the kind we hold dear: loyal, funny, super well-mannered, housebroken and a completely adorable avatar. I am quite introverted but Lucie and I know that we both love to shop and lately when we run into each other it's generally when we are feeding our shopping addiction.  I should have logged off the moment I saw her as we ended up both fatpacking 2 new skinlines at the preview.

"You look so ethereal", says Lucie when I demoed League's new Erin skin, which is a Skin Fair 2013 exclusive.  Heck, that is not usually how I'm described so I was sold as soon as she said that.  What I love about the new Erin is that it has strong definition without becoming cartoonish.  It had been awhile since I had laid down L's for a new skinline (I've been picking up this and that at events and The Arcade) and they will be L's well spent. The skins come with everything: bust enhancers/dehancers, hairbases, brow/or no brow, different brow colors and 2 different bustlines. It does not include appliers but they can be purchased for a reasonable price at League's mainstore.

In a shameless attempt to be ethereal and cute, I chose Truth's new release for the March round of Collabor88.  He is now a permanent designer for the event so we can all look forward to even more gorgeous hairs!
Save your L's because you will need them for skin fair.  For more previews the official Skin Fair 2014 flickr group has pages of them and everything you will need to know about the fair is on it's website.

Skin: League: Erin - fair steal blonde chest C: Skin Fair exclusive coming soon!
Hair: Truth: Lolita (includes color-change headband: currently available at Collabor88
Eyes: IKON: Destiny Eyes - Clarity
Necklace: Ingenue: Jubilee Necklace (it's old as the hills so I am not sure if it's still at the store)
Pose: oOo Studio

Sunday, March 9, 2014

3.10.13 Fringe Society

I took some time today to wander around Kaelyn Alecto and Maxxster Resident's lovely new sim called It All Starts With A Smile. The sim is open to the public and full of all kinds of wonderful places to take photos, meet with friends or even dance.  In addition to the little village, where this photo was taken, there are rolling hills, playgrounds and wandering paths along the water.  I have been a longtime fan of Mimikri and ran to pick up some pieces to her new Milano set.  Mimikri does great things with textures and the snakeskin fabric on the skirt is simply delicious.  The set also includes sleeveless tops with lace overlays so it's perfect when you just want to throw something on and not worry about whether the meshes are going to fight. I just tossed on the fringy Leather Waist Bag from Zenith that is out at this month's The Men's Dept. It comes sized and in an unrigged version so you can mod it to your needs.  I broke my bank this weekend at the new Slink West sim which is devoted to SLINK friendly items, natch. Each store has at least one item at 50% off for the first week the sim is open.  I binged at Renegade, which has all it's shoes half off (OMG). I was also super impressed with Annabelle Couturier's Cannibelle stockings.  I'm wearing her new Chandelier stockings as they look funky with Renegade's Mendes boots. I can't forget the new hair release from Tableau Vivant for this months round of Collabor88.  The Low hair is a unisex hair that has a loose pony in back with a tintable band.  (sorry I didn't get a back shot, my comp decided to crash while I attempted to take a decent shot).

Outfit: Mimikri: Milano Python Leather Skirt (gold) / Milano Lace Top (gold): sold separately
Bag: Zenith: Black Leather Waist Bag: currently available at The Men's Dept.
Cuff: Lark: Alena Cuff
Stockings: Cannibelle: Chandelier Tights (cream): 50% off at the new Slink West sim
Shoes: Renegade: Mendes OTB (black): 50% off at the new Slink West sim (not far from the Cannibelle stall in an upper shop
Hair: Tableau Vivant: Low: new at Collabor88
Skin: Glam Affair: Aria: Asia Cominbation 10: available at The Arcade: L$100 per play
Pose: an lar poses

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

3.5.14: The Men's Dept. and other newnesses!

The March 2014 round of The Men's Dept. opened today. One of my favorite events, though I am not a male in SL or RL, but I have a penchant for clean lines and menswear so watching this collection come together every month is one of my joys.  Mikel Monk, the talented organizer (don't tell him I said that) of TMD, has been at this now for 2 years and he has really brought together a wonderful set of designers.
I have a few fetishes in SL.  Three of them are chairs, lighting and stuff that looks like store fixtures.  I was able to indulge them all at TMD this month with Theosophy's new Denim Trois Chairs that are available in 3 colors (I am so happy to see you back around, Trace), Oyasumi's workchair with it's awesome industrial lines (other pieces also available) and Mudhoney's Benson Chair (part of a larger set that also includes the rug and mirrors shown), which also has a clean design reminiscent of van der Rohe's Barcelona chair. BBQQ is offering the very handsome Clothing Rack V6, which has most excellent worn wood and metal textures.  Last but not least, my sweet buddy, Andel Rhiadra, of ADD Andel, makes her TMD debut with very versitile Retro Hanging Lamp, which she made all by her little marvelous self, painstakingly deciding on textures that she thought would have a masculine edge.  There is love in this stuff, I tell you.
My clothing is also pure dood but I managed to feminize it with gold touches of prettiness from Hucci and Mandala.  I have stalked Ison's clothing since forever and and am overjoyed they are participating in TMD.  Ison is offering the Leather Biker Vest (that includes the shirts, yay). It comes in many colors but my RL brother is Mr. Harley so it's de rigueur that I wear black.  Not so bad's James pants are a dream. I'm not usally a sagger but I totally dig these narrow hipped pants.  You will have to remove your phatazz to properly enjoy them. Even the Song Sublime eyes are available at TMD (I am wearing the Cold tone). Finishing off the look is Truth's new Perla hair and Glam Affair's sumptuous Aria skin, which is currently yours to win at The Arcade.  It includes a ton of appliers too, so I am all over it! Kat Valeska, blogging queen and darn great pose maker, has updated some of her poses which you can now find at her new inworld store.  Kat knows blogging and I appreciate the care she gives to stance in her poses.  No wonky hiding parts!

Practically everything shown can be found at the new March 2014 round of The Men's Dept. except the following items:
Hair: Truth: Perla - new release!
Skin: Glam Affair: Aria: I am wearing Combination 02 including Slink hand and feet appliers: available at The Arcade
Shoes: Hucci: Payson Sandal - Gold. These were a limited edition for the Feb 21Shoes event (2 for 1 plus exclusive colors!!) but true to Hucci there are several other fab offerings. Made for Slink High Feet
Hands and Feets: Slink
Jewelry: Mandala: Chunkeeey Bracelet and Kamayara Dogtag Necklace: These were valentine's specials, I am not sure if they are still instore.
Poses: an lar poses