Monday, November 14, 2011

Then and Now

More Vintage Fair goodness to share.  I have heard from so many friends that they are having an impossible time navigating Vintage Fair.  The lag is thick and folks continue to go there heavily primmed. I empathize because it's fun to get all fussed up but the biggest favor you can do for yourself and others is reduce the amount of scripted objects you wear.  A high arc is only going to hurt you but so many objects we adorn are scripted.  Most people have you derendered anyways.  I am going to try and remember to show details of items, especially accessories, because I know that textures often load fuzzy.  I needed to go there to check the details of an item and the first thing I noticed were people AFK at the landing point.  If I could boot you from the sim I would.
One of my favorite items from Vintage Fair was Connors Georgette Cocktail dress.  It fit me divinely and the textures on it do so much to accentuate the female figure.  It is adorned with lovely florets on the side and back and the lowered skirt prims give it a great flapper feel.  I accented the dress with the Queen Sophie jewelry set from Ripe, which is available in a "traditional" version that has pearls and standard metals as well as "nontraditional" versions that have more color accents in the stones and metallic texture.  I fell in love with Dilly Dolls new shoe releases after Hempy wore some for a previous post and I ended up having to buy the adorable Cura pumps. I picked up the medium color pack because I am so darn practical and they can be worn with so many of the looks at the fair.  They have about a billion color options to select from in an easy to use HUD.
The thing that struck me immediately about the Connors dress was how easily it could be used as a sophisticated contemporary dress with some simple hair and accessory changes.  I used the classic Wish style from Elikatira and my most favorite Saffron Pumps from LeLutka.  The jewelry is a new release from U&R Dogs for the Vintage Fair.  The Caro Mio Ben set continues the meticulous attention to detail that I know I can count on from U&R.  Even large earrings such as shown here have such a sense of elegance.
The skin I am wearing in all the photos in this post is the very glamourous and understated Vintage - Ritz skin from Curio.  I've been just loving some of the new skins that Gala Phoenix of Curio has been creating and this one has an amazing combination of purity and detail.  The skin packs contain 4 tone options that have subtle gradations in shading: Lights and Darks in 2 options.  The packs also contain a Vintage Brow Pencil tattoo layer which I am showing in the larger photo on the contact sheet.  I chose the Petal tone for the Vintage look as it is in keeping with the era. In the modern version I chose the Sundust shade for more color.  These are a lovely set to have around, not only for purely vintage looks but any time you want to have an understated and classy look.
Classy ladies insist on wearing the right undergarments as a foundation for their ensemble but there is no rule that says they must be frumpy.  My friends tease me all the time for wearing too many prims and dressing like Bea Arthur but they have no clue that underneath all that is my penchant for sexy lingerie.  I'm just confident enough to not have to show all my goods for free...rofl!, rebranded from DeTaleZ, went uber sexy with the yummy Negligee for the Vintage Fair.  This item is made solely from clothing layers so you can wear it underneath an outfit and not have to worry about any prims.  Again, the textures are a dream.  I will be putting these to a lot of use!

The Chic Management website, which organized the Vintage Fair, now has a page that contains a map of the fair (2 sims) as well as direct slurls to the shops.  The Fair runs through December 3.  It is well worth the visit. Rarely have I been so impressed with the quality and selection of items as I have seen here.

Photo 1
Dress: Connors: Georgette Lace Cocktail Dress: located on Fred Astaire Lane
Jewelry: Ripe: Queen Sophie Jewelry Traditional (Gold): located on the corner of Tina Turner Drive and Cary Grant Avenue
Shoes: Dilly Dolls: Cura Pumps Medium: located on Audrey Hepburn Blvd
Skin: Curio: Vintage Ritz (shown in all photos in Petal and Sundust tones): located on North Street
Hair: booN: ELG108 chocolate
Photo 2
Dress and Skin: see above
Jewelry: U&R DogsU&R Dogs: Cara mio ben earrings and bracelet: located on Tina Turner Drive
Shoes: LeLutka: Saffron Pumps
Hair: [e]: Wish
Photo 3
Skin: Curio: Vintage - Ritz: located on North Street
Photo 4
Lingerie: Lingerie Negligee: located on Fred Astaire Lane

Poses: All Poses for this post were done by Mavi Beck of Miamai for her Editorial Set, available at the fair on Rita Hayworth Ave. near North Street

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