Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Expo 2011 is Coming to Town!

I don't often do posts that feature just photos of places.  I can't claim by a long shot to be the best photographer in SL.  My comp is aging and I lag horribly in ultra graphics but I had so much fun taking photos at the Christmas Expo, which begins on Saturday, December 3rd at 9 am SLT.  Before I start yacking, let me give you their official website so you can keep up to date with happenings.

This marks the first year of the SL Christmas Expo.   Built to resemble a nostalgic city festooned for the holidays by Kayle Matzerath builder of Garden of Dreams, the event supports Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.  Cobblestone paths pass by hundreds of shops.  All the shops have display windows so you can peak inside.
This map, located at the 4 main landing points, give you a notecard that contains a list of shops with landmarks so that you can get to them directly, though you miss the fun of wandering the streets.

Alternately, every landing point has TP boards to get to all the shops.  This is an example of one.  I tried several and it worked just dandy.
At the center of the 4 sims is the Silent Night Lodge, a gathering spot with interesting onion domes and a massive tree on the roof. It's interior decor reminds me of an old lodge with its roaring fireplace and group seating.
You will find sleighs available to take you around the sims scattered throughout the sims.  I remember these from last year's Holiday Hill event, and I am happy to see these cuties back.  They are seriously romantic; now I just need someone to ride with me.
The event is sponsored by 12 very generous designers.  For more information about the donors as well as seriously adorable interviews by my bud, Joonie Jatho, please visit this site.
There are a ton of events at the Expo.  What truly intrigues me about this event is that it's not just entirely another shopping fest for women.  There is a good balance of participants, including stores for men, home & garden, etc.  Also, lots of events.  Live music, breadable contests, SL Idol, The Avi Choice Awards.  I hope to check out several of the events.  Read more here.
I loved how some participants added their own touches to their builds.  There are lots of unique, whimsical elements.  Remember to not arrive with a ton of scripted items, you know the drill or Dame Hempy provides reminders.  I plan on showing some of my favorite purchases from the RFL venders when I can get back and shop around! 

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