Friday, November 11, 2011

Look! We Get to be all Matchy and Glamorous!

I've not even had a chance to look at all the feeds but I'm guessing that they are absolutely full of posts about the Vintage Fair, which starts today at 4 PM SLT.  Let me say this: It deserves every little bit of press it gets!  It has been very well organized by the folks at Chic Management and every designer I've seen has busted their butt to offer amazing items.  There is a bit of everything, including wearables, of course, but also poses and furniture.  It runs for 3 weeks and I've been previewing it for 2 days and could use more time to really check things out.  But alas, last I checked, things don't run according to my whims and I'm really excited to hear what people find at the fair that tickles their fancy.
Hempy and I had all these grand plans to take a photo together at the fair because it is just so cute with it's rows of little shops but we just couldn't pull it off - either our lashes wouldn't rez or something was blurry or kids needed tending in RL.  We made such a fetching pair. Then none of my photos saved to my hard drive for unknown reasons that are part of the conspiracy to break me and I had to walk away and fell asleep on the couch for hours.

 Hempy was sweet enough to put her ensemble back on so we get to show you 2 of the fantastic looks you can pull together from the fair.  Hempy in the top photo chose Icing's brilliant Just Swing dress, which includes that uber fantastic veiled hat.  Look at the lush colors in the skirt and the perfect shading in the bodice.  I did absolutely no retouching of clothes in this post.  They are just that well done.  Dilly Dolls is introducing the Beatrix Heels at the fair.  They are to die for. Hemp said the hud makes skin matching a breeze plus the shoes are color change.  I must get a pair.  Hempy chose a new skin from Essences that has very nice retro details.  Oh, and she made the jewelry, lovely Queen Sophie sets!

I used Ingenue's Martine Dress as the base for my ensemble.  I've posted Ingenue many times before and I'm a huge fan.  Vintage clothing is nothing new to her (and it's nice to see others come on board!).  Betty Doyle is just such a master of her craft.  She has ventured into Mesh, which sadly I have not downloaded as motherboard would probably croak on the spot, but this dress is not mesh, which made me kinda happy!  The dress is a perfect backdrop for accessories.  I tend to downplay accessories and look for the one perfect piece, but more really works with the dress.  House of Fox makes really delicious bags and I found the Steffani bag to be a good contrast to bring out the ribbon on the hat, blah blah.  Hatpins made the elegant Florence Cloche hat, which I adore.  I get a bit impatient fitting hats and hairs so this was win.  The perfect bob in a series of color changes. SIGMA Jewels offers the Andra necklace, which is a really versatile piece that easily carries from day to evening looks.  Anthem, a new store to me, that I will be returning to, offers the stunning Victoria ring. It comes with both a three finger and single option.  Great details on the band and a really nice patina on the metal textures.  My shoes are not from the fair.  They are from Baby Monkey, which has a great selection of pumps that work with the vintage look.  I love Sileny Noel's new skin, Swing, and I had to wear the freckled version.  Sileny, who has released skin under the Mango Mango brand for quite awhile now, has joined forces with Airedine Poe from Adore & Abhor, and you can now find her fine work under the brand Adore & Abhor Cosmetics.  She has added a feature which I really like, which is a small bust option.  A cleavage enhancer is included as well, no worries to all who love the bewbs.  Finally, and then I will stfu, I LOVED Malvada Mujer's Kiki eyeshadows, because it completed my "My husband's plane was shot down over the Pacific look".  Just great stuff.

We will be steady posting Vintage Fair stuff for awhile as there are so many amazing items.  I am enthralled and am happy to see Hempy Weezles joining us here.  Hemp is a great stylist and I <3 her.

Credits:  (I will try and include a link to the main store and the street location at the Vintage Fair when possible.  Here is a map of the fair.)
Dress/Hat: Icing: Just Swing: located on Sophia Loren Street
Shoes: Dilly Dolls: Beatrix Heels: located on Audrey Hepburn Blvd
Skin: Essences: located on Rita Hayworth or Cary Grant Blvd (my eyesight is wretched)
Stole: Icing: lucky chair item!
Jewelry: Ripe: Queen Sophie Jewelry: located on Tina Turner Drive
Eyes: Rozena: Tea Eyes: Afternoon: Gift located on Jane Fonda Way

Dress: Ingenue: Martine: located on the corner of North and West Streets
Hat/Hair: Hatpins: Florence Cloche Hat: located on East Street
Skin: Adore & Abhor Cosmetics: Swing: located on Audrey Hepburn Blvd
Necklace: SIGMA Jewels: Andra Necklace: located on Audrey Hepburn Blvd
Rings: Anthem: Victoria Rings: located on West Street
Bag: House of Fox: Steffani Bag: located on Tina Turner Blvd
Makeup: La Malvada Mujer: Kiki#2: located on Jane Fonda Way
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Milana Pump Burgandy

All Poses by oOo Studios - Hempy used poses from Jean and Veronica and mine are from the 20s set.  Located on the corner of North and East Street.

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