Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dame Hempy's helpful advice

Ooooooo.. Why hello there. Dame Hempy Weezles here, I was just getting the place tidy for you.
Let's sit and have a chat. There are some things I wanted to go over with you all. Since the recent events and goings on have been so overwhelmingly crowded. There are ways in which we can behave that can make the experience more pleasant for everyone.
  1. Lets be considerate. This is a common rule of thumb. For always.
  2. When going to a crowded event, party, or sale. It is important to de-prim yourself. This means you should only be wearing system clothing layers. This does include removing any AOs, HUDs, or attachable body parts you might have on. I will even go without hair only wearing a hairbase.
  3. When in an area which is not your own, it is polite to clean up after yourself. Don't leave boxes or any other debris lying around.
  4. Public incoherent gesturbation is frowned upon anything that plays loud or annoying sounds as well as filling chat with gobbledygook. PLEASE stop this. It's wrong in any occasion.
  5. Don't sit idle for places for hours. Come on! Get in and get out make room for the next person because someone is clicking teleport over and over trying to get in. Keep it moving people...
  6. If you're logging in from an old commodore 64 held together with some duct tape maybe you shouldn't hit the event on the first few days. Wait till the crowd has subsided.

Now that that's out of the way... the girls and I are here to talk fashion!

I choose ArisAris Leopard coat to model for you today. I like the feather trim and it looks just fab while vacuuming as it does gossiping with my gals. I paired it with the Rose Cameo Jewelry from Sn@tch. On the far right Jacqui has on some hot bell bottoms from TuttiFrutti watch out pool boys the cougar is on the prowl. Mrow!
Eden my scene stealing sis. My BFF my over sexed partner in crime. She is giving us her sex kitten stare.

Wearing Pididdle luvliest lace mini and Finesmith Jewelry Isabella in Bronze her eyes say yes and her body says do me.  Both of us are wearing the Pididdle Magenta Magic Lipstick; don't we look just kissable!

So.. You see the Holidays are just around the corner. We will be breaking bread around the dining table and busting our belts too. There are parties on top of events on top of sales. While you're giving thanks and spreading holiday cheer let's be kind to one another and if attending these holiday events please think responsibly when dressing your avatar. No this will not solve all our problems but it helps. If you have your own tips on this subject feel free to add them to the comments.

If you love these looks come check them out at the Vintage Fair. The beautiful furniture in the first and second pictures are from {whatnext} . The chairs are just retro awesome. They come in multiple rich fall colors. I just love them. I am loving the ::Scrub:: Gramophone the textures are lovely and very well done.  I keep my place looking great with my Vacuum from FIN. So Cute!
 The table in the above picture is from Zigana the top has all kinds of neat texture options and the legs too! Finally the tea service and the lovely antique breakfront in the back is called Nana's China Cabinet and its from -Hanaya-. It has so many beautiful little chachkies that come along with it. And some family heirloom photos very quaint.

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