Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Monday Kinda

I usually blog because I have a reason.  I'm not the kind of person that loves to take pictures of myself or spend a lot of time fussing and editing my photos.  It takes too much time and I always think nobody is looking anyways.  But one thing I do love to do and seldom have the time to do anymore is put together ensembles.  And shopping - I love to shop!  Usually I shop solo but the one person who I can shop with pretty well is Jacqui.  The problem is we start "oooo'ing" everything and the next thing you know we've each blown a lot of Lindens.  Some days we practically channel each other and look like the Olsen Twins and other times Jac is full out sexy girl and I look like some primmed out version of Bea Arthur or something.

Lately, I've been covering a lot of events which means I spend a lot of time by myself taking pictures.  I'm pretty introverted but sometimes it can get lonely and every IM or notice feels like an intrusion.  I'm sure other bloggers can relate; I'm organizing things into folders so I don't lose them, trying to stay on top of my inventory size, and taking photos.  What I'm wearing is usually the last thing I blogged.  My whole household has been sick since just after Thanksgiving and I picked up the horrible plague sometime last week and am still narly.  The boy finally returned to school today (yay). So when I logged in yesterday I just said "screw it" and put together an mishmash made up of pieces I already owned.  Those of us that lean towards the fashion scene can get so caught up in new stuff that we overlook the great things we have.  So this is a reminder to myself to enjoy SL, for me it's not a job, I don't have to be so driven and single minded and can take time for fun.  

hair: [e]: Quirky: new - ok I didn't already have this until Saturday so technically I had it.
skin: LAQ: Ebba Fair
freckles and "beauty marks": LAQ: purchased separately from skin
lashes: L. Fauna Lashes: underlashes
blush: Mock: Winter Rainbow Collection - Rushing : group gift, I think
shadow: Mock: Back to Basics Eyeshadow - Paarl
skirt: The Secret Store: Chiffon - Silk Kerchief
jacket: TailleursPutain: Eden Brown: part of a free woman type outfit - I don't RP Gor but I think she makes some great stuff! 
necklace: Bliensen & MaiTai: Sapiencia
tank: MichaMi: Washed Out Tank - turquoise - the perfect turquoise tank
stockings: Love Aya - closed :(
boots: Azoury: Les Bottines Doll Marron: I picked these up at the Tropicalia Bazaar but I am sure she has similar in-store.  
Poses: LAP

Big photo taken at (PRISS) - what a cute store! I picked up the cute fur skirt for Project Themeory.

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