Friday, November 18, 2011

Ivalde: Weekend in Paris

I've not been shy to discuss how much I have adored Vintage Fair.  I've been very meh about blogging, spending more time avoiding then actually taking photos but this event has renewed my interest in SL fashion.  There has been much drama around the grid about legitimacy: whose work is original, what has value, etc.  While my ear has certainly been bent I've also felt over it.  Some of this is about trust, but the hating just brings more of the same.  I respect people's learning curve, understand there are some folks in SL that purely want to profit, others for which SL is mostly for fun/want a few L's to blow, and others that rely on SL for a living.  Within that are all kinds of levels and I'm cool with it, am happy to contribute to the SL economy, but I've also been around long enough to have a pretty good understanding of the industry and don't get ripped off too often.  Having that off my chest, Nefaria Abel from Ivalde is a truly talented woman and has had a strong SL presence for years and years.  Nef's deal is Vintage, always has been and hopefully will remain (though I adored L'Abel).  I have an enormous collection of her works and doubt I will ever eliminate them from my inventory. They are like the archives of fashion history and if I want something classic, that folder is one of the ones I hit first.  I adore the new Jamica gown that she has debuted at Vintage Fair.  The dress is what the system skirt was made for in my humble opinion.  A diaphanous prim skirt wraps around a column skirt bringing attention to a narrow waist and hiding the bubble butt that I so dislike in system skirts.   I envisioned myself as a young woman, embarking on an overseas voyage to Europe, possibly a new bride or socialite in a pre-feminist era where a lady's beauty was her most essential asset.  Thank goodness those times are past but I definitely appreciate the clothes!  This dress can stand on its own with just a touch of accessories.  The floral necklace and earrings from WTG and little bowed slingbacks from Baby Monkey complete the look.

I adored the Billie Dress for similar reasons.  Nef has taken a straight system skirt and layered it this time with tulle-like cocktail length skirt for an elegant day to evening look.  I modernized the 1920's style dress with accessories more in line with a 1950's couture look but you can go all kinds of ways with it.  The textures on this dress are almost touchable.  I am probably going back to get it in more colors.   The fantastic Audrey Necklace from Caroline's Jewelry just begged to be worn with the dress.  Caroline was inspired by the necklace worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's and comes in either white or black pearls.  This is a simply stunning piece.  The hair is a gift from Plume for fairgoers.  It's a bit funky and whimsical and the roses change color.
Lots of nice skins with a retro flair have been released for Vintage Fair.  Today I featured a new skin from Boho Beauty.  Redsoledrea Gossipgirl is back with new stuff including the Sloan Skin.  She says it is perfect for redheads but I am wearing it without red hair and was very pleased with it. It comes in 4 tones.  Each pack contains 2 makeups, a cleavage option and 2 mole tattoos.  You can pick up this version at a limited release price at the fair.  Her new store, Boho & Boho Beauty, will be opening on the Chic sim over Thanksgiving weekend.  Until then, her inworld group is free to join and she will be sending out free gifts.  I look forward to more.

Credits: (Most of the items are available at the Vintage Fair.  I will note those that are not. Slurls will be to main stores.  A map and slurls to all shops at Vintage Fair can be found at the Chic Management blog.)
Gown: Ivalde: Jamica
Jewelry: WTG: Floral-w
Skin (all photos) Boho Beauty: Sloan - Vintage (main store opening next week!)
Hair: [e]: Soft: available exclusively at Collabor88
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Mia Pumps (not at fair)
Dress: Ivalde: Billie
Necklace: Caroline's Jewelry: Audrey Pearl Necklace: White
Hair: Plume: A Kiss from a Rose: Freebie!
Glasses: Artilleri: Gabriella (not sure if this set is at the fair)
Stockings: Vextra Messing: Sheer Pantyhose - Blue (not at fair)
Shoes: Armidi: Barcelona Slingbacks - Prussian Blue (note: the website is still up but I've not purchased anything from it in about a year so buy at your own risk.) (not at fair)

All poses are from oOo Studio from retro sets available at the Vintage Fair.  They are fantastic!

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