Friday, October 24, 2014

It's in the details

Trompe Loeil's Attic Skybox for Collabor88 is full of architectural details that lend so much character to the build. The skybox has 3 large rooms, all with fireplaces (and includes both candle and log arrangements) and is ridiculously priced for this month at Collaborate. Also included is a separate surround with dusky skies and lit trees (which I forgot to use) as well as two versions of the skybox: a stand alone and one inside of the surround. Cory is also selling the wingback chairs shown on the left side of my photo, which comes with a white and natural wood finish (and with/without a pillow). The chairs are tastefully texture change with 18 animations as well as props.
In with some old favorites I have tossed in some fabulous items from several events: The Liaison Collaborative, The Theme Park and Mystical Realms, which is closing soon and a must see.  I also was attracted to quite a few items to be found in the Terror-iffic Hunt, which has some adorable items for only $L 5 each.  Details below!

Skybox: Trompe Loeil: Attic Skybox: available @ Collabor88
Photo 1 (left to right):
Pumpkin: Dust Bunny: Pumpkin Cats: find it for the Terror-iffic Hunt
Bench: Alouette: Rainy Day Bench
Table: Frogstar: Corny Candy Table:  find it for the Terror-iffic Hunt
Wingbacks: Trompe Loeil: Wingback Chairs: available at Collabor88
Desk/Chair: Circa: "Traveller's Discovery" Table Trio / Highchair - Redwood: a beautifully detailed set that deserves it's own post: currently available at Mystic Realms
Raven Hanging: Frogstar - texture change
Stool: Fetch: Lya Stool: currently available at The Liaison Collaborative
Orange Candles: Atooly: Cluttered Candles - also includes a black set: find it for the Terror-iffic Hunt
Kaleidoscope - Hocus Pocus Shelf: available @ The Theme Park
Photo 2 (left to right) new items:
Coffin Bookcase: Alouette: available @ The Theme Park
Treat Bucket: Schadenfreude: Treat Bucket, 2014: Free - I have collected these every year since I rezzed and am completely obsessed with them every year.
Bench: Culprit: Friend's Bench Crackle
Table: Post: Haarlem Deco Coffee Table (group)
Bookcase: Traveller's Discovery Tall Shelf: currently available at Mystic Realms
Rocking Chair: MudHoney: Owen Rocking Chair - cherry (available in a multitude of finishes. When you sit it automatically starts rocking and includes 13 animations: currently available at The Liaison Collaborative

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