Monday, October 13, 2014

Candy, Oh?

I am hopelessly behind on blogging! RL has been busy and I am having computer issues, like PS refused to open on the cloud (grr) but I had to show you some of the cuteness over at Candy Fair 2014.  It's a bright spot on the current event calendar and has some really good stuff!   I was really impressed by how the organizers laid out the booths so that designers of similar products are near each other, e.g. poses.  Speaking of poses, I was super impressed with the pose sets that were being offered at the fair, so if you are in need, the Fair is definitely worth checking out.

Tableau Vivant, along with Glam Affair, have recently reopened with some great new changes. Tableau Vivant has reintroduced a new color line that is simply fantastic.  Hair color is changed via a new HUD that features 30 options. Even basic colors have a balayage effect so they never look flat. All new releases will feature the new colors:

10 new color charts:
Black + Whites
Dip dye
Light brunette
Tie & die
and fatpacks will include the special Chemistry HUD that plays with a variety of colors and effects and will never be sold outside of fatpacks.  Because of the immensity of this endeavor, hair created prior to the new color HUDs will not be updated.

Hair: Tableau Vivant: Aida: Shown with "Funky" hair, crown included: New Release!
Skin: Glam Affair: Asia: Viva la Noce (was FLF item last week) + Casia Lipcolor 10
Cute little monsters: even.flow: Monster Cushions: adorable gacha to rez or hold. All original artwork w/ 10 commons + 3 rares
Available at Candy Fair: 2 Sims: URLS are to shops, the Gacha Park is near the walkway between the sims!
Dress: Atomic: Sunday Dress - Blue
Armor: Pixicat: Crew Armor: cupcake: Gacha
Shoes: Eudora3D: Candy Heels for Slink High Feet
Candy Trees: Myrrine: Gacha
Table, Chairs and Tea Sets: Myrrine
Cakes: Paper Flowers: Gacha: shown: Hearts of Gold,  Fly Away With Me (rare), Elephant
Heart Cushion: Sways: Gacha: Miss You
Pose: NanTra: from the new Candygram series

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