Thursday, October 9, 2014

Candy & Cupcakes & Cookies OH MY

Taking a break from my Mystic Realms Faire hauls, I thought I'd highlight another terrific event that's going on until October 17th - The CANDY FAIR! Definitely the sweetest (no pun intended) event in all the land; you could get a cavity just from walking around for 10 minutes!
Visit the Candy Fair website for all the info, including a photo contest they have going!

This outfit (which is PERFECT for my look, I might add) is from The Sugar Garden. It comes in about 8 diff colors I think, but I LOVE chocolate, so of course I had to get that flavor. My shoes are from the KoiKoi gacha machine (yes, I still have a gacha addiction. I need a support group or something.). They are so yummy, you basically want to take one of and lick it. The heel even looks like a cone! They are simply brilliant. And the sucker - OMG the sucker! The coolest/funniest/most ADORBS sucker ever. You can WHACK PEOPLE WITH IT! If the person you're whacking is wearing a "Candy Crusher" HUD, you can actually knock them out, once you bonk them enough. And every time you swing, it poofs candy particles. SO CUTE!

Finishing off my look is a candy fair exclusive skin by Essences, called Ingrid. I swear, I should just pitch a tent in Inka's back yard. It would save me teleporting time. This one has 5 different makeup variations, and each is available in her new tones of pale 01, pale 02, medium 01 & medium 02. Another line to add to my collection! :D

If you haven't been to Candy Fair yet, you definitely don't want to miss it. But a warning: you might have to hit up the dentist afterwards, from all the sweets!

Skin: Essences - Ingrid (CandyFair) Pale01 *makeup01* - Candy Fair 2014!
Outfit: .tsg. Lil' Lace - Melty Choco - Candy Fair 2014!
Shoes: KoiKoi Cherry Poppers Berry Fizz - Candy Fair 2014!
Stockings: T7E - Dipped! Thigh High Socks: Cream - Marketplace
Hair: (Chemistry) HAIR - Bubbles - Blooms - Rose
Septum piercing: Amala -  The Sadie Septum Ring - Silver - Candy Fair 2014!
Nose Chains: *~*HopScotch*~* Nhona Silver - Mystic Realms Faire Oct 10th!
Necklace: +Spellbound+ Eat Me Cookie Necklace // Pink/Lilac
Earrings: Bowtique - Icecream Earrings  - Marketplace
Ring: .Atomic. {Double Scoop} - Ring - Candy Fair 2014!
Bracelet: *MM* Yummy Charm Jewelry Set - Marketplace
Sucker: *BOOM* Candy Crusher (bubblegum) - Candy Fair 2014!
Nail Polish: [Fetch] Cutie  Nails - Candy Fair 2014!
Gum: Blow-Up - Bubble Gum

Magic Nook
Purple Poses

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