Saturday, September 7, 2013

Men's Department Stuff: Not just for the guys

Hi everyone! I'm back. I have missed blogging so much. RL continues to be hectic but my son is getting treatment and overall is doing much better. I had reached a point where I was blogging so much (event upon event) that something just had to go for awhile...and it ended up being my personal blog.  But I've missed it and the blogging community and it's time to do something that is me.

I'm not a huge girly girl unless I'm having an occasional pink explosion.  That being said, I love The Men's Department, a monthly event coordinated by Mikel Monk.  Mikel has put together a showcase of high quality items that includes both avatar and decor items.  All the designers do original work and the prices are never more than L$ 300.  It;s the perfect place to familiarize oneself with some of the best creators that design with men in mind and fills a huge gap for the guys.

I am totally digging the boots from Trauermarsch boots from Deadwool. The set includes both rigged and unrigged versions and the rigged come in two sizes as well as 3 styles so they can adapt to different pant styles.  This is so thoughtful as it is endlessly annoying when meshes don't play nice with each other. Bauwerk has 3 amazing arcade machines out.  I adore the Second Life one and it comes with 9 unique poses, all of which are easily adjustable. Eleventh hour made some really interesting Tube Beer Tap that dispenses a beer or a cup for your cold one when you touch the tap. Second Spaces did great Ezra pieces that includes the table shown (resized for my purposes) and a cigar set that includes an ashtray and rotary dispenser. Nicely detailed decor items to add masculine touches to your home.
My shots were actually inspired by LeLutka's new Seiko hair that is a messy androgynous style that I adore. My clothes are not new but in my opinion Coco's mesh denim shorts are the best I've seen on the grid and I wear them all the time. OK, time for me to shut up and roll the credits. It took me a lot of time to muster up the courage to blog again and I'm so glad  I finally did it. See you soon!

Items currently available exclusively at The Men's Department :
Arcade Machine: Bauwerk: SL
Second Spaces: Ezra Table and Ashtray - sold separately
Beer Tap: Eleventh Hour: Weissbier version
Boots: Deadwool: Trauermarsch boots: - blue

Hair: LeLutka: Seiko -fades: new release
Skin: Glam Affair: Katya: Europa 03 - at Collabor88 for a few more seconds - maybe
Sweater: Coco: Cropped Sweater & Shirt
Shorts: Coco: Denim Shorts - Dark Blue
Stockings: Meil: Lo Socks
Flowers: Apple Fall: Poppies / Glazed Vase - available at The Arcade

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