Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DU, too!

Comp is giving me fits today but nonetheless I must carry on!  More cuteness from Designers United.  The dress is from B.C.C., called Jewelry Raindrop dress so of course I had to get blue. It comes with these little raindrops that you can attach to your avatar for added effect but raindrops and pose chairs don't go together very well.  The pose chair is a collab between Marukin and NYU and is all adjustable and stuff.
So today, I ended up at the Courtier's Docks because I had to get this adorable hair piece from Black Liquid.  It is a limited Edition and I think it's nearly half sold out so hurry if you need it.  It does not include a hair base and it's one tough black to match. The designer gives you a LM to Paper Couture because she has a matching hair base but I knew I had one in my inventory and get tired of rebuying things because I can't find what I need.  However, I did go to Paper Couture and lo and behold there were new items!  I had to get the Pearl and Silver Collar, in all it's delicate loveliness.  Oh and, I did find a hairbase and it's a really good match: It's Miamai Hairbase Style C_Black 3. I needed the middle part and nothing else would do.

Dress: B.C.C.: Jewelry Raindrops Dress - sky: available at Designers United
Necklace: Paper Couture: Pearl & Silver Collar
Shoes: Schadenfreude: Casinelle -always get the fat pack!: Aug Collab and let's hope in the elephant
Stockings: Izzie's: Cat Tights
Hair: blackLiquid: Chen: limited edition at Courtier's Docks
Hairbase: Miamai: Style C_Black 3
Skin: Belleza: Aiko
Pose Prop: Marukin: automatism posing stool: available at Designers United

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