Thursday, November 1, 2012

Just an Update

I'm moving my blog from Crybaby to this blog.  My primary reason is that I've always hated the name of my blog and the reason for naming it has long since disappeared.  I'm not a crybaby, though I've been known to bitch hard about things, but that is not my purpose for blogging. I do not criticize the items I blog; I blog what I like and if the item does meet my tastes or my standards I just won't show it.

I'm taking a somewhat different angle this time: Over the past year, blogging became completely overwhelming for me.  At times I was blogging 3 events at a time and I became exhausted with it...and the guilt about getting to everything became overwhelming.  I felt pressured to show things, some things that I did not completely adore but felt obligated to show.  I just won't do that anymore and also will not take on as many events.  I know events are the thing in SL, and there has been lots of drama lately about it.  Love them or hate them,  I think there are too many and to me they have lost some of their luster.  I remember when an event was a big deal and I would be so excited for Designer's United or Relay for Life, but now they are essentially the way to see new releases.  There are pro's and con's: on the pro side: loading time can be less and I can quickly see many designers (unless I'm put in some maze) and, on the con side: on my not-the-latest computer they are lagfests (I don't believe continual crashing or freezing up builds community), difficult to enter for much of the event, and to some degree has severed the ties I felt towards some brands.  I no longer feel as much relationship with them, especially in-world groups that now sit empty of notices and gifts, nor do I look forward to their newest releases.

In addition to these feelings about blogging in SL, I related in my last post on Crybaby (many posts of which I've exported over) that my teenage son is not doing well.  He has been diagnosed with a mental illness and treating that and supporting him are priorities and I just don't have the free time.  So I am jumping off the hamster wheel and pretty much sticking with the things I love about blogging, designer created, well made items. They might be from an event or they might not...but my pace will be one that I can enjoy.  I wish you all well and hope that SL brings you enjoyment.

PS. This is a work in progress and I have not updated links on feeds.  Maybe once things are settled a bit.

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