Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Color Challenge: Coral or The Day Eden Broke Down and Blogged Something

I'm finally getting back on track from the holidays and decided that I want to join in on Luna Jubilee's second year of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge.  I missed last week, which was champagne which picks at my OCD tendencies but one of my resolutions for this year is to let some of the small things go, so I jumped in.  Then Jacqui says to me, "You are wearing brown, not coral!", for which I snarled at her but secretly worried would expose me as a really bad blogger.  But it's my first try and Ms. P can do her own challenge (because she is)!

There were a lot of items in my inventory that were called coral and there was a ton of variation.  Probably the most perfectly coral colored item is Whippet & Buck's cropped boatneck shirt.  I topped it with Pig's Lady's Like Sweaters which she has for free at The Free Dove.  There are also a pair of her awesome Socks Mit Suspenders in the package.  Drinkinstein Sorbet from The Sea Hole has such a marvelous eye for color and her new skirt for Collabor88 has one with coral undertones and I thought would be a great option for tying together the shirts.  I chose Bliensen & MaiTai's Dreaming Klimdt necklace, which is available at the Black Market for my accessory with it's coral touches.  I even found a makeup from Mock that has coral in it.  So yay for matchiness!

Sweater: Pig: Ladies like Sweaters - Coral: free at The Free Dove
Shirt: Whippet & Buck: Cropped Boatneck: Coral
Skirt: The Sea Hole: Heron Skirt: Dusted - exclusively at Collabor88
Necklace: Bliensen & MaiTai: Dreaming Klimdt - available at The Black Market
Skin: LAQ: Ebba
Makeup: MOCK: Coral Cotton Candy Makeover
Nails: MOCK: Coraline Coral Mock Nails
Hair: Love Soul: 098 - Auburn: on sale!!!! 


  1. Hahaha I guess in your panic you missed that I said your shirt was coral and your skirt had coral in it! You're a great blogger! <3

  2. And I said you look adorable too!

  3. Such a cute look! :)) I agree with Jacqui: ADORABLE!