Monday, January 23, 2012

LunaJubilee's Color Challenge: Wk 4: Iron

I am having a lot of fun with Luna Jubilee's color challenges.  This week was a lot harder than I expected.  I have an abundance of greys and silvers in my inventory but what really appeals to me about this challenge is that I can be totally obsessive and find the best matches.  I try and stay as literal to the color swatch we are given.  I'm not a very literal person but I can be a perfectionist, which is quite a balancing act.  I hope you enjoy the results!

Dress: Milk Motion: My Jean Dress - Grey
Shoes: Tee*fy: Atra Wedges - Grey Fur
Gloves: 1902 Grey Gloves w/Pansies: I got these at a closing sale way back in '08!
Choker: Catnip: Penance Choker - one of my all time fav items!
Hair: Kik: Fine III - Grey
Skin: The U-Neek: Grey Henna Skin
Eyes: Rozena: Tempt Eye ~ Grey Paint
Pose: Corpus: Model .010


  1. Wow Pretty... Love the way that henna tattoo pops out on the grey skin!

  2. I agree. The skin is awesome :)

  3. It really is! And it's cheap and treebee, the creator, is a total sweetheart.

  4. I agree. The skin definitely adds a special touch to the look. :-)