Friday, January 13, 2012

Cannibelle / Wasabi Pills New Releases

Lately, my inventory has pretty much taken over my time in SL.  I dream of the day when it's not lagging me down (it does happen) and I can actually not worry about it.  Some days I really am tempted to just pitch the whole thing or switch to one of my alts.  I know it's been done but on the other hand I am enamored with SL fashion and have collected this great treasure trove, though I can't find half of it.  And I love Eden.  I am not my avatar but I do bring myself to SL and I've never really felt quite myself on the others.  My friend, Whisper Despres, is keeping count of her inventory size on her new blog, Fashion Fumbles, and I am going to do the same thing here.  Whisper is an awesome blogger and many of you might have been following her on freebles.  She has decided to not limit herself to freebie blogging, which I kidded her about because Whisper is CHEAP and she loves to hunt.  If she doesn't, she feels she is missing something and starts to get weirder than usual.  We all have our fetishes, don't we? Mine is shopping and my inventory is 107, 677 which is down from over 114 K when I started to get serious about this.
I'm not sure why I feel compelled to talk here.  I'm not a super chatty person but for me blogging is a personal expression of what I love.  I have recently received a couple of items for review that I am excited about. Annabelle Couturier of Cannibelle is a lovely lady who has gained my attention for her work with lingerie and tattoos.  She is not exorbitantly expensive and she does good work.  She has recently released the Harpreet Lingerie, which has a decidedly South Asia feel to it.  It gave me a chance to bust out my loved [BA] Moroccan set, which I see he is offering at Collabor88 now (not the pavillion).  The new chairs look updated and I'm literally forcing myself not to get the new ones.  She has also created the new Aadita Henna tattoo, which works so well with the lingerie.  I've noticed that she seems to make the effort to have her tattoos compliment her lingerie and I appreciate that.  The other item I recently recieved is Wasabi Pills newest mesh hair, Nicole.  MissAllSunday must work like a maven.  She is cranking out the most fabulous hair lately and really seems to get this mesh deal.  I've said it before and I will repeat it: She has some of the nicest hair textures on the grid and everything is available in a ton of colors.  I've been converted into a big fan.

Lingerie: Cannibelle: Harpreet Lingerie (other colors available): new release
Tattoo: Cannibelle: Aadita Henna Tattoo: available in both clothing and tat layers: new release
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Nicole Mesh Hair - Gingerbread
Nose Ring: Yak & Yeti: Bollywood Jewelry: Free. I've had this stuff since I was a noob and I absolutely love these pieces
Skin: Illusory: Page - Chai - Blue Haze
Nails: Mock: Coral Mock Nails
Poses: LAP
Furniture and Tea Pavilion: Barneswoth Anubis: some of these items are currently available at Collabor88


  1. There you go calling me cheap again. At least my inventory isn't so big it has it's own area code. Hahaha! There are just too many grid hunts now. I'll go cherry pickin' sometimes but, not often!

  2. Hell. my inventory has it's own server, I'm sure. <3