Monday, January 30, 2012

Color Challenge: Patina

Happy Monday!  Some people are absolute speed freaks with these color challenges.  When I looked this morning there were already almost 80 responses of completed posts!  I feel like a total slowpoke even though each week I do it earlier.  I refuse to do it sooner; it's become part of my Monday ritual once my son is finally off to school and I have some time to myself.  I love the color of patina; we have a gorgeous old basilica near my home that has a copper dome and it has aged to such a lovely patina.

The upside of having a gargantuan inventory is that so far I have had plenty of items for this challenge.  It was hard to sort out the all the 'greeny' and 'bluey' things but some of my household items actually helped blend the colors for this picture.
My only new item is a must have for all of you doing the color challenge. Mocksoup Graves of MOCK Cosmetics sent her group a "color block" gift that has several of the next few weeks colors in it!  The group is not free but Mock has to be one of the most insanely generous women I know here and she is damn good at her craft.

I've not been online much lately but I have been slowly culling my inventory.  Jacqui and I are keeping track of our progress on the sidebar of the blog.  Hopefully, I can make some good progress this week and feel like I deserve to blog more.

Jacket: DeLa: Shearling Jacket "Rosa" -  Crystalblue
Skirt Outfit: Schadenfreude: Seafoam Funster Top and Skirt
Shoes: Pixel Mode: Fae Wedges - Teal
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Kimmy Hair - Ethereal
Skin: LAQ: Ebba
Eyes: Mlo: Crystal Eyes: store is closed
Makeup: MOCK: Patina Luna Eyeshadow: Group gift
Decor: All but right print from Post: Fin de siecle set and Picasso print
  North West: Clip Hanger Poster - Programma
Pose: Di's Opera


  1. I almost wore that seafoam outfit from Schadenfreude and then suddenly changed my mind. Cute outfit!