Friday, January 20, 2012

Waiting on the Mothership

Today was not a good day for my inventory but I did help contribute to the SL economy! There are a few good sales on now and I actually managed to buy things that could be worn together.  My purchasing generally has a very random quality to it.  So Many Styles has some nice pieces on sale.  My favorite was the feather vest.  I've paired it with the chiffon skirt, also from SMS, though this particular piece is not on sale this time.  A laced chiffon skirt is though, and I did pick up a few colors that did need updating (because, yes, I deleted a lot).  LaGyo has a half price sale on EVERYTHING right now and I picked up the new Desparado Bag, which is one of my favorites.  I used to not be a big purse fan because they just swung around and sliced through your head but they are so well animated right now that I am being won over.  The pose I'm using is in the purse.  I love the pose though in this shot I looked a bit like my brains had been zapped by the aliens, so I used a background submitted by Whimsy Winx for the wonderful SL Stock Images Group on Flickr. The Lainey boots are a new release from Baby Monkey.  They currently are not on sale but Pixie has been offering new releases at a major price reduction lately, so it's worthwhile to check.  Finally, Heart Softens is closing and I picked up several styles at only 39 L a piece while I had the chance.  Now, back to sorting.

Vest: So Many Styles: Feather Vest, Natural
Skirt: So Many Styles: Chiffon Skirt
Shirt: JustB: Autumn Shimmer: store is closed :(
Stockings: Rotten Toe: Moth Stockings: on Marketplace
Boots: Baby Monkey: Lainie Boots
Purse: LaGyo: Desparado Bag
Hair: Heart Softens: Wolf - Brown
Skin: Laq: Ebba

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