Thursday, January 19, 2012

Color Challenge: Electic Indigo or The Day Eden was Ready to Throw her Computer out the Window

Oh, man. I've about had it with this dumb computer.  It was a top of the line iMac a few years ago but talk about controlled obsolescence; you cannot switch out graphics cards or make any updates.  They are like a big pretty laptop on a stick, which would be sweet if I still had the means to go buy a new stick, but with a teen eating me out of house and home and house projects, it just cannot be justified so I can take purty SL photos. Where is that sugar daddy when I need him?

This weeks color challenge was a hard one for me.  I haven't been a big fan of the purples since grape pop was a childhood treat.  But thank heavens for Zaara!  I love her Mahari dress and I remembered getting the indigo one back when SL Daily Deals was an event.  (I really loved that event but I can only imagine what a nightmare it was to administer.)  What's even more super about this dress is that it captures both the blues and purples that make up this color.  If you google 'electric indigo' you see some conflicting colors for it.  I am beginning to really respect Luna for offering these challenges.  Even picking a color can be really tricky!  G Field's lovely Eve pumps in purple had enough blue tones in them to work for me and I just had to use the Phlox facepaint from Osakki that came with the superbomb purple jumpsuit I picked up at her closing sale.   One of my alts rezzed at D!va and I saw the new style on the Lucky Board and went "Zoinks!  I need that!" and tped Madam Eden over there to win the board and pick up another version of it in Moonstone.  Eden is really selfish and does not share well with her alts!

Dress: Zaara: Mahari - indigo
Shoes: Gfield: Eve - purple
Face Paint: Ossaki: Creativ.Facepaint: Phlox (came w/ the Flow Jumpsuit)
Skin: Glam Affair: Linn - Light
Hair: D!va: Yoko - Moonstone - New Release
Bracelet: Hoot: Cherry Blossom Bracelet: God of Wine: store is closed
Pose: Magnifique Poses: Prince Charming


  1. What a beautiful picture!! I love it!

  2. That dress is such a perfect choice for indigo--and your photo looks pretty amazing to me!