Monday, April 21, 2014

The4.21.2014: Under the Tuscan Sun

It's been awhile since I've done a decor post, which is a shame since it's a favorite activity of mine. Always a challenge to get started but once I start mixing I have to be careful and edit. The setting for this post is Trompe Loeil's new Cortona Villas which you can pick up at Collabor88 through the rest of the month. I will talk about it more in a sec because it's so good it's sick.  Trompe also is a monthly participant at FaMESHed and has the most remarkable, over-the-top furnishings in her Whimsy collection this month.  The Alyce Bench is a favorite of mine and you can select many different texture types (velvet, leather, etc) and a myriad of colors as well as chose between adult and general poses.  I also tucked in the Candle Fireplace to replace the fireplace included in the Cortona because I loved the glow of the candlelight.  The other items in the room are mostly from the April collection at The Men's Dept. and The Chapter 4.  I spent a fortune on the gacha at Chapter 4 trying to win the adorable Elephant Cart only to discover how amazing all the items are in the set.
 An overall look at the Cortona Villas shows just what an amazing build Cory did for Collabor88 this month.  It sells for L$ 388 and my god, I remember when something as gorgeous as this would have cost thousands and thousands of Lindens.  Get it now at Collab if at all possible. The rooms surround a central courtyard that contains many little living spaces as well. There are all kinds of secret rooms and the doors open upon touch.  The build includes planters and numerous water features as well as a striking pergola at it's entrance. I did add the main fountain which is from Cory's March collection at FaMESHed (the furniture from which is PERFECT for this build). 

Build: Trompe Loeil: Cortona Villas: available at April's Collabor88 round
Big Fountain: Trome Loeil: Valiano Fountain Stone Dirty: from March's FaMESHed round 
Sofa: Trompe Loeil: Alyce Bench Velvet Yellow: available at April's FaMESHed round
Fireplace: Trompe Loeil: Candle Fireplace Tile With Drape (drape is texture change): available at April's FaMESHed round
Audrey Chair: Abiss Design: Concerto Chair: available at the April The Men's Dept.
Leather Chair: Hideki: from Set 2 (rare): gacha at April The Chapter 4
Elephant Cart: Hideki: gacha at April The Chapter 4
Bust: Dinmael Bust (Coal/Gold): available at April The Men's Dept.
Mirror: Abiss Design: Deco Mirror: available at April The Men's Dept.
Record Player: Hideki: gacha at April The Chapter 4
Table: Convair: Noguchi Table: soon available on The Marketplace
Rug: Zaara: Ikat Dhurri Rug: gacha from March The Arcade
Asst Decor: Post, Bazar

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