Monday, January 30, 2012

Color Challenge: Patina

Happy Monday!  Some people are absolute speed freaks with these color challenges.  When I looked this morning there were already almost 80 responses of completed posts!  I feel like a total slowpoke even though each week I do it earlier.  I refuse to do it sooner; it's become part of my Monday ritual once my son is finally off to school and I have some time to myself.  I love the color of patina; we have a gorgeous old basilica near my home that has a copper dome and it has aged to such a lovely patina.

The upside of having a gargantuan inventory is that so far I have had plenty of items for this challenge.  It was hard to sort out the all the 'greeny' and 'bluey' things but some of my household items actually helped blend the colors for this picture.
My only new item is a must have for all of you doing the color challenge. Mocksoup Graves of MOCK Cosmetics sent her group a "color block" gift that has several of the next few weeks colors in it!  The group is not free but Mock has to be one of the most insanely generous women I know here and she is damn good at her craft.

I've not been online much lately but I have been slowly culling my inventory.  Jacqui and I are keeping track of our progress on the sidebar of the blog.  Hopefully, I can make some good progress this week and feel like I deserve to blog more.

Jacket: DeLa: Shearling Jacket "Rosa" -  Crystalblue
Skirt Outfit: Schadenfreude: Seafoam Funster Top and Skirt
Shoes: Pixel Mode: Fae Wedges - Teal
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Kimmy Hair - Ethereal
Skin: LAQ: Ebba
Eyes: Mlo: Crystal Eyes: store is closed
Makeup: MOCK: Patina Luna Eyeshadow: Group gift
Decor: All but right print from Post: Fin de siecle set and Picasso print
  North West: Clip Hanger Poster - Programma
Pose: Di's Opera

Monday, January 23, 2012

LunaJubilee's Color Challenge: Wk 4: Iron

I am having a lot of fun with Luna Jubilee's color challenges.  This week was a lot harder than I expected.  I have an abundance of greys and silvers in my inventory but what really appeals to me about this challenge is that I can be totally obsessive and find the best matches.  I try and stay as literal to the color swatch we are given.  I'm not a very literal person but I can be a perfectionist, which is quite a balancing act.  I hope you enjoy the results!

Dress: Milk Motion: My Jean Dress - Grey
Shoes: Tee*fy: Atra Wedges - Grey Fur
Gloves: 1902 Grey Gloves w/Pansies: I got these at a closing sale way back in '08!
Choker: Catnip: Penance Choker - one of my all time fav items!
Hair: Kik: Fine III - Grey
Skin: The U-Neek: Grey Henna Skin
Eyes: Rozena: Tempt Eye ~ Grey Paint
Pose: Corpus: Model .010

Friday, January 20, 2012

Waiting on the Mothership

Today was not a good day for my inventory but I did help contribute to the SL economy! There are a few good sales on now and I actually managed to buy things that could be worn together.  My purchasing generally has a very random quality to it.  So Many Styles has some nice pieces on sale.  My favorite was the feather vest.  I've paired it with the chiffon skirt, also from SMS, though this particular piece is not on sale this time.  A laced chiffon skirt is though, and I did pick up a few colors that did need updating (because, yes, I deleted a lot).  LaGyo has a half price sale on EVERYTHING right now and I picked up the new Desparado Bag, which is one of my favorites.  I used to not be a big purse fan because they just swung around and sliced through your head but they are so well animated right now that I am being won over.  The pose I'm using is in the purse.  I love the pose though in this shot I looked a bit like my brains had been zapped by the aliens, so I used a background submitted by Whimsy Winx for the wonderful SL Stock Images Group on Flickr. The Lainey boots are a new release from Baby Monkey.  They currently are not on sale but Pixie has been offering new releases at a major price reduction lately, so it's worthwhile to check.  Finally, Heart Softens is closing and I picked up several styles at only 39 L a piece while I had the chance.  Now, back to sorting.

Vest: So Many Styles: Feather Vest, Natural
Skirt: So Many Styles: Chiffon Skirt
Shirt: JustB: Autumn Shimmer: store is closed :(
Stockings: Rotten Toe: Moth Stockings: on Marketplace
Boots: Baby Monkey: Lainie Boots
Purse: LaGyo: Desparado Bag
Hair: Heart Softens: Wolf - Brown
Skin: Laq: Ebba

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Color Challenge: Electic Indigo or The Day Eden was Ready to Throw her Computer out the Window

Oh, man. I've about had it with this dumb computer.  It was a top of the line iMac a few years ago but talk about controlled obsolescence; you cannot switch out graphics cards or make any updates.  They are like a big pretty laptop on a stick, which would be sweet if I still had the means to go buy a new stick, but with a teen eating me out of house and home and house projects, it just cannot be justified so I can take purty SL photos. Where is that sugar daddy when I need him?

This weeks color challenge was a hard one for me.  I haven't been a big fan of the purples since grape pop was a childhood treat.  But thank heavens for Zaara!  I love her Mahari dress and I remembered getting the indigo one back when SL Daily Deals was an event.  (I really loved that event but I can only imagine what a nightmare it was to administer.)  What's even more super about this dress is that it captures both the blues and purples that make up this color.  If you google 'electric indigo' you see some conflicting colors for it.  I am beginning to really respect Luna for offering these challenges.  Even picking a color can be really tricky!  G Field's lovely Eve pumps in purple had enough blue tones in them to work for me and I just had to use the Phlox facepaint from Osakki that came with the superbomb purple jumpsuit I picked up at her closing sale.   One of my alts rezzed at D!va and I saw the new style on the Lucky Board and went "Zoinks!  I need that!" and tped Madam Eden over there to win the board and pick up another version of it in Moonstone.  Eden is really selfish and does not share well with her alts!

Dress: Zaara: Mahari - indigo
Shoes: Gfield: Eve - purple
Face Paint: Ossaki: Creativ.Facepaint: Phlox (came w/ the Flow Jumpsuit)
Skin: Glam Affair: Linn - Light
Hair: D!va: Yoko - Moonstone - New Release
Bracelet: Hoot: Cherry Blossom Bracelet: God of Wine: store is closed
Pose: Magnifique Poses: Prince Charming

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cannibelle / Wasabi Pills New Releases

Lately, my inventory has pretty much taken over my time in SL.  I dream of the day when it's not lagging me down (it does happen) and I can actually not worry about it.  Some days I really am tempted to just pitch the whole thing or switch to one of my alts.  I know it's been done but on the other hand I am enamored with SL fashion and have collected this great treasure trove, though I can't find half of it.  And I love Eden.  I am not my avatar but I do bring myself to SL and I've never really felt quite myself on the others.  My friend, Whisper Despres, is keeping count of her inventory size on her new blog, Fashion Fumbles, and I am going to do the same thing here.  Whisper is an awesome blogger and many of you might have been following her on freebles.  She has decided to not limit herself to freebie blogging, which I kidded her about because Whisper is CHEAP and she loves to hunt.  If she doesn't, she feels she is missing something and starts to get weirder than usual.  We all have our fetishes, don't we? Mine is shopping and my inventory is 107, 677 which is down from over 114 K when I started to get serious about this.
I'm not sure why I feel compelled to talk here.  I'm not a super chatty person but for me blogging is a personal expression of what I love.  I have recently received a couple of items for review that I am excited about. Annabelle Couturier of Cannibelle is a lovely lady who has gained my attention for her work with lingerie and tattoos.  She is not exorbitantly expensive and she does good work.  She has recently released the Harpreet Lingerie, which has a decidedly South Asia feel to it.  It gave me a chance to bust out my loved [BA] Moroccan set, which I see he is offering at Collabor88 now (not the pavillion).  The new chairs look updated and I'm literally forcing myself not to get the new ones.  She has also created the new Aadita Henna tattoo, which works so well with the lingerie.  I've noticed that she seems to make the effort to have her tattoos compliment her lingerie and I appreciate that.  The other item I recently recieved is Wasabi Pills newest mesh hair, Nicole.  MissAllSunday must work like a maven.  She is cranking out the most fabulous hair lately and really seems to get this mesh deal.  I've said it before and I will repeat it: She has some of the nicest hair textures on the grid and everything is available in a ton of colors.  I've been converted into a big fan.

Lingerie: Cannibelle: Harpreet Lingerie (other colors available): new release
Tattoo: Cannibelle: Aadita Henna Tattoo: available in both clothing and tat layers: new release
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Nicole Mesh Hair - Gingerbread
Nose Ring: Yak & Yeti: Bollywood Jewelry: Free. I've had this stuff since I was a noob and I absolutely love these pieces
Skin: Illusory: Page - Chai - Blue Haze
Nails: Mock: Coral Mock Nails
Poses: LAP
Furniture and Tea Pavilion: Barneswoth Anubis: some of these items are currently available at Collabor88

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Color Challenge: Coral or The Day Eden Broke Down and Blogged Something

I'm finally getting back on track from the holidays and decided that I want to join in on Luna Jubilee's second year of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge.  I missed last week, which was champagne which picks at my OCD tendencies but one of my resolutions for this year is to let some of the small things go, so I jumped in.  Then Jacqui says to me, "You are wearing brown, not coral!", for which I snarled at her but secretly worried would expose me as a really bad blogger.  But it's my first try and Ms. P can do her own challenge (because she is)!

There were a lot of items in my inventory that were called coral and there was a ton of variation.  Probably the most perfectly coral colored item is Whippet & Buck's cropped boatneck shirt.  I topped it with Pig's Lady's Like Sweaters which she has for free at The Free Dove.  There are also a pair of her awesome Socks Mit Suspenders in the package.  Drinkinstein Sorbet from The Sea Hole has such a marvelous eye for color and her new skirt for Collabor88 has one with coral undertones and I thought would be a great option for tying together the shirts.  I chose Bliensen & MaiTai's Dreaming Klimdt necklace, which is available at the Black Market for my accessory with it's coral touches.  I even found a makeup from Mock that has coral in it.  So yay for matchiness!

Sweater: Pig: Ladies like Sweaters - Coral: free at The Free Dove
Shirt: Whippet & Buck: Cropped Boatneck: Coral
Skirt: The Sea Hole: Heron Skirt: Dusted - exclusively at Collabor88
Necklace: Bliensen & MaiTai: Dreaming Klimdt - available at The Black Market
Skin: LAQ: Ebba
Makeup: MOCK: Coral Cotton Candy Makeover
Nails: MOCK: Coraline Coral Mock Nails
Hair: Love Soul: 098 - Auburn: on sale!!!!