Thursday, May 3, 2012

Color Challenge meets Culture Shock

Late to the game as always on the Color Challenge.  I will never be first but possibly last, just like being picked in gym class.  This week's color challenge was Thistle and it was not as easy as I first imagined it to be.  It's kind of a lavenderish pink and purple is not generally my thing.  My old (2009) dress from TART (now Evale) fitted the bill just about perfectly but then I chose the remainder of items from the upcoming Culture Shock 2012 event. 

Chic Management hosts some of the best events on the grid and the 2nd annual Culture Shock event aims to incorporate the cultural influences of those involved.  This event, sponsored by Modavia Productions, is also a charity event where each of the 184 stores involved must include at least one EXCLUSIVE item where at least 50% of the proceeds will benefit charity. The chosen charity is Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) for the second year.  The event opens tomorrow, 4.4, at 4 PM SLT and runs through May 26th.  It is important to note that some things have been done to create less lag and one of them concerns you.  If you have more than 50 scripts running on your avatar you will not be able to gain entrance.  Right click yourself on most viewers and you can retrieve that information.  Some scripts are more taxing than others so be aware of what you are wearing.

I always love Wasabi Pills mesh hair selection and the amazing MissAllSunday Lemon has created yet another lovely piece for Culture Shock, called Shiori.  Wasabi provides a "BOOBS" version of the hair for those of you who are endowed as well as tattoo hair-bases and a HUD to change band colors (easy to detach and that script is gone!).  The skin from YS&YS is exclusive to Culture Shock and comes with about a billion options from cleavage to brow colors to lashes and freckles.  I am wearing the teeth version and I love it.  I generally despise teethies in SL because I look ridiculous in them but this one is subtle enough to make my purist heart happy. I added the sweet lip tattoo from Redbird, which is a new store to me, from their Candied Lip pack (as well as an older Lelutka eyeshadow to get the color challenge effect).  The Shocking Eyes are new from Mons. These are a donation item and are really bright and and clear with enough dark tones to give them a nice depth.  Last but not least, I love A.S.S.'s new Decade Rings.  The rings include a hud so that you can change the texture (again detach and no scipts).  They best fit a large hand, but I like em!  Even my pose from Status was found at the event!  

You can access Culture Shock 2012 beginning tomorrow, 4.4, at 4 PM SLT.  A zoomable map with a complete listing of slurs  is available so you can find your favorite stores or enjoy wandering and discover someone new to you.  The landing point is here

Credits (the slurls will be to the actual stores - use the links just above to find the shops when Culture Shock opens)

Dress: TART (now closed): Mia - reopened as Evale) - not at CS2012
Ring: A.S.S. : Decades Ring - Key 
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Shiori
Skin: YS&YS: CS2012 - Roxanne
Lips: Redbird: Candied Lips - Strawberry
Eyeshadow: Lelutka: Makeup1 (I think I got it with a skin - lol) - not at CS2012 but Celoe is!
Pose: Status: Glamah Shotz5

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