Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Step Back in Time

Home Expo, which raises funds for RFL, is in it's final weekend.  The event runs through Monday, May 28th and covers 14 amazing sims.  I would love to see this fair run another week but the world doesn't revolve around me.  I am going to hopefully be doing twice daily posts in order to cover some more ground...RL kind of crept up on me this past week, mostly in the form of a wee bit end of the school year drama with my teenage (omg) son.  On expo preview day I spent some time chatting with Kat Alderson from Clutter and I was astounded by her work on the Ruined Courtyard.  This is not a house but indeed a courtyard like a old castle you might see in Europe.  It fits on a 38x30 footprint and it can be rezzed entirely at 157 prims or with individual pieces which include the ivy, seating, grasses and orchids or just the courtyard.  Kat probably doesn't know it but I remember when she had a cute little jewelry store called Cad & Tart, that I adored and I have always thought she was super talented.  

I was charmed by the Chinese Peace Lanterns from Alchemy Immortalis.  Traditionally in Asia, blue lanterns represent immortality and peace, and these were created as a tribute to the legacy of those who lost their battle with cancer as well as the spirit of survivors.  It is super easy to use; you rez the 1 prim blue and white rezzer and in moments the sky is filled with gently floating lanterns that glow with a soft flame.  These have several settings and you can even ride them.  They have been scripted for low lag.  
My darling friend, Skyler John, of Mystic Sky finally got the creative bug and has made a lovely little gown.  The Miranda Ballroom gown comes in 8 rich jewel tones and it includes both knee and floor length skirts.  I love the shorter length as I rarely have an occasion to wear gowns but it's a perfect addition for those that do.  The shorter length would be really nice for a fae.  Skyler includes a matching hair piece but somehow my final photos didn't include it...sorry Skyler, I owe you! 
I died, just died, when I got Wasabi Pills newest release, Anais, which is for the new wave of Zombie Popcorn which started today and ends June 9.  I had to IM MissAllSunday Lemon, Wasabi creator, immediately as I have fallen in love with this hair.  The hair is mesh and is available in all of Wasabi's gorgeous textures.  I've been around SL for a long time and every time I think I am ready for a long break, people create more amazing works and I remain enthralled.  It is a constant visual feast.   I also had the opportunity this week to preview Skin Addiction's Skin Showcase which started yesterday and runs for 2 weeks, until June 10.  Voishe Paine, group creator and the dozens and dozens of designers have showcased what they believe is the best of their brand under one location.  Designers from female, male, petite, fantasy, etc. are all represented.  It is set in a lovely parklike setting with meandering trails. Many designers have also placed out special gifts for members of the Skin Addiction group, which is free to join.  I am wearing a new skin by Leafy, Sapphire, that is available in neutrals as well as 5 fantasy tones.  It is a beautiful pure skin with just the right amount of facial definition to give it true character.  

It's been a busy few weeks in SL and so many talented people are just cranking out amazing work.  Get out and see what you can discover.  Home Expo has a great website that details store locations as well as daily activities.  

Build: Clutter: Ruined Courtyard @ Home Expo (located on sim 8, I promise!)
Lanterns: Alchemy Immortalis: Chinese Peace Lanterns @ Home Expo
Dress: Mystic Sky: Miranda Ballroom Gown: new release
Necklace: LaGyo: Ippolita Necklace Aqua
Shoes: Ingenue: Organique Flats: Droplet
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Anais Mesh Hair for Zombie Popcorn
Skin: Leafy: Sapphire - Neutral - Lumiel Pure @ The Skin Showcase
Poses: LAP: Gown with the Wind - Get them before they are gone!!! 

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