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[HANDverk]: How I love thee

Ok.  I am going to try to keep my nerdiness to a minimum but my passion is 20th Century designer furniture, particularly the first half of the century.  I discovered [HANDverk] when I was previewing Culture Shock and since that time I've grabbed about anything I can get from them.  [HANDverk] is the creation of Tobias Convair and his partner, Daphne Klossovsky.  From what I can garner it appears that Tobias makes the furnishings and Daphne, the jewelry and other wearables.  Both are stunning.  All of the [HANDverk] items are a mesh creation.  The jewelry is all unrigged so that you can make adjustments.
The Wassily Lounge Chair was created by Marcel Breuer in 1925.  Breuer was one of the protégés of the founder of the Bauhaus, which was a school in Germany that combined the fine arts and crafts and was founded on the idea of creating a "total" work of art in that all arts, including architecture were combined. The Bauhaus school was short lived as it was shut down by the Nazis in 1933 but it's impact has shaped our world.  The Wassily lounge chair, produced in RL by Knoll, can be found at the [HANDverk] booth at Culture Shock 2012, as well as the Wassily jewelry that I am wearing in the first four photos.  The jewelry is a very clever interpretation of the Wassily Lounge, something I think the members of Bauhaus would have enthusiastically embraced.
The Barcelona Chair was created by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929 for the German Pavillion for the Barcelona Exposition. Mies was director of the Bauhaus at one point but he is more often known as a modern architect.  His most famous building is the Seagram Building in Midtown Manhattan and you can find a number of his high-rise office towers in Chicago.  He is attributed with the aphorisms "Less is more" and "God is in the details", guiding principals of Minimalism but adopted for everyday language.  The Barcelona is also manufactured by Knoll.

The final set of jewelry at Culture Shock is the Bauhaus Face jewelry and is inspired by the Bauhaus logo.  It includes both gold and silver versions.
[HANDverk] does more than historical sets.  The Fan jewelry, which is featured this month at FaMESHed, is bold yet intricate and consists of many small pieces.   It is available in gold, silver and steel and includes both brown and black leather laces. I decided that it leant to a tribal look and so I had to wear la petite morte's fantastic tribal makeup in black.  It paired perfectly with YS&YS's Jenny Skin and Mon's Shocking eyes in brown.  These items are available at Culture Shock.
Just out today for Stumblebum is the Strand set.  Stand is available in four color combinations. I am wearing the "manic maize" set but is also available in crazed cerulean, lunatic lime and psychotic pink.  You can purchase the necklace and bracelets as a set or individually.  They are fantastic statement items and a must-have if you are looking for something new and vibrant.  You can purchase through the end of the month at a 25% discount so get them all now.  The Blanca skin from AKERUKA is an exclusive at Culture Shock and is gorgeous.  The yummy Wrapped & Strapped Bandeau from Pididdle comes in seven bright colors and can also be found at Culture Shock.

I wanted to show again the furniture items that are available at Culture Shock (does not include painting).  The table, lamp and tea set are all Bauhaus inspirations.
At FaMeshed you can get the Marshmallow Sofa and the Sunburst Clock.  I apologize for the ridgy appearance.  I'm on an older computer and sometimes I can get antialias under control and other times it seems to be impossible. Anyway, the Marshmallow Sofa was created by George Nelson in 1956 for Herman Miller. Nelson became the Director of Design at Herman Miller, which was one of the foremost creators of mid-century modern furniture.  Like the Wassily and Barcelona you can get reproductions of the Marshmallow sofa and a variety of Nelson clocks but the originals go for very high prices at auctions.  Nelson made several brillant clocks for Howard Miller and are now reproduced by Vitra Design Museum.

I could go on but I would bore most of you and probably get kicked off all the feeds unless they cut me off several pictures ago.  [HANDverk] has a fantastic blog that provides all kinds of other information about the items and their inspirations.  Daphne and Tobias are very gifted craftspeople and I cannot wait to see what they create next.

Credits: please refer to the Culture Shock website for a map and slurls to all CS items.  As of yesterday, Culture Shock had earned L$1,144,106 for Médecins Sans Frontières and every Culture Shock item I am showing today is donating a portion of the proceeds to charity.

Photos 1 - 4 and 8
Furniture: [HANDverk]: Wassily and Barcelona chairs, and Bauhaus Decor set are available at Culture Shock.  The tea set is also a stand alone gift at CS.
Lingerie: D.Select: Lingerie Negligee in black and cream
Shoes: Gos: Pimp your Pumps - Point Platform
Hair and makeup: ICON hair by Joy Laperriere (Shi) - go to the hair section at Euphoria
Skin: LAQ: Ebba

Photo 5:
Jewelry: [HANDverk]: Bauhaus Face Jewelry @ Culture Shock
Skin: Laq: Ebba
Makeup: Cheap Makeup: Zeitgeist Eye Makeup @ Culture Shock
Hair: ploom: Dusty Beehive

Photo 6:
Jewelry: [HANDverk] Fan Jewelry @ Famished
Skin: YS&YS: Jenny Skin CS2012 @ Culture Shock
Makeup: la petite morte: Tribal Makeup @ Culture Shock
Hair: Elikatira
Eyes: Mons: Shocking Eyes - Brown @ Culture Shock

Photo 7:
Jewelry: [HANDverk] Strand Jewelry for Stumblebum
Top: Pididdle: Wrapped & Strapped Bandeau - Ruby @ Culture Shock
Skin: Akeruka:  Blanca: Exclusive at Culture Shock
Eyes: Mons: Shocking Eyes - Green @ Culture Shock
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Clementine

Photo 9:
[HANDverk]: Marshmellow Sofa and Sunburst Clock @ Famished
   - Tea Set: See Bauhaus Decor Set above
 Table: Noguchi Table: an oldie of mine

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