Friday, May 20, 2011

Skin & Shape Expo 2011: Mock Cosmetics

I joined the Mock Cosmetics group back earlier in the year when our group limits were raised.  I did it on a lark as I had checked out her Midnight Manias and Lucky Boards from time to time.  She was good back then and I was kind of messing around with tattoo layer makeups but not in earnest.  In those few months, Mocksoup Graves has become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to makeup layers.  The woman is absolutely prolific, so today I am only going to show you the products she has out at the Skin & Shape Expo.  Her group, however,  costs 250 L to join BUT this moment there are OVER 30 group gifts in archives, not including demos and dorky gestures and dances.  And there are a few group gifts in the store which I've not even had a chance to pick up yet.  Mock, as she is known, does full makeups, lipsticks, liners, eyeshadows, etc. as well as playing around with skins.  On a personal level she is delightful, down to earth, and friendly and I know from group chats and occasionally being a tester that she works really hard to make her range fit several skin ranges.  How about I shut up now and show you her work?
This is the Basic Eyeshadow in Brights.  I'm wearing the lovely Natalie skin from Idiosyncrasy in the Natural Base tone as a foundation and I've not added or painted on lashes or any of that mess.  The colors are lush, well shaded and have light brown liner that I find interesting.
I have big love for the Nautica Eyeshadow set.  She has played on a seaside theme of sand and surf with delicacy as well as panache.  Again, no retouching as they need no enhancement.
I wholeheartedly recommend the Bronze Desert Eyeshadows for anyone looking for a good solid set of brown shadows.  Different parts of the eye are accentuated with in this series and includes dramatic as well as daytime looks.

The Skin & Shape Expo is only going on for a few more days; May 22nd to be exact.  Right now the number of events closing out soon is a bit staggering but a visit to Mock's booth is time well spent.  I cannot say enough good words about her in-world group or Mock's level of customer service.  See you around the grid! I have catching up to do!

Skin: Idiosyncrasy: Natasha: Medium - Base: currently available at Skin & Shape Expo with more at her main store.
Makeups: [mock] Cosmetics: at Skin & Shape Expo as well as a wider range at her main store. (Join the group; it's worth it if you dig makeup!)

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