Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Culture Shock: Sassy Kitty / Di's Opera / Mango Mango!

Culture Shock is in full swing and runs through May 22nd.  150 of the best designers in SL have gathered to earn funds for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).  Today I have a variety of items to show you, including a freebie, from the event.
Sassy Kitty has a slew of items in which they are offering a portion of their profits to Doctors without Borders.  My personal favorite are the black Puffy Shorts, with it's undone belt and bloomer bottoms.  I'm a sucker for bloomers!  I paired it with the free gift from Somnia, an argyle corset and black bra.  The  bra and panties are available as a tattoo layer in addition to clothing layers, which is way cool.  I absolutely adore the Old Luggage set from Di's Opera.  It is one of Di Hoorenbeek's charity donations for the event.  The set includes 3 suitcases and high-style poses that rock because the suitcase doesn't eat into your body.  I am not using one of the poses here because I needed to show the pants but I will on another post.
The skin I'm wearing is from Mango Mango.  My pal, Sileny Noel, the creator of Mango Mango, worked her little tushy off for Culture Shock and has released her new Vintage Sweetie skin in bunches of tones and options.  It's a nice clean makeup so its easy to add eyeshadows as you choose.  She also made a full body freckly tattoo layer, which I am wearing.  Really cute, Sileny! <3

For a map and a complete list of slurls for culture shock visit here!

Credits: (Culture Shock slurls should direct you right to the store)
Shorts: Sassy Kitty Designs: Puffy Shorts Black: available exclusively at Culture Shock
Corset / Bra set: Somnia: Free gift available exclusively at Culture Shock: thank you, Sanura Snowpaw, for such a lovely gift!
Bag: Di's Opera: Old Luggage: available exclusively at Culture Shock
Skin: Mango Mango: Vintage Sweetie: Golden: available exclusively at Culture Shock
Hair: Elikatira: Escape
Tatoo: I<3 Rein: Power Doll (I am unsure if this store is still open)
Piercings: Ellabella: Star Child
Stockings: Pig: Argyle Sock M. Suspender - Ziegfeld S.
Boots: Coco: Lace-Up Work Boots

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