Monday, May 9, 2011

Culture Shock: Baiastice

One of the nice things about being an active fashion blogger in SL is the opportunity to occasionally preview events before they are officially open.  This results in a lot of work, too, but that isn't what I'm going for here.  My prolific blogging partner, Jacqui, IM'd me and told me I had to see Baiastice's Mattina chiffon dresses at Culture Shock because they were so me.   She knows me so well!
Sissy Pessoa, the hardworking designer of Baiastice, must have worked her fingers to the bone making these beautiful dresses.  The dress is primarily sculpted prims with all the requisite clothing layers.  Sculpted clothing is becoming quite prevalent in SL and those of you who have tried it know how difficult fitting can be.  Sissy has obviously put a lot of thought into that as the top comes in 4 sizes to fit a most avatars.  The sculpts are not resize scripted so if you have decent editing skills you can modify the top to fit your specific height and width requirements.  If you are anything like me and want to immediately start messing with the sizing,  I recommend you copy the pieces before you start messing with them or you could ruin these beautiful pieces.
The skirt on the dress is available in 2 versions; a multilayered option shown in the top photo and a single skirt as shown just above.  Again, these do not have a resize script so you can manually adjust as needed.  Again, copy before you edit, particularly on the layered skirt!  What truly impresses me about the skirts is that Sissy has added an AO with both walking and standing animations that let you avoid having your hands get buried in the sculpted pieces.  

The Mattina chiffon dress is available in 3 colors, mixed cold (blues/greens) mixed hot (pinks/golds) and royal (violets).  It is a a high quality piece that displays the breadth of Sissy Pessoa's talent that makes her a fashion leader.   The purchase of this dress benefits Médecins Sans Frontières, so please, reduce your scripts, brave the lag and pick it up!
Médecins Sans Frontières most recent donation total from Culture Shock is $L1,007,003.  This is more than $4,000 USD earned for the charity and the event runs through May 22.  We are blessed to have so many generous designers and caring individuals in SL!  For a complete map and list of slurls for all participants visit here.  

Dresses: Baiastice: Mattina Chiffon Dresses: available exclusively at Culture Shock
Bracelet and Hair Ornament: Bliesen & MaiTai: Geiko: available exclusively at Culture Shock
Skin: Fall In: Deliciouz Skin: Dee (photo1) / Devin (photo2): available exclusively at Culture Shock
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Ultimate Ingrid - Lime
Hair: Elikatira: Away (photo 1)
         69: Jessica 01 (photo 2): currently only 50 L in new shades: Dusty Blond and Silver

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